About the Spine-health News Team

About the Spine-health News Team

The Spine-health Back Pain and Neck Pain News Section is an educational resource for patients looking to stay updated on the latest developments concerning the treatment of acute and chronic pain related to the spine. Written and published once a week by Spine-health staff, this section of original content is an ideal source to keep informed about current research and findings on back pain and neck pain.

Unlike most Spine-health articles, this area is not peer-reviewed. Specific questions concerning your health should always be discussed with your doctor.

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More about the Spine-health News Team

Stephanie Burke

The CEO and co-founder of Spine-health, Stephanie shares the goal of providing intelligent, unbiased and highly relevant medical information and community support for people dealing with a wide range of pain conditions and related issues, including back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, depression, osteoporosis, sleep disorders, exercise, diet and more.

She blogs about special interest stories, and pays special attention to information sent in from the thousands of people visiting Spine-health.com each day, all in the hope that full information will help individuals make better choices. Contact Stephanie at Sburke at spine-health.com.

Sylvia Marten

Sylvia Marten is the President of Spine-health, and oversees the day-to-day operations of the business, including sales and marketing. Sylvia leverages 14 years of experience in online health, sales and business development, marketing, and strategic consulting to create successful experiences between Spine-health’s unique back pain consumers/patients and physicians - and the companies that wish to market to them.

Sylvia will occasionally blog about news relevant to back pain sufferers, tips and ideas for managing pain, trends and events in the pain market, health online media and marketing. Contact Sylvia at Smarten at spine-health.com.

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