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elviseelvis Posts: 79
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:22 AM in Degenerative Disc Disease
hi yea my name is carol
my husband as ddd and i dont now what i can do for him with the pain he goes for Physical Therapy evry week and the have given him 6 exercise to do every day but the pain his there all the time and when we go for a walk his foot goes numb as well he as told the Physical Therapy this and she said that its part of getting better when he does the exercise he can feel some thing rubbin in his back and the pain then today he went out to buy a paper this morring and he came back in quite a lot of pain and had to sit down for a while i dont now if this is noramal for this to happen with ddd could someone please tell me if the rubbin in the back and the foot going numb is what should happen


  • go back and ask the doc. I do not think that the numbness is a good sign but do not know for sure. when I was in PT and my left butt cheek went numb they would not treat me and sent me back to my doc. You really may want to set an appt with the doc and discuss. Good luck and keep us posted.
  • thank you for your reply we are going back to the doc on the 22/8 and will ask him then
  • O:) you are an angel for sticking next to your husband! that is the best medicine he can get. listening to him, arranging appointments and going with him, rubbing his back! all these things you can do to help with his condition. your support is invaluable and i want to thank you for that. he may feel so bad that he hasn't had time to tell you but i know he feels that way, so grateful! good luck and stay in touch with a doctor who will listen to you. Jenny :)
  • hi had to go back to the doc with my husband today as pain is getting no better we went out yesterday for a walk and he only could walk for about 10 min and we had to go backt to the car he now get the numbing in the foot and not the leg he still as the pain in the back and it feels like the bones in the L5 are rubbing more and more the doc as said that he will have to tell the pt about this and he may need to see consultant which as made him worry more what will they be able to do or help with the pain
    his pt said that they will not do a MRI till he as had his phiso for three month can anyone help with what else i can do for him
  • please could someone tell me if thay can help with this i just dont know what to do for him now
  • lo there, ddd brings some nasty pain. not all is from the ddd but can be from stress placed on surrounding area of the body. Steroid injections into the spine sometimes ease the pain a lot. i used to get them every 6 months at one time. Good luck
  • try getting him into a swimming pool. try remove the weight off of the L5 a little, it will make the pt a little less painful
  • thank you for your reply
    we have tryed every thing i can think off but they still have not do the mri i know there is more damage done but no one is listening to us so what do we do know
  • a consultant? Are you from the UK? I have heard this term from other members from "across the pond" and don't excactly know what it is. Sorry you and your husband are going through so much. Have you tried ice or heat? Hope he finds a prognosis soon and starts to get some relief.
  • yes we are from the uk and i can now feel a lump on his back were the L5 is and it very tender to touch i only found this when i was giving him a massare today ha anyone else had this please let me know what to do
  • anyway to get another doc involved? I am not sure of how things work there in the UK. What about some type of emergency service? I have heard others from the UK say that they went to ER and it helped them get MRI quicker but I don't know the details. The only thing that I can think of that may help temporarily is ice at the L5 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off. Are you sure that the doc is really understanding how much pain he is in? I know that you must feel helpless watching someone that you care about suffer in pain.
  • thank you for your reply i will try and get him his mri from the doc he goes back to them on the 5/9/08 i have told the doc so many times that he is in pain a lot but all he does his give him pain tablets which does not help at all someone emailed me and said that he could have Spondylolisthsis i have looked this up as well and if anyone as had this could you let me know what can be done for him in the long run it so hard watching someone you love in so much pain
  • i am pissed off today husband been in a lot of pain again for the last 2 days kids dont help well i say kids they are 26/30 25 19 years old keep aruging all the time with one other i told them that we have a lot to deal with now but do they lesson no they just keep on and on feel like telling them to piss off and grow up i have tryed evey thing to help with the pain but nothing works what know can we do help please
  • If you have children that old living with you they should be doing as much as possible to help you out,i live with my elderly parents,father 83 mom 67,i help them with as much as i can do, even though its hard for me at times....
  • you got to ne joking my kids help out never they think that we should pay them to do things even when i asked them to help with the garden at the weekend i was told no coulds they couldnt go in to the pool i same times hate my kids its my husbant thats i need to look after at the monent not them they are too old fot that i wosh i could take that pain away from him i hope the doc can get that mri done soon so we can see what damage is done i know he as three disc damage but i think there is more done now even when i rub cream on the back its very tender and hurts him like hell as this happen to anyone else
  • i am very pissed off today every thing seems to be going worng
    my husband as just been told that the form that he put in for the accient he had at work as gone missing so they will have to look for it but if they cant find it what happens also he will go down to half pay in november if they dont find it this is so unfair as he done his back at work they are trying to say that they didnt know he done his back at work which is a load off ball just aother cover up at work
    my husband is very depressed about this as well as all the pain he as day and night we just dont know what else to do any help please
  • hi went to the physio today with my husband and i was not happy with what she was saying we asked for the mri and she still said no that he dont need it she also said that the pain was in his mind but i know its not when asked what did she mean she said that the pain goes to the brain and that he needs to stop the pain waves going to the brain i still dont ungerstand what she means but i bet if she had the pain she would know it was rell also when we told her that his foot gones numb she said that was a good thing How can that be a good thing she also said when this happens to sit down for a few min and then get up and start again but that would mean he would have to stop evety 10 mins cause that how long he can walk these days as you can see were are getting now were fast he was also told today by his work doc that if he dont get his back going again he will have to leave his job i am being ther efor him evey step of the way but i am very pissed off with the doc and physio and i and stressed and deprest as well i am on tablets for this as it hard for a wife to see there husband go through this for 5 month now how some of you on here have been going through this for years i dont know how you cope
    sorry this as been a long one but i just need to talk with you all
    thanks carol
  • gee, im so sorry, i have always been under the impression we can get all our mri reports,the films themself,and even a copy of the mris on disk,and also a report from the doc.s notes,you need these so you can now whats going on or being said about you, not to mention getting them to a diff. doc for another opininon. love-n-prayers patsy
  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 9,726
    As patients we are entitled to all documentation that is done by doctors, medical technicians, etc.
    Some items, such as MRI and CTScan films are normally given to the patient on the day the procedure was done.
    Medical records may need to be ask for in advance, along with a written request. Also, some of those reports, you may be charged (small fee like 9cents per page)
    But you have rights to see all your records
    Ron DiLauro Spine-Health System Administrator
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences
    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com
  • my last neurologist charged me one dollar a copy, im not kidding she said up to 25 dollars anything over 25 copies are free go figure.. my other doc.s just give them me for free.. go figure.. and to top it off sum of the copies that cost me had 2 words on them and a few were even duplicates. goffy but thats the way it goes sumtimes.... patsy
  • Elvis,

