Transmetatarsal amputation , has anyone here had this

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Transmetatarsal amputation , has anyone here had this

Hi everyone,
I am still fairly new to this site and wanted to see if any one her has had to make a decision to have amputation to relieve pain, my docs are saying that on top of my neuropathy that the arthritis in my toes has gotten so bad that half my constant pain may be caused by the inflamation of arthritis in my toes, from what I understand the transmetatarsal amputation might help up to a 50% relief, hoping someone here has had any kind of this type of surgery.

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While I used to think about cutting off my leg, I didn't know docs actually cut off painful body parts, but then again, I don't have arthritis. What about phantom limb pain? Has the doctor talked about this? I think if it were me, I would try to talk to a psychologist with a pain clinic first. I would just wonder if phantom limb(toe) pain might be just as bad. Also, how will removing toes affect your gait? If you walk differently, will it throw your back out or hips or si joint? Curious what your doc has said about this.

I see you also have diabetes. What does the doc say about your healing time?

Your arthritis must be horrible for the doc to offer this. I hope whatever choice you make, it helps. Please post an update when you have more info or have it done. Also, what meds have you tried?

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Really curious??

Hi Rawntacaws, In response to your post,just the other day I was reading up on the feet and how posture is effected.I think it said how everything begins with the feet, it was a really intresting article I came across....years ago a male doctor doctor Morton did alot of research and published books on his theory that anyone with what was named Mortons Toe(this is where the second toe is longer than the first big toe.....or it can be when the big toe is alot shorter than the 2nd toe)......his theory was anyone that had this would suffer pain all over their body and it was named mayofasial pain syndrome.

Upon reading further I read there are many ways to allievaite some pain associated with this condition, insoles in shoes, taping.....where like a plaster type thing is taped on the the second toe isnt taking all the pressure, and finally surgery where they can lengthen and shorten bones...which better aligns the feet enabling them to function normally.

Most people with this condition will have a bunion too and bunions, hammertoes,claw toes can all be signs of this deformity. Infact it also stated that loads of people were being told they suffered from dibetes, neuropathic pain, when infact it wasnt the problem at all and the real issue was the MORTONS TOE, and when this issues was corrected, their pain disappeared.

Yours seems a very drastic actually cut off the toes?? wow. Would it be a possibility that they could fix the feet, better aligned, and if you have Mortons Toe....fix it....there fore correcting your gait....Im not sure I would just let them cut off my feet without doing some research and seeking out other what I have mentioned above.
Im really glad that this topic was brought up as I had intended to write a post on it, why dont you google Mortons Toe and see if you have it and see what you think........ Smile