A chuckle from Chad

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A chuckle from Chad

Chad was talking about inversion tables. And my mind went back to the 80s. And I got quite a chuckle. My neighbor who had chronic back pain too. Told me about this inversion table that he got, and invited me over to try it out. I did and oh man it was like heaven. Angel I asked him where he got it. And I went down there. They were pretty pricey. But they had this other thing. It was quite a bit less money. A bar that attached to the door frame and boots with hooks. So you could get up there and hang upside down. And get the same effect for a lot less money. It was just a hassle getting up there and getting your boots hooked to the bar. Even a strong young guy would need some help. But I bought it.
Well I got home one day with my back really bothering me. But no one else was home. But I figured I could get up there by myself. So I did. And it felt great! But when I’d had enough and wanted down, there still wasn’t anyone home. So I tried to pull myself up to get my boots unhooked. I just couldn’t do it. Waiting But I managed to really hurt my back more. X(
I was screaming for anyone who could hear me to help. But no one heard. And my back was really killing me and I wanted off. So I kept on screaming for help. Finally the wife and kids made it home and with my face all red from the blood going down to my head. And them laughing their asses off. Rolling I was really mad and was screaming that I was going to hurt some one if they didn’t help me down out of that thing. ~X(
I learned a lesson. Pay the money for the real deal. And save yourself some pain and embarrassment. :O
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I would think going to any

I would think going to any park and hanging upside down on the monkey bars would work just the same, That way at least if you fall on your head you can have a 2 year old call 911 for you with your cell phone,

Might be a good way to pick up chicks. Single mothers! Play the sympathy card!

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