Latex is widely considered one of the best materials for back pain relief. Latex mattresses are naturally buoyant and responsive, providing pressure-free support and comfort for their owners. Those who sleep on latex often compare the feeling of sleeping on latex to being “weightless”. The premium, spongy material of latex contours to the body to ensure full body contact and provide great pressure relief and spinal alignment.

Latex might be right for you if:

  • You don’t like the ultra-conforming feeling of memory foam
  • You want a 100% natural sleep surface

How Zenhaven can help ease back pain

Zenhaven is designed with a proprietary 5-zone comfort layer. By varying the size and distribution of “pinholes” formed during the Talalay latex production process, the 5 distinct zones of density provide firmer support beneath the torso and shoulders and more subtle support elsewhere. The result is pressure-free support and better spinal alignment.