Right leg tingling, burning & feeling numb

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Right leg tingling, burning & feeling numb

I haven't posted for a while but I am back! I had an MRI in Nov 08 and again July 2, 09- they said no significant changes since Nov. but my regular DR is still suggesting a 3 level lumbar interbody fusion (L3-4,L4-5 and L5-S1). However, he doesn't know why my right leg is now constantly tingling, burning and feeling numb. My right foot and leg constantly feel as if they are "asleep." It is awful when you are driving a vehicle..which I just got back from the beach and drove over 4 hours feeling this way. Makes you wonder if you are going to have control??!! I have gone for yet another opinion..my 6th surgeon/opinion. I am going tomorrow for my 2nd CT scan w/myelogram. I had one back in Dec. 07. Someone had also suggested that I request an EMG with nerve conduction. Does anyone have any of these same symptoms or have you had this EMG done? Just not wanting to jump into this surgery not even knowing what is wrong and whether it is going to help. I was supposed to have Dynesys last summer but Anthem denied it ..said it was "too experimental." I have been dealing with for so long! I just want relief. I am a teacher so this is my break..didn't want to spend my break at constant DR appts but so far that has been my whole summer!!! Sad

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well i dont know seeing as

well i dont know seeing as this was posted so long ago but let me see.....

i have alot of the same symptoms as you have listed but now i am also having tingling sensations throughout my back i am looking for a dr. that will look at me seeing as i cant find any relief of this pain its been almost 2 years now and seems to be getting worse. i thought nothing of it befor because it went away for about 3 months and now its back with a vengence.

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well - I was in no way as

well - I was in no way as bad as you but... I had sciatica in my right side which lasted about 4 and a half months before easing only to be replaced by hip pain in my left side. My dr did another mri to see why and said there was nothing to explain it except foraminal narrowing. he still suggested surgery (l5s1 fusion) so i did it. when he opened me up he found a massive left sided bulge and told me it was no wonder i had been in so much pain. short answer - you can't always see everything on the scans.