I Just Got Scoliosis

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I Just Got Scoliosis

I'm just 16 and a year ago I found out that I was developing scoliosis, mostly due to the fact that I am only 5"2 and I've been carrying a 30lb tuba for my high school marching band for the past 3 years. I've only been to the doctor once after they told me, so I don't know if it has become worse or not. The only thing I have given me is pain medication, which my body has become tolerant to the recommended amount, and anything past that just makes me sick. It's my last year of high school, and marching band, my back has been feeling worse and worse, I haven't been to the doctors like I know I should. But I have no heath care at the moment, because my mom lost her job almost a year ago, but soon I'll have it.

I'm thinking about getting a back brace for support, because a past tuba player had the same problem and she said a back brace really helped her out. So now I'm hoping to get one soon, and I can only hope that the pain is minimized and my scoliosis will not advance any further than it is.
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sorry to hear you have scoliosis at such a young age,have you tried to get medicaid,or ssi disabilty?

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Hi Flowers


Please reconsider trying any sort of back bracing until you've seen a doc and run the idea past the doc. Bracing if done incorrectly or for the wrong reason can create even more problems.

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I agree

with "C" about the brace. Just getting one can be worse then not getting the right one.
I also think you need to look at other things rather then just meds for your pain.
Swimming is great for the back.

I used to look after kids that had the scoloisis staightened and had the harrington rods in thier backs.
They were extreme cases but I do understand how difficult it is at a young age.

There arwe also lots of different thereapies such as chiropractic, bowen thereapy,and many others that may help you. Have a look in the alternative forum.

OH and GO TO THE DR! Laughing

Sara Angel

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Hello I'm 28 years old and i

Hello I'm 28 years old and i had back surgery for scoliosis when i was 10 years old i started off wearing back braces. i actually had 2 different ones but neither one helped and so they did the surgery i had to stay in the hospital for 3 months and learn how to walk all over again.i'm still having back pain that's driving me crazy. I stopped taking my pain meds because nothing seems to work. But i do advise you to get back to the doctor asap because it can get really bad if left not seen about my curve got to a 65 degree angle and it was pressing against my lung and the doctor said that if it would have went unseen about i would not have made it so please go back as soon as you can. take care and i hope that everything turns out for the best.

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Back brace

Please don't be like me and wear the brace. I had a full
body brace for my back when I was younger and hated wearing that thing and never finished wearing it. I now wish at the age of 36 I had. Get corrected asap. The pain I am in now is nothing compared to the back brace I wore. Now I am to old and a back brace is not going to help, maybe if I get my back cracked again, not so sure about that though. After I was messed up from the last back doctor I seen. Hope you get well soon.