Went to Doc today

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Went to Doc today

I posted a few days ago that I was going to a new orthopedic doctor today. Well, I did and it was so nice to have a doctor listen to me, check everything out, and tell me he wants to see me back next week. I had x-rays done today of my feet, hands, knees, and neck and spine. He said that on the xrays it doesn't show any signs of degeneration in my joints, but he said that there could be a ton of different causes for my joint pain. He ordered a bone scan for fist thing in the morning. Afterall I did have an abnormal bone scan 4 years ago. My scoliosis, of course, is still severe. My thoracic curve is 50 and my lumbar curve is 30. He said that it looks like my last fusion, from 4 years ago, healed nicely.

Beings I am having so much joint pain he ordered a panel of blood test to be done, so after lunch I went to the hospital and had my blood drawn. I don't remember all what they are testing me for except these few that really stuck out at me...Uric Acid, RF, and ANA. I know he mentioned about checking me for lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and another disease that started with an S (didn't completely understand the name of the disease he said) that can cause joint pain. Honestly, there are so many diseases that can cause joint pain I guess it really doesn't matter. I just really want them to figure out what is going on, and help me. I am anxious to see what the bone scan will show tomorrow. Of course I will probably not get the results till next week at my appointment.

Well, I will keep everyone posted on what happens. In the meantime I feel crappy today. Major migraine, and I had some major "stomach" issues again today. I know that not all these things pertain to this site but for me it comes with the territory.

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Heading in the right direction

Hi Cyndi,

Sorry to hear your in such pain today but it seems like the doc is finally pointing things in the right direction.

Gook luck on your next appt and keep us posted.


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scoliosis too

Hi cyndi,
I had scoliosis too, well I still have it! I guess you never get rid of it. I have 3 harrington rods, my curve was in the 70's and is now like 20.
I get migranes often too and take a drug called topamax daily to prevent them, it really works good. Why did they remove some of your hardware?