Chronic Tingling in both arms and legs

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Chronic Tingling in both arms and legs

In 1993 I had a partial laminectomy at C6/7 to correct a large right sided HNP that was causing muscle atrophy.
Since then I continued to have minor pain in the right forearm and other minor issues but none of which affected my quality of life. I have been treated by a renowned Grostic Chiropractor to maintain good spine health.

I have developed further problems over the last few years
1. Constant pain in right forearm. Right elbow locked and cannot fully straighten. (C7 problem probably affecting the tricep)
2. Constant Pain also now in left forearm but no elbow problems.
3. Constant Tingling pain in both legs from below knee into toes.

The arm pain worsens when lying down. The leg pain worsens when sitting. I have to keep getting up to stand.

I have no mobility issues, no pain in the neck or back but I am getting very tired of not being able to sit or lie down for very long. I am getting concerned that as my spine further degenerates there will be more problems. I am 60 years old. I have had MRI/CT scans and they show many posterior & anterior osteophytes and joint hypertrophy. Cervical Spondylosis but the Doctor is reluctant to treat as in his words, it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack to find the spur (s) that are causing the problem.
Does anyone know if the tingling pain in both legs is a related issue? I always assumed that leg pain was from the Lumbar and arm pain was from the cervical.
Has anyone been able to correct the crooked elbow?
I am researching my treatment options (the web site is excellent) but I am trying to figure out if this is a cervical, lumbar or both issues.


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Hi Paul and Welcome

I have cervical issues and lumbar problems. If these are new symptoms you're having you should let your Dr. know. I take nerve pain meds for my leg pain and numbness. Not sure if you're Dr. would refer you to a Rheumatoid Dr. for your elbow. I'm having issues with the elbow pain and carpal in my hand and I may need to get a brace. I hope you keep us posted what's causing the leg pain and numbness. Take care. Charry

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Hi Paul

I, too, have lumbar and cervical issues.

I had carpal tunnel in both arms many years ago and the pain was nearly unbearable when I was lying down but mostly ok when I was moving about. Surgery was successful.

It would be worth getting a second opinion.


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