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Has Anyone Ever Had Someone Steal Your Pain Meds??? ARG

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,731
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:22 AM in Pain Management
Well, this is a new one for me... atleast since I divorced my ex. I was over at a friend's house recently, just hanging out. People are always coming and going from her house and it's just kind of a hang out. I needed some "girl" time so I hung out there for a couple of hours.

I have NEVER felt like I had to guard my purse while over there, I mean it's just not something that passed thru my mind. After leaving her place, a few hours later she called me and said that some things from her house had been taken.... games, cd's, some of her own meds, and some cash. She called to tell me because she knows that I have meds with me all of the time and she just wanted me to be sure to check. She called the cops and filed a report and everything.

The sickening part of it is someone DID take almost half of the pills I had in my purse.... half a bottle of Skelaxin, Klonipin, and of course my Pain meds. I am just floored!! What am I supposed to do now? I am so angry as is my good friend. I also had over a hundred dollars taken out of my wallet.

I can't even remember a time that I had my things out of my sight but as I said before I just don't even think that way when I am with friends. I am just sick to my stomach.

I used to work in medicine, for 11 years while I was struggling with my back. We used to get calls all the time from "drug seeking" patients... there was always something going on.... purse stolen, someone stole their meds, yadda yadda yadda... and I was always skeptical. Usually the surgeons/docs I worked for would let them get a refill one time due to their "circumstances" but that was all. I DONT WANT TO LOOK LIKE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE BUT WTF??!!

When I was married to my ex I used to have to make a conscious effort to keep my meds hidden.... in a mug in the kitchen cabinet, in a shoe in my closet, always counting my pills... my dtr even watched my purse for me after awhile. I thought this was all behind me. I know this isn't really the same thing as it is a one time thing, but it feels equally as violating and just plain wrong.

Sorry to rant but I am at a loss with this one guys. Thanks for letting me vent.

Hugs to all,

Amy X( :O 8|


  • I can imagine how you feel. I feel like people will think I am a drug seeker when I am out of my meds after taking them as directed and have to call in for a refill. Also, I'd hate to feel that I can't leave my purse when at a friends house. I hope everything works out and the person who stole from you gets caught.
  • First-im so sorry someone did this to you,and to your friend
    I cant really relate to having someone steal my meds,but i do know how that would be devastating,i know i would be so upset too.
    do you two friends have any idea who would of done that?I do know i would have to call my doc,and pharmacy, because its not like we have extra pain meds sitting around,and sometimes you cant hardly live with out them
    again sorry
  • Crash21,

    Thanks for the reply. I am just flabbergasted at this point. I emptied out my purse onto the floor and found some stray pills that fell out while they were rummaging thru my stuff I guess. I have enough pain meds to get me thru the weekend if I stretch them out, which I will have to do. I am going to make an appointment for Monday to see my doc in person. I feel that if I go in and talk to him it will be better for me than just trying to relay all of this over the phone on a voicemail.

    Talked to my friend awhile ago and found out that there was a person over their that she didn't know and was brought over by another girlfriend of hers..... WITH A FRIGGIN ANKLE BRACELET ON!!! NOT THE JEWELRY KIND EITHER!!! No one really knows his name and she found out that her friend that brought him over had just met him and picked him up while at the QT for gas and cigarettes!!! I am so pissed at this person and so is my friend!!!! What in the hell is going thru your mind when you decide to let some stranger jump in your car AND THEN take him over to a friend's house?!?!?!

    I'm SO pissed.

    Thanks again for the reply.

    Take care,

    Amy :T
  • Patsy,

    thanks for the post. I think we know who did it but we don't know this person.... he was brought over by this dip-sh-t friend of ours. I mean we were all having a beer and playing "Rock Band" so we were all just laughing and having a good time, not watching what EVERYONE was doing, you know? This is just something that none of us saw coming. The girl who brought this guy over says she is "so sorry" but Sorry isn't getting our stuff back. And this girl is someone that my friend was considering getting a place with to have a room mate and I have HIGHLY suggested that she not go thru with it. I mean she obviously makes really bad choices and has no concept of being careful of strangers. I wouldn't beable to sleep at night if she was MY roommate.


  • Amy,

    Did you file a police report along with your friend? Or did she at least report the drugs being taken on hers? If she did, get a copy and take it with you to the doc. If not, then I highly recommend filing a report.

