17 years post op, horrible pain :(

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17 years post op, horrible pain :(

hey, everyone. noob here! hope i am posting in the correct part of the forum.
where to start.....I had an 89 degree curve when i was 11 years old, i had harrington rods put in at shriner's hospital for children in tampa, florida. I am now 28 and in a lot of pain.
what sucks the most is that i have no insurance atm. this weird pain has been going on for almost a year now. the main issue (i have issues with the upper right part of my shoulder blade a lot too)is my lower back. it radiates pain. it is now- for the first time EVER- popping. like, it hurt reallllly bad, and i have to bend in all of these weird positions to make it pop, or it hurts even worse. and even when i do "pop" it, the pain stops for maybe a second, then comes right back. my spine has NEVER popped, and i have no idea what the eff this is. I am really worried about it, and i cant go to the doctor. bah. anyone had this happen? the pain is just unbearable. halp!

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It sounds muscular but I

It sounds muscular but I really am not sure. I do know muscles and tendons can make that popping sound when they are rubbing back and forth against something - bone?

How long since you saw a scoliosis specialist? Without insurance, can you at least have x-rays done? I live in Australia so don't really understand the US system. Do you have your old x-rays to compare? Just wondering if some of your hardware has come adrift or even broken. If this is the case, your spine could start curving again, that is, if there was a spot of non-fusion or incomplete fusion. This can put your muscles in a different place.

I read the other day on another site that a woman who had harrington rods inserted 35 years ago, has got a broken rod. You'd wonder how that could possibly happen. If there'd been an area of non fusion, you'd think the rod would have broken years ago. I'm sorry I'm not much help. I just hope that somehow, you can see a scoliosis specialist, specifically one specialising in revisions of Harrington Rod surgeries. These surgeons do exist. Try here: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/Flatback_Revised/ and here: http://www.spineuniverse.com/mdpage.php?doctorID=320

Good luck!