Is standing the solution to back pain from excessive sitting?

If sitting is painful, is standing the solution?

Sitting less and standing is proven to help relieve upper and lower back pain.1 Does this mean stand all the time? No, it means finding tools you can use to create a healthier sit-stand balance.

The best way to find relief is in two stages:

  • First, simply break up your sitting time by standing up, including at your desk, more often.
  • Second, incorporate more movement into your daily routine. Movement doesn’t necessarily have to mean vigorous activities like running or lifting weights, even moderate activity like walking, climbing stairs, and performing daily chores will do the trick.

The use of a sit-stand desk is an easy way to avoid the risks caused by over-sitting. Standing engages more core muscles than sitting, leading to better posture, proper spinal alignment and less pain.2 Certain standing desk solutions convert from a sitting position to a standing position in just seconds and with little effort.

Watch this video to see VARIDESK® in action:


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