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strakerstraker Posts: 1,851
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:22 AM in Sleep Problems
HI how many of you are woken up after only a few hours sleep .by your back /leg pain? i have found that just before i wake up .my legs start going all aver the bed.then my hands are rubbing my back then i get hot then i wake.i bad pain.{my wife told me about the things i do wilst i am asleep!}.its bad enough being in pain but having to change the bedding as well is an insult!.since my last op {nov 07} my health has gone down hill.my pain is 10x as bad and i only sleep for 2/3 hours every night.its driving me mad!!.anyone like this??? tonyx


  • wow, I hope that SCS works for you; what you described is pretty much the equal of stopping your meds, except I'm sure you're taking something.. You're 11 years into it so no advice from me other than to stay positive, know that there are always people on here who care if things like this are getting you down, and that you can always be happy, even in a bad situation. Hang in there!

  • Ditto on praying the SCS helps with this!
  • I feel just like you do straker i can only sleep a few hours what i have been doing recently is. I will stay up till 5-6 am then sleep for 3-4 hours its the only way i can get in more than 2 hours of sleep. Maybe your doc can help you with sleepers. My doctor said there to addicting for me so unfortunetly ive never tried them. I havent had 5 or 6 hours of sleep in i dont know 4 or 5 months now. Hang in there man.
  • i sometimes go on a UK pain site its very good .and i asked the same question do you wake up hot and sweat? a lot of them did .it seams to be connected to your brain alerting you to a problem ..you wake up to attend to the problem.also most of us are taking oxycodone .one of the side effects is sweating..so its good that i am not alone with this one.!
  • Has happened to me on more then one occasion....The doc put me on AMbien along with amitryptiline.....Solved the problem the first night. Only problem is that a hurricane could roll through my bedroom and I wouldn't know it!
  • "also most of us are taking oxycodone .one of the side effects is sweating..so its good that i am not alone with this one.!"

    That's why I like this site.
    I also have the same problem.
    I wake up drenched sometimes!
  • i am 9 weeks post-op from alif L4-L5 fusion with hardware and my sleeping is getting worse and waking up during the night also in major sweat but its mainly my lower body that is like that..is this what is common with everyone else?
  • will get up and sleep on the couch sometimes!! He says it's literally like sleeping in a sauna beside me, I'm all hot and sweaty and not in a good way... lol... I'm off the oxycodone, but am on amitriptyline, which may cause heating and flushing. Night terrors don't help either, but those have pretty much subsided, so I'm chalking it up to the ami, and yes, when it does wake me up, I'm in pain as well...
    APROUD CANADIANveteranButNOTa doctor, my thoughts are my own
  • I sleep in spurts. About 3 to 4 hours at most, they I am up again. I SOAK the bed too, normally this tells me that I am in pain and need to take some meds. Once I do, the pain drops a little and I go back to sleep, but this can only be done by meditation, after 45 minutes or so, I am focusing on meditating myself back to sleep, that is the wording I use at that time.

    I have to use amitriptylene sometimes as well, it does force me into a deeper sleep, but I hate how it makes me feel the next day.

    I also have a script for other sleep med, that does not have side effects, but I don't use it much!

    When I was on Celebrex, I had bed soakings almost every night, since stopping it, I found it stopped somewhat. I am trying to find something to replace it, because I have bad arthritis in my hips and shoulders and it that is controlled, I get some better rest.

    Boy, -looking back at this, is it any wonder why I get a little nutty sometimes, no sleep and still trying to function.

    Hope your feeling better!
  • Good grief!! I have night sweat problems too. Not everyday, but I was associating them with perimenopause and those crazy hormones; maybe its also the pain/meds. I never made the connection. It certainly does suck to wake up in the middle of the night uncomfortable/in pain and soaked in sweat. However, we are not alone! Thank goodness for this site.
    I also noticed that lately I have been staying up later than usual because I know it doesn't matter when I go to bed, I still will only get a few real hours of sleep.
  • I am 49 and thought I was gonna have to go on estrogen, cause of the sweats. I saw a ENT Dr and he checked me for lymhphoma, cause it is one of the signs of it. But I dont have that, but maybe, Lisa, we both have pre menopause and with pain meds makes it worse. My pillow has to be turned over several times a night cause it is wet with sweat..ICK. I am also on oxycodone so now it explains it.
  • i can be sat in my recliner .and sweat will just start to pour from me .i have a 16 inch pedestal fan on me nearly all the time .i get a hot flush then thin watery sweat drenches me ..this can happen when just watching tv .its worst after a shower it take me 3 tee shirts and an hour under my fan to cool off i have been checked for all sorts but nothing came up so i just have to live with ti ..i am unfit an overweight BUT i was the same when i was fit and off meds ..go figure!!
  • sorry you are uncomfortable. wish i could suggest something other than moving north. soon fall will be here and you will be more comfortable. i'm a bit heavy myself can you keep below 2000 calories a day?
  • Hi All,

