Continuous Passive Motion to Ease Spinal Stenosis Pain


With Spinal Stenosis in the lower back, the spinal nerve roots become compressed. This can produce not only pain that radiates from the low back into the buttocks and legs, but it can also produce tingling, numbness and sometimes weakness. The first sign is usually leg pain with walking, that feels better when sitting or walking when flexed forward, such as walking while leaning forward on a shopping cart.

As with most types of back pain, Spinal Stenosis pain is usually helped with activity and motion, not rest – particularly motion that increases circulation and relaxes spinal muscles.

Back2Life is a therapeutic machine that can provide this much needed activity and motion, and does so through a technique known as Continuous Passive Motion. Continuous Passive Motion gently relaxes muscles and opens up the spinal disc spaces to encourage the delivery of healing cerebrospinal fluid.

How the Back2Life machine works:

  • Eases tight back muscles and muscle spasms
  • Opens up the disc spaces
  • Natural - No medication or invasive treatment
  • Gentle - Slow, steady movement, without painful stretching or manipulation
  • Convenient - In the comfort of your home and only 12 minutes twice a day
  • Affordable - Cost is under $150 + exclusive $25 SAVINGS through Spine-health, use code “Health” at checkout

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