Foot injury due to inversion table use.

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Foot injury due to inversion table use.

I am new to this site. But have had this foot problem for years. I bought the inversion table because I knew I needed to get pressure off spine due to scoliosis, spinal injuries, etc. And so, used inversion table for months and it both helped with the spinal pain (although did feel some hip pain) and my mood was much better. And so, it does work in those ways but, my left foot began to ache on top. And so, having osteoarthritis I figured, another painful site showing up. It took me months to figure out that my entire weight was being held by that one foot. That I seem to have one leg longer than the other. I can say that the addition of this foot injury has made my pain problems so overwhelming. I cannot walk very far, the foot hurts, burns really, and aches, all the time. I did see a few doctors and wear a brace now. The bones on top of foot seem to be falling to the right and seems there is tendon involvement. It is NOT drop foot, as I can lift the foot, bending ankle. I am posting this so that others who may have had this experience will know that there are others who have suffered in this way. These inversion tables can be a great help, albiet temporary, but there must be another way to hold one's body in place rather than by ankles and there should be warning labels regarding persons who may, unknowingly, have legs of different lengths. And so, surgery is not an option due to arthritis in the foot. No guarantees there.