Scheurman's Disease

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Scheurman's Disease

Hi back!
Scheurman's is a disc disease that involves having at least 3 or more discs that are wedge shaped, instead of circular. It is often diagnosed in adolescence, but sometimes goes undetected until adulthood, as in my case. It causes Kyphosis and the primary complication is DDD. I am 41 years old, and yes, initially I did think my pain was gallbladder related, however, my tests were negative. I have had episodes of arm pain, and numbness to my middle (2nd) and 3rd fingers in a v shape from the nuckle of one to the nuckle of the other for over a year. The pain I am currently experiencing has occurred on 2 other occasions, but resolved. This episode is by far the longest and most painful. I also took a very bad fall about a year and a half ago, but did not notice anything at the time. I have had intermittent bouts of middle back pain and lower back pain for years, but I attributed that to my career path and over use. Now I am not so sure,.... thanks for your reply

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Welcome to Spine Health Hug I have ddd and arm pain and goes into my middle and index fingers Crying . At the moment i am struggling with the pain ~X( , and wake up every morning in spasms Crying .Due to my illness i had to give up my job(which i enjoyed so much and i miss it) Surprise .Anytime you want to chat just PM me.

Angie x