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My back has never been happier!

I literally ordered this from my hospital bed after having surgery to repair a damaged disk from sitting too much. I was a bit concerned that it wouldn't lift high enough because I'm a tall person (6'2") but that hadn't been the case. After 2 days of working standing up I'm very, very happy with my purchase. The Varidesk is easy to move up/down and the max height is perfect for me.

- Doug H.

Just get it!

Tiny investment for a healthier back. Initially I thought I would use it 50% up/down. In reality I seem to stand most of the day and not even think about it…

- Robert H.


Phenomenal after developing back issues due to an accident I can now at least start work , it's a lifesaver and all at my office ( even the fit ones ) are following suite…

- Peter B.

One of the best purchases you can make for your office

Like many people, sitting at a desk all day long was doing damage to the neck, lower back and legs. Since I work in professional environment, stacking boxes on top of my desk every day just wasn't cutting it. After reading some of the other reviews I decided to go with Varidesk Adjustable Standing Desk. When it arrived, it was easy to assemble and I was very impressed with how nice it looks on my desktop. Most importantly, after only a couple of weeks using this, I can already tell a difference in both my back and legs- wow! I work in an office environment with several dozen people- and have received many compliments on this desk.

- Bill

Perfect for my needs!

I purchased this Height Adjustable Standing Desk for myself and I love it. I was involved in a car accident a couple years back and since then my back has never been the same. I'm unable to sit at a computer for any length of time without my back hurting. This desk has made it possible for me to work from home and to give me relief from my back problems. It is very easy to adjust up and down. It moves very smoothly and easily. I like that it only takes me a second to adjust from sitting to standing. It also gives me extra space to stack papers or write. I would recommend this Height Adjustable Standing Desk to anyone that needs relief from sitting on a daily basis. In fact I loved it so much that my husband asked his employer about getting them at work for his office and he now also has one that he can work at everyday along with his co-workers.

- Mayagirl

Love this desk. Sturdy, easy to adjust, reduces back pain

I love this desk. I've had it only a week and can already tell a difference in my neck and upper/mid back pain. I don't have dual monitors, but am glad I did not get one of the smaller desks. This one fits my monitor, huge Cisco phone, water, coffee, 8.5x11 notepad, keyboard, and mouse.

- A. Relyea

Could not be happier!

…It feels so good to work on my computer with my shoulders back and my head up. It's extremely sturdy and I feel no need to lean on it so I'm not worried about any failure. Plenty of room for 2 monitors, my keyboard, a page holder with documents directly in front of me, my stapler, mouse, cell phone, note pad, a fan, and speakers. I typically stand most of the day now. I sit down to take phone calls or file but the rest of the time I feel really good working at my Varidesk. Lots of interest from co-workers. 

- Toni N.

One of the best purchases I have made in years

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Varidesk and it has been a lifesaver for me. My back no longer hurts from sitting all day and feel better overall. Incredibly easy to use once in place and raise up and down. I use with 2 laptops and a tablet with no issues. Great great product in my humble opinion.

- J. Auerbach

Changed my life!

Sitting all day at work, my legs and back were sore. All I wanted to do was stand. Then I got a stationary standing desk, which I loved for the first few weeks, but then my legs and back were sore from standing all day. I then saw the Varidesk. I've had it for a few weeks now and I love the flexibility of being able to stand or sit all day long. It is very easy to go form standing to sitting and I go back forth throughout the day.

- Dawn C.

Helped my lower back issues tremendously

This is the best thing I have purchased in a while. I have lower back pain. I have a lower disc herniation and it was really painful to sit while working and the only relief I could get was by standing or kneeling. Well, kneeling down for 6 to 8 hours a day just wasn't optimal at all so I bit the bullet and got this... man am I glad I did. It came fully assembled in a box (a heavy box) and it sits on the top of my desk. The raise and lower mechanism is just a couple handles on each side of the piece and they are extremely easy to use. The ease at which the desk raises and lowers is great and it's very solid. I don't know how I didn't go without this for a long time. It has definitely helped on my road to recovery. I would recommend this to anyone who has lower back pain now or wants to be proactive about not having lower back pain from sitting for hours.

- Amazon customer

Incredible desk for the back!!!

Absolutely love this! I have had three back surgeries and I should have bought it sooner. I stand most of the day and my back feels great compared to when I sat all day long at a computer. Only suggestion is to get good insoles for your shoes or a nice comfortable standing mat if you chose to stand for long periods of time.

- Eric S.

Well worth of a purchase

… Its really well-made and fits my needs perfectly. im 5'10 and this desk is perfect for my height (needs to be fully extended upward for me). This helps my legs and back soo much. Glad I made this purchase. If you were like me, sitting down alot behind a computer, taking in back pain/legs falling asleep, upper thighs hurting.. you should get this. Not only will you burn calories by standing up while using computer, it will assist you to refrain from any bad posture/pain to back due to sitting long periods.

- Amazon customer

Good desk for a standing station

I have a back injury and the doctor recommended that I get a standing station for work. I am an accountant and work 8-10 hours a day at a computer. I am 5' 6", but usually wear shoe with a heal, so about 5' 8" at my standing station. This desk seemed to get good reviews, so I opted for it. I don't need to use it fully extended upwards, so there is still room if you are taller… 

- Jewels

Quality of the product justifies the price

Needed to start standing at work for my back and this seemed like a good place to start without bringing in the corporate people to have them redo my whole desk.

- Ken C.

Great for sitting and standing at work

I need to stand periodically throughout the day to alleviate back pain, but I also want to be able to sit (especially on the mornings when I am still a bit tired.) This is a wonderful solution to suit all of my needs. I love that it came 100% assembled…

- Michelle H.

No more pain

I have suffered with back, arm and shoulder pain and see a massage therapist weekly to deal with it. She suggested my work position seemed to be aggravating the arm and shoulder pain. My husband purchased the desk as a bday gift last May and 3 months later I have been working standing up all day and my arm and shoulder no longer bother me. Standing has helped my productivity and is helping improve my posture after having a desk job for past 40 years. Highly recommend it and just allow yourself time to adjust to standing. It was easy for me because I got so much relief in my pain in my arm and shoulder.

- Gail T.

Very happy with my Varidesk!

I just received this desk today. Open the box and literally put it on my desk and was ready to use! It is top quality, very sturdy and easy to use! I have degenerative back disease and other issues and already just using for one day I have had relief from sitting for 8 hrs! I am doing one hour standing, one hour sitting to get used to it. So far so good. Will increase standing time each day. Everyone that walks by my desk at work loves it and is considering getting one. It is great that they have mine to sample!

- Deb B.

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