excercise after spinal fusion and pregnancy

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excercise after spinal fusion and pregnancy

This might be a better fit under the exercise board, but I don't know..

I had a spinal fusion 19 years ago and I've had two kids since then. I need a clever way to do stomach exercises since I can't do sit-ups and crunches...

I feel so hopeless that a tummy tuck is my only option!! ha!


Back2Chi (not verified)
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Ab Video

I think I have a possible answer for you although I have not tried it myself. It is a video I always see on t.v called crunchless abs. It looks like most of the motions are standing or kneeling.
I just found it online at crunchlessabs.com.

Hope that helps a little, everytime I see it I think what a great thing for people with back issues!

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