    Even tho you're in the UK, you should still be able to go to the facility where your hubby had his MRI scan done and ask to get a copy of the report and the films or CD, whichever they use there. Usually this is done thru the medical records department but I'm sure there's some sort of information desk that you could ask to point you in the right direction of obtaining these things.

    I'm so sorry for what you and your hubby are having to deal with. I know it's not easy and can imagine how much more difficult it is having to deal with your grown children living at home. It's certainly not my business but if it were me in your shoes, I think I would either demand help around the house or kick their butts to the curb telling them to get their own home! You do NOT need this extra stress, and neither does your husband! In fact, stress can impede his healing and cause more pain.

    Do what you can do to get the MRI information (forget trying to get them from the physio..that's obviously not going to work), and once you get ahold of those, then take them with you to his doctor and ask for him to explain what all is going on with his back and what can be done to ease his pain because nobody deserves to live in that much pain...ever! Even stray dogs at the humane society or puppy pound get treated more humanely than that!

    Meanwhile, alternate ice (20 mins on, 20 mins off) and heating pad, have him take ibuprofen if he's able to, to help with any inflammation and pain, and have him take it easy. Your support right now is the very best medicine he could have, even tho you don't likely feel that way, but it really is. I don't have anyone in my life to support me (in the flesh I mean, not counting here with my virtual spiney friends) and I would so appreciate anyone that could help me or even just hold me when I cry. Just keep being there for him...

    Remember too, you have to take good care of yourself too because if you don't, you won't be any good to anyone...

