horseback riding and osteoarthritis

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horseback riding and osteoarthritis

Hi, I'm new to this. I hurt my back at work back in July, '08. I was lifting something out in front of me that was terribly heavy. Didn't feel the pain until a couple of hours later, then thought I was having a heart attack. Had multiple tests to discover I had osteoarthritis and a couple of bad discs. I too have been told that I shouldn't ride my horses anymore and if I do ride to ride a gaited horse. I don't own a gaited horse nor do I care to. I have a Morgan that I thoroughly love and enjoy riding. I guess I will just keep him in a walk and take it easy. I have a truck that I have been working to buy along with a very nice horse trailer that now it seems I will have to get rid of, since I can no longer "show off" on my horse. Crying I am still trying to find the right combination to treat the pain I still am experiencing. Very frustrating! Waiting

I have had Nerve Conduction/EMG, MRI, and Myelograms done to see what my problem is. I am now taking Mobic, Parafon Forte, and Neurontin to help control the pain.

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Back brace

You don't say where the bad disc's are. But, could you wear a back brace while riding? Iam talking about the ones you can buy over the counter at your local pharmacy.Wouldn't hurt to try it...

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I have a Morgan too!

Hi Sherrie!
I have a Morgan too! Well, actually I have two of them but one's not trained to ride yet. He's only three. Same as you, I am trying to find ways to keep riding without hurting myself further. My back started hurting in December '07 and so far it's been slowly feeling better. I'm not giving up yet! Just got my dream trailer last year. Hang in there!

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horseback riding

I have had a lumbar fusion and a cerival fusion and may have to have another cervical fusion and I still ride and I barrel race it hurts me more to get to push that grocery cart or stand and cook than it does to ride I dont hurt when I ride but picking a hay bale up hurts more than riding. I dont care what the Dr. Says I go by what my body says, and riding is good for my mind. I just cant sit on a couch and knitt that would make my neck hurt from looking down and holding my arms up.

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horses & osteoarthritis


I was just diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my lumbar area plus I have had a buldging disk and also in my neck. I also own 2 horses, a litte quarterhorse/pony paint and a 6 year old quarterhors. I plan on continuning my riding, but only in a walk now. When I ride all the time my back and neck feel better. I think it's because I have strengthened my core muscles. My Dr. said it was still ok to ride. Please never give up on your horses even if it means you can only love on them.
Their my 2 bes friends. Glad I found this site. Smile