Further detiriaoration DDD

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Further detiriaoration DDD


I had my first surgery Oct 2 2003 Where they fused C7-C6 six weeks later I ruptured C6-C5 that dis stabilized C5-C4, (this happened when I stretched in the middle of the night.) I was back in surgery Dec 2, 2003 to have C6 to C-4 fused. I had lingering pain issues after that but with the help of PT I was able to get back to some normality (I'm a Stay at home Mom who sews to bring in extra income.) Then I was back in surgery Dec 26, 2005. to have C7-C6 refused because there was too much movement. They also went in through the back of my neck and wired the vertebra from C7-C4 (Very Painful). With lingering Pain after surgery and PT I was sent to a pain specialist who through the sue of medication's (Non narcotic) I have had 4 1/2 years of some what normal life, very sleepy most of the time though.
Last Oct I started having sever headaches and arm pain when overdoing it, (doing things I normally did before.) I had a new MRI done in March and found that C4-C3 has now become dis-stabilized. The first surgeon I went to told me that this is the last disc they can fuse so I should try to live with the pain as long as I can. After planing my garden and having to deal with sever pain I went to a second Doctor and he said that I need to get it fused.
I have learned that people with DDD once they have one disc fused it causes other Disc's above and below to dis-stabilize faster. I'm very concerned that if I have this last disc fused it will cause the disc above to deteriorate and leave me in pain, that can not be repaired. This last surgeon told me that they rarely see deterioration in C3-C1 as well as T-1 down. Are there others out there who have experience with this and could tell me if my fears have truth or not?

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So sorry to hear of your travels thus far. I hear ya on losing a level stretching; I lost my C6/7 yawning of all things!

I had my C5/6 done, and all was great, but a year and a month post op, yawned, lost my C6/7 and then 5 months post op from that one, my C7/T1 is going. Adjacent level failure is NOT uncommon sadly.

I am facing revision now (front/back) due to issues within my so called present fusion to include C7/T1 (anchor T2 from the back). I don't know if or when it ends, but yeah, adjacent (healthy) levels are loaded contrary to what they are designed for and fail for many of us.

I hope you have more answers and guidance soon from your doctors. Sorry to see you are on the same bumpy 'spiney' road.


PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.