    Keep us posted, OK?
  • hi yea we have tryed every thing to get this MRI but no one as done this for us yet will keep telling then that he needs this done
  • Carol is saying that they will not even do an MRI. I do not think that it is that she can't get a copy. They will not do one.
    Carol, There must be some way that you can get a second opinion from another doc. Have you tried taking him to ER when pain is bad? If you make enough trips there maybe someone will take you serious. I do not think that it is very good that his foot is numb! I also do not think that it is very good that the therapist thinks the pain is all in his head. These are all bad signs and definitely warrant a second opinion. as for his job, have you talked to a lawyer yet? It sounds like you seriously need one.
    The adult kids. maybe it is time for some tough love and you should tell them to either help out or get out! they are for sure old enough to take care of themselves. You have enough going on right now not to be dealing with kids that are acting as spoiled, uncaring brats. You have more than done your part of raising them at this point and you and your husband do not need to be dealing with them acting like you owe them something. Anyway, I really hate that you are going through all of this and really hope that somehow you can get your husband to a new doc and either get some help and support from those kids of yours or give them the boot! Please keep us posted.
  • hi all my husband now get pain in his neck and his knee give way as well the foot goes numd and he cant walk for a long time no matter what we say thay always tell us that it will take time to get better its now been 5 months and 1 week
  • Any kind of rubbing or grinding in the lower back is not good. I have DDD and spinal stenosis and have two discs that are virtually nonexistent. Because of that, I have bone grinding on bone which is very disturbing. After four years of this I have decided to have a spinal fusion to put an end to it. Please tell your husband not to give up and to not take no for an answer. In the four years of this I have learned that I have to be my own care advocate. You sounds like a great support system for him.
  • MY HUSBAND WAS TOLD THAT HE AS ddd and narrowing of L5-S1 and in a lot off pain he as been going to therapy every 2 weeks and still no better he now feels like something is rubbing in his back and he also gets pain in his foot and knee give way some times and cant walk very long with out his foot going numb but thet still will not do a mri the work doc also told him that the pain he is getting is not from the DDD so them what is it from please help thanks
  • hi all just to let you know that we both went to see the physo today but the husband couldnt go in he is soooooooooooo feed up with the pain and the rubbing in his back that he didnt want to go through it with her so i went in there and told her that he needs more help as the pain is getting harder to cope with he also ha pain in his knee and neck and foot now she said that what it is like i told her no way i am not a doc but i know thats not right and he needs that Mri now and that his sex life is now having trouble because off the pain she replyed oh i will have to look at his note as the last physo had wrien somethings down and she as not read it yet well what can i say ::: she should have read these over 7 weeks ago when the last one left it seem to me that all they want to do is get payed and just keep saying that its ok to be in pain if i had the money i would take him some were else that would look at this but that will not happen as we have none so we will have to keep trying for this F--- MRI SORRY THAT THIS ONE IS SO LONG
  • we now have tryed every thing and we are getting no help we dont know what to do any more i feel like screeming but that wont help i wish i could take the pain from dave and just give him one day pain free :''(
  • just to let yopu all know that my husband is getting no help at all from anyone we have a gate on our stairs and 3 nights ago my husband had to step over it like he does every night but this time he couldnt lift his leg over and now hes got cuts and brouses all over his leg but still no one whants to know so were do we go from here
  • I'm sorry you and you husband are in this situation. I don't know how things work in the UK, but there is similarity as far as protocol that doctors follow for back problems. They try conservative measures first before going into more invasive ones. DDD is painful, and they need to do an MRI to see if the disc if bulging or herniated and is pressing on the nerve. I learned I had DDD in my cervical and thoracic spine over 2 years ago and went thru PT. Sometimes PT can make matters worse in some people, and I believe they should have imaging done before being sent that route. A few months later I herniated L4-S1, and the L5-S! was severely degenerated. I went thru PT and epidural injections, and then finally had surgery. I never improved and developed more problems by the time I had my fusion with hardware 5 months ago. I still have a lot of pain, and I go to a pain specialist also. I had developed slippage of L4-5, disc bulge compressing L5-S! nerve, my facet joints were a mess, recurrent herniation were the slippage was, and a benign tumor on L3.
    Don't give up; keep fighting for your husband. His pain is NOT in his head, and put your foot down with your grown children. I believe everyone in the home needs to contribute, as long as they're under your roof. That's their father and they need to help him AND you.
    I wish you and your husband the very best, and hope he gets the care he needs expediently. Take care
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