Sky-diving and roller coasters after surgery?

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Sky-diving and roller coasters after surgery?

I had anterior scoliosis surgery in 1999 to correct a 50 degree curvature. Now I have a ten-inch rod in my back, with a spine that fused perfectly long ago. Everything went fine, and I have experienced minimal discomfort since then. I am healthy, athletic and active. These are the only activities I have been hesitant to try, and I can't ask my doctor because he treated me at a children's hospital. I'm pretty sure they would ask questions about a 27 year old making an appointment for herself!

x0stephanie (not verified)
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I went to disneyland 4

I went to disneyland 4 months after my surgery and went on all kinds of rides.
It probably wasn't the BEST idea, I hurt a bit afterwards, but it was an opportunity I'd probably never have again so I went for it.