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coflex Interlaminar Stabilization device

Depending on the severity of your spinal stenosis, you may be a candidate for coflex®, a NON-FUSION surgical solution that could get you back to your life sooner, and with less pain.

coflex is a small titanium device that gets inserted between your spinous processes following a decompression procedure. You should experience relief from the pain that causes your spinal stenosis, but instead of having a permanent fusion of your bones, you are able to maintain flexibility and range of motion while enjoying the improvements in pain and function that the device provides.

In fact, many patients who receive coflex are up and walking THE SAME DAY after surgery! It’s a minimally invasive surgical procedure, and since no vertebrae are being fused together, you don’t have to wait for bone to heal, or live the rest of your life with all that hardware in your back.

The best part is that the coflex Interlaminar Stabilization device is backed by five years of LEVEL 1 clinical evidence, which proves that it’s a safe, durable and effective treatment option for spinal stenosis as compared to fusion surgery. It’s FDA approved, and there are hundreds of surgeons around the country who have been trained and have recent experience with the coflex device for patients like you.



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