    Just a suggestion for the uncomfortable night sweats. I bought a "chillow pillow" (thats what it is called if you google it). You fill it with water and insert it inside your pillowcase. What it does is seem to absorb some of the heat from your head, hopefully making you a little more comfortable that maybe you won't wake up. Sometimes I have woken up to change position and my pillow is HOT. I can't imagine what it would be without the chillow pillow. Its too bad they don't make one for the whole body!
    I also bought a tiny 4 inch fan for my bedside table and that helps a bit. Let me know if any of you try this and whether it helps or not, or if you have a better suggestion for staying cool and dry.
  • about this ..and his reply was your brain is waking you up because it want you do attend to what is wrong with you ..then he gave me a for example..imagine your in your cave asleep and your fire that you cooked your dinosaur on has caught hold of your bedding of straw and leaves etc you would become hot ..yes?? yes i said. ok what would be the catastrophic result if you just ignored this ? you would fry and burn to death! ..your old brain is just the same now as it ever was if your body requires attention it will summons you to sort it out ..i asked ..what would happen if the pain did not wake me up ? he said ..you probably would never wake up!!as something horrible would have happened to you in your sleep ..thank you i said and left his surgery{the reference to old brain is the primitive bit of our brain near the brain stem}

  • i just woke up and read the old caveman brain theory and it got me out of my terrible beat up mood. thats a riot!!! i only get the sweats during bad dreams. i know theres going to be a big fast dinosaur chasing me tonight. can you imagine the night sweats those poor guys had....and no fans and tens units. thank goodness for technology :-C
  • Hi Straker-have the same issue with pain waking me. Don't have the sweating issue but have just started oxcycontin, will see what happens. With being unable to sleep have tried to treat it as "normal" for me and if its after 4am just start my day, very quietly. Lucky my husband is a shift-worker and a heavy sleeper. Either I have a head-start on the day or I sit in my recliner and listen to music and try doing relaxation.Not advocating it's ideal but so far it seems to work for me. Felt really stressed by not having good sleep habits, when I decided to accept what I couldn't change felt less down on myself.Not suggesting you should become sleep-deprived, just something that seems to work for me. Hugs n' Love - Paula
  • dream about being in pain ....and wake up IN bloody pain i can't even escape through sleep!!!!
  • It's just miserable to be going through a night terror that you're being harmed, and then you wake up (if you're lucky) hurting like crazy. I take a Zanaflex and oxycodone right before turning in for the night and I'm usually asleep in half an hour. I wake up sometimes through the night sweating, and I would rip off my PJ's and douse myself with body powder. Then I'd flip my pillow over and attempt to fall back asleep. It's just a typical night for a spiney..
  • Thats Night-Terrors. Oh Straker how I wish there was something to help you. To say I understand wouldn't be true, because we all are different.You sound fed-up and frustrated and who would blame you.All I have is my Biggest gentle hugs, good thoughts and hope that things improve- I'm sorry. Thank you for telling me what make your vehicle was, have been trying to guess-squinting at the screen etc...Heres hoping for a better day/night, Hugs n' Loves - Paula
  • i wondered what night terrors were ..so that's what that are then?
    i never dream of anything nice ..always dark scary dreams like empty old swimming pools or large expanses of dark open water and there is never anyone around ..or dead grandparent .and they never speak to me ..then there's the flying dream .and the teeth falling out/crumbling dream .and the old classic ..wanting to go to the toilet but there is either no door/no toilet or someone is watching me ..we could start a new thread about dreams ..what do you all think?
  • new thread on dreams is great idea. maybe we should start with day dreams like no pain, no strain and dancing in the garden...thats the dreams we need...hope your day a bit better :-C ....pete
  • I think a thread on dreams would be so interesting!!! I have a few ideas on yours, except the teeth thing, I have always had that one, too, since I was little, but I have no idea what it means!!
    APROUD CANADIANveteranButNOTa doctor, my thoughts are my own
  • i have read that is means that you are proud of your appearance {that would fit for me as i worry about my appearance .not bragging but befor all the is 5417 i was i good looking man and the right weight and i had nice teeth {still got the nice teeth} but the rest of me has gone to pot due to the lack of sleep not exercising and all the pain and drugs
  • yet again i have been woken up in evil pain {not sweating tonight tho] i will try to describe it ..at first i am dreaming of something horrible and scary then i wake up with my lower back burning right down to my foot also whatever side i am lay on that shoulder is burning too and the hand will be clumsy and numb.so i stagger from my bed feeling knackered and as if my body has just been beaten up and all this just after 2/3 hours sleep on a 3k bed.i am so pi55ed off
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