National Scoliosis Foundation - WTF?

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National Scoliosis Foundation - WTF?


I'm not american, but I've read something like that at NSF website faq:

"Exercise can help pain that may be associated with scoliosis; the best you can do is swimming the sidestroke and the backstroke. But exercise is not a treatment for scoliosis it cannot stop a cuve from progressing. "

Do you agree with last phrase at my quote: "But exercise is not a treatment for scoliosis it cannot stop a cuve from progressing"

What they mean by that?

I'm freaking opponent of spine surgical and they tell me that this is only way to threat my disease!?!?!?!? What do you think?

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Hello! And welcome! You have a lot of research to do on scoliosis and this is one good place. The best is where you were-The National Scoliosis Foundation. There is a forum linked that has many,caring members that will have answers to your questions. Also, there is a book by Michael Newirth that is available through Amazon or you could possibly check it out at your local library.
I was diagnosed with scoliosis as a teenager. I wore a Milwaukee brace for two years and was then told by the doctor that it would not progress. So I continued with life- went to college; got married; had two children; and held down a full-time teaching position. I also kept active and have remained rather slim.
Fast forward to my forties when I started to experience pain when sitting and walking. This was not consistent. I had xrays with a very well known doctor who specializes in spinal surgery. We put it off for several years with medications, physical therapy.and lots of exercise. Finally, had surgery three years ago. Usually, good results are the outcome with this surgery.
I was the exception. I am very straight and love my appearance. But still experiencing severe pain at times. Again, this does not happen in all cases.
This is probably more info, than you wanted. Let's hope your curves are not in the range where surgery is waranted- but just need watching.
Again, I strongly recommend the above to find out more. Good luck!

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Scoliosis and Pain

"Exercise can help pain that may be associated with scoliosis;"

According to the surgeon we took our daughter to see and I quote him, "There is no pain with Scoliosis."
My daughter has pain all the time SO I don't know where he gets that at BUT he's not her Doctor anymore.