  • good thinking to bring police report to doctor.
  • Careful, you might wake up a few other of my remaining brain cells. It's too early and I've only had 2 cups of coffee this morning. :)
  • amy- I once misplaced my pain med prescription after I left the PM dr office. I called the drs office and she told me to call 911 and report it!! :)]
    I looked and looked and realized I also lost my calendar. It was at the PM drs office as I left it (with the prescriptions) at the check-out station. whew. :O

    Thank goodness the office staff found it. Now I double-check before I leave as I can get a little confused. :/

    I now have to bring the bottles with me to the PM appt. I sure hope I don't lose them bringing them out of my house. One more thing to worry about. Do I have my calendar? Do I have my prescriptions? Do I have my bottles? Do I have my purse? Do I have my head? ha ha :S :S :) jade
  • amy- Forgot to add--I would look at people's ankles next time. I cannot imagine going to the gas station and picking up a stranger with a probation ankle bracelet. I don't know how those work but I would think it would alarm at the monitoring station??
    If your friend decides to have a roommate that picks up strangers, be very careful. There are worse things that can happen. Stay safe. I hope it works out at drs appt. :) jade
  • Jade,

    I hear that on the checking people's ankles out from now on, but good lord! Who would have EVER thought that one of our friends would be so friggin stupid!! I mean she could have ended up dead in the woods somewhere between the gas station and home! Or this guy could've robbed us all or even worse since it was a house full of girls mainly.

    Get THIS!! Apparently this guy was arrested sometime late night this weekend..... for being a suspect in a shooting death at a strip club here in town!! They had scheduled DUI check points over the weekend and caught him by chance at one of the stops. He supposedly got pissed off because the bouncers wanted he and his buddies to leave, so he shot an automatic weapon back in thru the door as they left!! HOLY HELL!! In all honesty I didn't know that my friend hungout with so many, how should I say, culturally diverse people. I mean she is gay and I have alot of gay friends, so there are usually alot of gay folks over there. We have a great time and everyone just gets along. Now someone has betrayed my friend (and me for that matter) in the worst way. I think (I HOPE) she will take more into consideration who she is trusting. She is a masuesse (Sp?)at a local day spa so we have alot of artsy friends which is way cool. But the girl that betrayed our trust is one that is a make up artist at the spa by day.... but does the makeup for the strippers at NIGHT!!! Oddly enough the guy that took our stuff was the boyfriend of one of the dancers. The story just keeps getting weirder as time passes and sounds like something off of Dateline or something. Atleast she is safe from this idiot that robbed us..... atleast he is behind bars. Who knew she had brought over some strange ARMED dude and welcomed him into my friends house.... OUR hangout!!

    Ignorance and stupidity should be painful.... that way you can walk around folks and avoid them as they writhe around on the floor!!!!!!

    Amy ~X(
  • amy- thank goodness it worked out that this guy is behind bars. I still don't get the ankle bracelet as he should not been able to be out to rob and worse yet, to get a gun and to shoot someone. I think the system failed the innocent people. Let's hope he stays in jail on a VOP. wow. :jawdrop: jade
  • That was MY first question when they told me about the ankle bracellet. I mean, I thought the whole point of having them is that they are being monitored. I would hate to think that the system is so bogged down with these folks that they are just not watching them all consistently. Who knows and the police won't admit to something like that I wouldn't think. I am even MORE relieved that he is in custody after finding out about his crimes and what he was wanted for. It's very possible that he had disabled his ankle bracelet in some way and was on the run... it's kind of what makes some sense to me anyway.

    ANYWHO!!!! Well, to top it all off I think I have a broken tooth in the back on the top. It hurts down into my jawbone and is just deep and throbbing. PERFECT. I know that my teeth have suffered since being in Intractible Pain since it causes hormones to be increased among other things that decay the teeth. This will be the 3rd molar that has broken on me in the past 4 or 5 years. When I run my tongue across the top of it I can feel the crack clear across the top off the tooth. It hurts like a MUTHA!!! AND I'M ALMOST COMPLETELY OUT OF MEDS NOW AND I AM HAVING INCREASED PAIN DUE TO MY TOOTH!!! WAHHHHHHHH. Sorry.... about the whine it's just the way the cookie crumbles I guess.

