spinal stenosis and running,depression

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spinal stenosis and running,depression

I am a 51 year old male who up to this past July was running 6-8 miles a day. I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis in July and since then my life has changed. Questions if my symptoms go away will I ever be able to run again. Also I feel I have changed I am short tempered and moody something I never was in the past does anyone know if there is a link to stenosis and depression.

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Welcome to spine-health,you should ask your doctor if you can run again,if your back is better you should be able to,but ask your doctor,and he should be able to tell you.....

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Hi Ring and welcome

I know for chronic pain there's usually depression that goes along with it but only a Dr. can make a diagnosis. And many of us are taking antidepressants some such as amitriptyline which I'm taking can help nerve pain also. I'm sorry you've had difficulty with some back symptoms and hopefully you're Dr. will be able to help. I'm being treated conservatively with my back pain and seeing a pain management Dr. I hope you're able to find some support and as well as some help from your Dr. Take care. Charry

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depression and relief

"Patients with symptomatic spinal stenosis typically have chronic low back pain and pain and weakness in the legs that limit standing and walking to brief durations and short distances. This places limitations on their ability to carry out self-supporting daily activities as well as work, social, and recreational activities. This lack of activity may lead to obesity and general physical deterioration that may eventually result in the onset of cardiovascular and other serious health problems. These activity restrictions may also lead to depression and other psychological problems." (From US Dept of Health and Human Services report on treatment of spinal stenosis)

I've been suffering from spinal stenosis about 4 years now and have had difficulty getting several doctors to understand how severely it limits my activity. Everything said above is true: less active, gained weight, had heart attack, etc. I had an MRI done in the spring, but the nurse who called with the results said it showed only "normal wear and tear"! Today I found out that it showed mild to moderate spinal stenosis! I'm researching the X-stop device/procedure and am hoping that it will give me relief.

Hope you get some relief, too...I understand very well how depressing it is to not be able to do the things you want or need to do.

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I have servere spinal

I have servere spinal stenosis and i'm not allow to run/jog which i used to do before i became so sick and had surgery. I miss jogging so much Crying , it is tempting but i'm not going there.

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