How did I get scoliosis?

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How did I get scoliosis?

Iam 30 years old and for about 3 years now I have been suffering pain every day.
When I was 19 I had physio for knee problems,who at the time said I had one leg longer than the other and gave me a lift to put in my shoe. I used this for about 9 years and then found out that I actually didn't have one leg longer than the other. Could this have caused my scoliosis? I had no history of back pain before I was 22.
I will be greatful to hear any thoughts on this.

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Hi Paul and Welcome

I know for a lot of people scoliosis is a congenital defect i think. I have mild scoliosis. Perhaps it helped give me back pain. I'm not sure that having an elevation in shoe caused scoliosis. Take care Charry

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