    Peace, love and hugs,

  • Just got off of the phone with my friend (Jes) and she just had the crap scared out of her. She got home from doing a couple of massages tonight and was walking up to her door. Right after she opened the door and was inside, she saw a Dark Colored Suburban with dark tinted windows pull up to a stop infront of her house. They rolled the windows down and it was full of 4 big guys..... one of them started to get out of the car.... right as a couple of Jes's guy friends pulled up to visit her!!! Once they pulled up into the driveway the Suburban sped away!!! OMG OMG OMG!!!

    To add insult to injury she came in and found that her bathroom window was pulled out and gone....and so was more of her stuff. She thinks that maybe the suburban was there to take her bigger stuff like her Big TV and whatnot!!! She has noticed that a matching set of guns that her grandfather willed her after his death are gone, her Xbox, and cash she had stashed for her rent. She has called the cops again and they are there now. Mike is at work or I would go over and be with her but hell, I'm scared to even stop by there now!! This just keeps evolving and I am scared for Jes! Her parents are in another state... her father just had a liver transplant and will be there for several weeks, so she is heading over to her parents house to stay tonight. She is going to get the hell outta her place and will be moving out ASAP!!!

    I am going to follow "C's" advice and get copies of all police reports from the past week or so since I didn't file one myself. I thought it might look funny to file a report several days after the fact, you know? Good grief I feel bad for Jes but right now I am hoping to get in to see my doc before the withdrawls start making me sick.

    Heavy sigh,

  • time to get a alarm system! be safe amy and lay low for your sake ,ya it sucks and it looks like your abandoning your friend but you have your health to consider. and for your friend to ensure her safety!
  • wow amy, it just keeps getting worse. It sure does NOT seem to be a coincidence that a criminal was at her house and now a burglary happens. /:) I am sure he cased the joint to return later to finish the job with or without his 4 "friends". }:) }:) }:) }:)

    I would not take many pain meds with you when you visit your friend. It would be horrible to be robbed again, especially since they know there may be drugs, money and other good stuff to steal. I would get a copy of all police reports as it was reported. Hope it goes well with the dr. :) jade
  • I was just wondering if you'd gotten in to see the Doc yet, and if so, what did he have to say about your meds being stolen? Did you take a copy of the incident report? Oh, and how's the tooth? (BTW, I don't know what your dental ins. situation is but in my case, I have all bad teeth in the back undoubtedly from the narcotics and steroid injections for the last few years. Anyhow, there are 2 things that help my toothaches...one is the Lyrica (makes sense since it's a nerve pain med) and the other are those Q-Tip Orajel things where you snap the end off, drain the medicine into the tip and put it wherever it hurts in your mouth. They are WONDERFUL!!! I would recommend you give them a try if you still have tooth pain...I can't get mine taken care of as I can't afford it so they have saved me several times!)

    So, inquiring minds wanna know...whazzzupp??? :P

    Seriously..update us when ya can hun...we're all hoping things smooth out for you (and your friend with the burglarized house!).

    Take care of you... :)

  • I just read the thread by Bongobuns about her experience having her medications stolen. I know we all want to believe that our world is a safe and loving place and for the most part it is for most of us. However, those of us who are regularly prescribed powerful narcotics and other classes of contrilled substances are at risk to be victums of crime. There are a few rules I try to live by and try to relay to anyone interested.

    Be very aware of your surroundings when leaving a pain management clinic. The creeps have become aware that many people leave these places with prescriptions in their possesion. The clinic's parking lot is usually busy with folks coming and going. Make sure you're not followed as you leave.

    Again be aware at the pharmacy. If you have just filled a script. Pay and go. Don't shop, don't have medical discussions with anyone about your meds except the pharmacist and then only out of earshot of others. Stow your meds securly and hold tight onto your purse and go to your car and leave. Make sure you're not followed. Go home and secure your medications. Don't carry prescriptions around with you. Keep only a small amount in a small container if you must take them out of the house.

    At home, keep prescriptions out of sight. Don't leave bottles on counters or end tables. Have a secure preferrably lockable place to keep them. Keep your doors locked at all times whether you're home or not.

    I don't want to come across as paranoid and I sure don't intend to scare anyone but we already have enough problems in our lives without having to deal with becomming the victum of some scumbag junkie who can be ANYONE! Male or female, rich or poor, young or old. They don't have labels on their foreheads and how many times have we thought "gee, he(or she) is the last person I'd expect to ......whatever.

