Decompression with Rods?

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Decompression with Rods?

I had a revision surgery, with removal of herington rod, new titanium rod screwed in, 4 years ago....lots of pain, have tried everything. A new Chiropractor tried decompression on me. Is this harmful? I really cant say my back is better or worse...but I dont want to do more harm than good! Has anyone with fuion tried this?


mrs.rsr (not verified)
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I currently no longer have any hardware in my back. I do have a bone stimulator implanted from my last back surgery. I was in an automobile accident 6 months after my last surgery in 04, and my lawyer was making me go to a chiropractor and when my spine doctor heard that, she nearly exploded. She said that the chiroprator should not have been touching my back at all!!! She told me it could have cracked my fusions. I did not have decompression done, but they were attempting to crack my neck and do some kind of massage therapy on me, and everytime I would leave from there I was worse off, and would immediately get a migraine.

Don't know if this helps, but just wanted to share.

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