MRI'S and Osteoporosis

MRI'S and Osteoporosis

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MRI'S and Osteoporosis

Im having an MRI done of my upper and lower back do to the constant severe tingling that causes me to have an inability to move it gets very strong then slowely starts going away then flares again then away. This isnt an every night occurance and it happens between the middle to lower back on both sides of spine. also feels like muscle is knotted on both sides of spine. Im just curious when i have it done will it show the affects of the osteo or no? Has anyone had this type of problem before and if so what was your diagnosis? I have been battling this for some time now and we are out of options as to what is causing it so if anyone has any idea of something i could test for i would really appreciate it. I had my emg test and it came back with chronic abnormalities at the c6 level and carpul tunnel right side. anyone?Please? any suggestion at all? im about tested out i have no where else to turn but here in hopes that someone may recognize this symptom and have a possible answer. I have tried to research this but have came up empty handed. thank you to all who read this.

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hi ref

i dont think the mri will show what is needed to know to determine osteoarthritis. the tingling sounds more like a spinal issue or even your suspected ms issue. whenever drs wanted to know about osteoporosis in me they never used the mri....also i believe that the ct scan is considered a better tool for determining condition of the bones....take care....pete

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plain film x-ray's

Hi Refugee
One can usually determine osteoarthritis by looking over regular x-ray's.