Doctor Membership Sign-Up

Doctor Membership Sign-Up

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Member of Spine-health, the leading educational resource for information about the spinal conditions and treatment options.

What’s in it for You: Reasons for Joining Spine-Health

A great way to improve patient outcomes and grow your spine practice, joining our Membership Program offers benefits that are hard to match elsewhere:

  • High Visibility.

    With thousands of pages of high quality editorial content on Spine-health, the site has become a destination for people with back pain, neck pain and related conditions. Most of those patients are also looking for treatment and are interested in finding a doctor or researching a doctor who has been recommended to them. When you become a Member, your Spine-health Profile is seen and researched by the tens of thousands of patients each month looking for a health professional to treat their condition.

  • A Quality Directory.

    Spine-health does not just accept any doctor who wants to be in our directory; rather, we have outlined specific membership requirements to ensure that we secure only verifiable spine physicians in the United States and globally. Find a Physician or Find a Chiropractor or Find a Spine Center

  • Credibility.

    Spine-health was founded in 1999, and we have grown to become the recognized back pain online resource in large part due to our commitment and ability to deliver the best patient education for all conditions concerning the spine.Spine-health Members are able to use a number of patient education resources in their practice to share our award winning, highly referenced content with their patients.

  • Lead Generation.

    Patients who are interested in contacting you for an appointment have a variety of options. When viewing your Spine-health profile, they can easily contact you via phone, e-mail, by clicking through to your contact information on your practice website, and via Spine-health's easy-to-use online appointment request form.

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What You Get: Unique Membership Features

Becoming a Member with Spine-health gives you:

  • Your Own Profile on Spine-health.

    Including detailed practice, treatment and contact information, this highly-professional, membership profile is featured on an exclusive page with its own URL on Spine-health and even allows patients the ability to directly connect with your office.

View an active member's profile:
  • High Listings in Geo-Specific Search Results.

    When a visitor uses Spine-health to search for a spine doctor in your area, a summary of your profile page will appear in these targeted results.

  • Patient Education Services.

    From supplying your office with attractive, tear-off sheet pads referring your patients to specific information on Spine-health to including ready-made patient education for your practice Web site, we go the extra mile in terms of providing trusted, unbiased, peer-reviewed, patient education for you to use in your practice.

Why Apply Now: Beat Your Competition

You can apply for membership in our Doctor Program quickly and easily.

Since you’re already here, you might as well get started now and beat (or join) your competitors and be seen on Spine-health by potential patients in your area.

In addition to offering a no-risk guarantee (you may cancel at any time for a partial refund), our membership process is:

  • Secure.
    • Use our secure checkout or you may call our offices and speak with someone live to complete the payment process.
  • Simple and Convenient.
    • Setting up your account takes less than five minutes, and you can build your profile at anytime it’s convenient to you. Or, if you wish, we’ll build your profile for you.

Who We’re Looking For: Membership Requirements

As a friendly reminder, all physician members of our Doctor Program must satisfy these requirements:

  • have a medical license that is active and in good standing;
  • be board-certified or board eligible (MDs and DOs);
  • specialize in the spine; and
  • agree to keep contact and profile information, license or certifications up-to-date and accurate when it changes. We also will request updates twice yearly.

How to Join

Medical Doctors
- MD and DO Secure Online Form
- Contact Kirsten Carr at or 847-607-9018

Doctors of Chiropractic
- DC Secure Online Form
- Contact Jeremy Krashin at or 847-607-8501

- Contact Brian Croy at or 847-607-9141

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