    It is easy to take some simple steps to protect ourselves. For me, I once had a close extended family member rip me off. She was the last person I'd ever expect and the worst conseguence for me was a weeks worth of withdrawal because I couldn't get replacements guickly enough plus the loss of trust. It is very hard to get that back ever.
  • Hey Amy,

    I've had a couple of people take my meds in the early years. After the second one happened, we went out an bought a small safe. It's the kind with a key lock and a combination. I know it's a pain in the arse, but I take out my meds for the day, each morning, or sometimes the night before and I keep the rest in the safe. I just have this little zipper pouch that I keep my days worth of med in. It's actually less conspicuous than one of thos big pill minders.

    It's also more convenient, because when I go to someone's house, I take the little pouch out of my purse and put it in my pocket. That way, I'm not lugging my purse around with me the whole time. It's bizzare, but if push came to shove, I'd rather have my credit cards stolen. At least they can be replaced without jeopardizing my relationship with my PM doc.

    Sorry this happened and especially what's happened since. How crazy is this whole situation?? I was wondering if anything more has been found out and whether you've talked to your doc and gotten things straightened out.

    Take care and hang in there. Blessings and Peace, Mitzi
  • I have to have a few meds on me if I go somewhere , and I think you should put your meds in a decoy container. Like an old bottle of heart medicine, motrin, etc. And keep just a small amount like no more than 5-10 at a time. Always keep counting, don't leave your purse anywhere; always in eyesight. I regrettfully have in laws that I have to literally go on lockdown and hide everything. I would keep a dose in my pocket and take meds in secret. These are the times we're living in, and if your meds are stolen, you're the one who suffers. My clinic will not refill anything under those circumstances no matter what.
    Just think of the pain meds as cash. You would have it well hidden just the same.
  • I have the same situation in my home...I live on the beach on the east coast of Florida. Well....being on the beach we have a lot of get-to-gethers and the like. I take Morphine Sulfate, Hydrocodone, Soma, and so forth. I MAKE SURE that all of my meds are hidden before the party. Even though all of these people are friends of mine.....sometime if you make things to easy for someone....you turn someone into a theif that really isn't. It a different world we live in I guess. It's really bad because My PM will not renew any scripts for any reason before my appointment due to stringent regulations. And I have one of the best PM Docs in the world...(according to me)

    Best of luck to you!
  • Unfortunatly, I had a friend spend the night one night because he had came over after drinking and I wouldn't let him drive home. And trusting him because he was a friend of my husbands and mine, i never thought to put up my purse. I knew I had enough pills to make it till that MOnday but I woke up the next morning and my few pills were all gone. This was a Friday night so I had to go the weekend without meds. ANd that Jack -a had enough nerve to try and blame it on my kids! I have four teenage boys but they would never want to see me in the pain i was in. On top of that, I found out a day later that he gave my 15 yr old Autistic son alcohol!! And if you know me, you would know I don't let just anyone around my kids. I am a nurse and had to give up my job at my boys' school system where i worked, so I was an upstanding person in our community. When I was able to confront this jerk, he tried to say my niece gave him the alcohol!! I basically, said that if I ever saw him again, AI would kill him! ANd again, if you knew me, i would, cause if you mess with my kids, you messed up. ANd better yet, you mess with my autistic son, you may as well dig your own grave. ANd because of this one person, I don't trust anyone around my meds, purse or kids. Goes to show you, anyone can steal, lie, blame, molest and neglect you or your children at any moment. I no longer allow anyone but my best friend to ever stay over. I know, probably going too far but I am gonna be safe and my kids are too! Buying a safe is a great idea!!! tHANKS
  • ..who feels that way. I don't have aquantances or people stopping by. I get lonely, and I talk to mainly family members. I don't know what'd I do without SH. It'd be real lonely at times and you know how sometimes people around you kind of get tired of hearing about your back problems. Don't get me wrong- my family is loving and supportive, but posting here gives me an additional outlet and gives them a break. Back pain is a 24/7 issue that is with me always. My life has changed so much. Stuff I took for granted, I miss.
    There's a lot to deal with in these days. I have had my eyes opened to a lot of things. I make an easy target if I go somewhere now and I would never have a bunch of medicine bottles in my purse. I have my meds hid out of sight, and only keep the ones I need to take near me. And I would not tell anyone outside who medically treats me, what I'm taking.
  • I'm so sorry to hear that this happened to you. What a pain in the you know what.

