Old fractures

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Old fractures

Has anyone had any type of surgery on an old fracture?

I've only had one opinion and a lot of pain treatment, but was wondering what sort of things people have had done? I have an old untreated burst fracture at L2, with one bone spur right on the thecal sac. My ortho is hesitant to go in, I think for good reason (requires anterior incision, requires cutting bone right on the spinal cord) I have pain now, but no paralysis.

I am going to get a referral to a second ortho. But I'm wondering if there are any experimental/research hospital procedures I should be looking into? I would really not mind getting that inch back and putting my spine back the way it used to be if ever it is possible.

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my understanding is that it

my understanding is that it depends on how old. essentially after 10 years, it's too late to fix was what i was told.