    I am very careful to only carry a few meds with me when I go places. Just enough for the night, and maybe the next morning. I just don't trust anyone.

    My cousin OD'd on a mixture of prescription drugs twice. Both times, my Aunt went in to wake him for school, and found him blue, not breathing. I have photo's of him in the hospital, with tubes going down his throat. I believe he died at least once, both times.

    She keeps her meds in a massive safe, that requires a key and a code. She also padlocks her bedroom door. My cousin was only 16, and had been in a major car accident. They had him on strong doses of vicodin for a few months, and he was hooked. We think he was getting this stuff from school. He was on house arrest from the car accident, and school was the only place he went. Both times, he had eaten an entire methadone biscuit (Whats that, 40mg?), along with some form of barbituate. The first time he ate two, and the second time he said he had only taken half as much as the first time. Both times he went into a coma, and drowned on his own vomit. TERRIFYING to say the least.

    After his second OD, the police were going to arrest my Aunt. She had to prove to them that her meds were locked in the safe, and that they were all accounted for. Her doctor took her script away anyway. She has severe DDD and suffers greatly now.

    My biggest fear is that one of my friends will get their hands on my script, and OD. Even when I was on vacation, I kept my purse with me at all times, and when sleeping, I hid it underneath the inside of the couch bed I was sleeping on. I have a 14 year old sister, and while I don't think she would get into them, you just never know, and you can never be to safe!!

    I also show her those pictures every now and then, to let her know the dangers of drugs. It really sucks to not be able to trust people. But that is the world we live in today.
  • >:D< Sorry folks, that I haven't been keeping you all up do date with this freakshow. I'm here to get you up to speed!

    CHECK THIS OUT!!!! My friend Jessica got a call from the Detective on her case and gave her AWESOME news!! The a$$clown is now in jail on his way to prison.... he was picked up on a random DUI check point stop one weekend. Wanna know what he was picked up for???? Accessory to MURDER FOLKS!!! MURDER!!! Holy hell!! Atleast she can sleep soundly now that he is off of the streets. Albeit she has moved out of that house several weeks ago it is a comfort not to have to worry about her or someone following her or something.

    As for my doctor, he was an unimaginable peach about the whole sitch. I did get a copy of her police report and took it with me to show him. The fart-knocker of an old geezer at the pharmacy gave me a hard time about an early fill until I showed him the report and also pointed out that my Doc SPECIFICALLY wrote on the script "ok to fill early". That pharmacist and I are going to come to blows one of these days if he looks at me like I am a jonesing drug fiend every month I get my meds. He looks at me with such disdain. What the HELL does he know??? I think the next time he gives me grief I will "drop trousers" right there and let him take a gander at my scars. I look like a friggin Picaso painting!! LOL!!!

    Anywho, things seem to have calmed WAY down and one good thing that came from this is I am MUCH wiser for the wear. Gone are the days of thinking that most people are good and honest... atleast when it comes to having my meds around. I mean everyone I know knows that I am on daily meds and I need to remember that from now on. LESSON LEARNED!!!

    Thanks for all of the great advice and trust me I plan to heed it. My neighbor across the street is an older gentleman with back issues and surgeries. He told me that he keeps his in a small locked safe in his basement especially when his drug-addict daughter comes to visit from Arizona. Who would have thought, but this is the day and time that we live in, sad and unfortunate as it is.

    Peace, love and hugs,

  • Thanks for the list, great ideas btw. I have never stored all of my meds out in the open, not even in the kitchen, they are tucked away under lock and key. I do carry a few with me in my purse but not the whole bottle, no way.
    Never thought about being cautious at the PM office or the pharmacy, great ideas, thanks.

  • yeah ya learn and live is what i say.
    happened to me to with a family member years ago.
    and at a work place.

    so like the others have said i just keep them by myside at all times.
    if going out i bring what i think i will need.
    and they are so hidden in here you would have to tear apart everything.

    and i have learned to file that police report asap.
    after being discharged from a drs, because i did not have the work report to them in a certain time frame..

    hang in there girly!!!!! ;)
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