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I'd rather sleep all day!!!

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,731
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:22 AM in Depression and Coping
I'd rather sleep all day instead of being up on my feet all day. I notice when I'm sleep I don't feel anything like pain. I take a Neurontin and two flexerils and go to sleep I'd wake up around 8am just before I'd have to be at work at 9am. Most of the time I will lay their being in pain, not being able to get any sleep so I'm cranky, merisable, and very moody at work towards anyone and anything!

Take care yall Florida folks stay out of Fay's way ok.


  • It is a sad reality that sometimes we have to rest disproportionately to the amount of energy we recoup from resting, and as you I continue to question the rest period needed to be able to work effectively or at all. Most of my energy is used working and I have little left for the array of other duties of my responsibility and myself included.

    If that pattern of rest become behavioural then we miss an opportunity to do other things that give us some work life balance. This is easier when you have some energy and I remember meeting another patient who had a family and spent more of his time in bed, time passed and this in itself created a problem, of interaction and some confidence and not wanting to be included when as you say the pain make you into the person you do not want to be.

    Managing yourself is difficult and that continual angst is wasted energy and it is difficult to break the cycle, but we must for own longevity and sanity. How we respond to pain is never the same and perhaps we have to go through this stage to progress to another, some of that is looking back with some regret which is understandable, continuing to manage all these elements goes unseen and in most cases unrewarded.

    Managing anger is difficult and we all need some help to continue.

    Take care John
  • :) hi! you will find in no time you don't even know what day it is. escaping from the pain is very understandable but perhaps you will look back and wonder where your life went. finding meds and a treatment plan that helps your pain is preferable. it can be a vicious cycle of sleeping, the sleeping too much causes you more pain and on and on!! good luck! you are so right to have every reason to feel sad! we are here for you! Jenny :)
  • It sucks. I know. I'm so sorry. one day at a time. and when I mess up and yell at my little girl who can act like a 2 year old lab puppy, I have to stop and say I'm so sorry. and remind myself to take better care of myself so I can be a better mom. keep looking for help for your pain. a TENS unit i have found lately can be very very helpful. what I don't want to do is be angry at the ones that love me the most. my husband and two kids. as long as we're all good, I think I can handle anything. :)
  • My work forced me to resigned last month and I didn't know anything else to do execpt to resign. I did get a lawyer and he's going to fight for me. I'm not feeling well so I better go.

    Well I still don't feel any better but I was going to let everyone know that I did get a lawyer due to my work forcing me to resign because they didn't want me to work for them anymore. They accused me of stealing from them when I was waiting in line to get my paycheck. Isn't that stupid as all get out! So I'm trying to get unemployment and they even denied me because I resigned oops I was forced to resign so I want have the theif on my record so I could evently get another job.

    I called my work to get a copy of my resignintion letter and they told me that it would be in the mail a week ago I called? My work is only less than a mile up the road and It takes mail to run for a week to reach my house? Yeah right!
    I called my lawyer and told him he said they aren't going to talk to me because I'm suing them for what they did! So I'm here waiting to be feed because I don't have any money nor health insurance now! I have a hearing date in Dec. to face Kroger and their Workers' Comp insurance company! My workers' comp doc stated me as MMI, but my lawyer asked me do I feel ok, I told me I don't think so I can't hardly get up out of the bed and now with the cold weather coming in I feel very old like 100 yrs old where I can't move around without help getting up and I'm a 30 yr old woman. Lawyer is getting me another doc to see in my area that will testify on my behalf that I can't work like a normal person does and I'm still hurt and need workers' comp to still keep paying for my medical bills and give me benefits.

    ***Has anyone else had any othe these problems with their work forcing them to resign or letting them go while still on wc?*****

    WC doc was trying to get me a TENs unit but I don't think he even tried but I do have my papers where he wrote out an scrip for one?

    Let me know! Misty
  • Ime so glad you have someone there to get your back! take hope and the best will come to ya!shame and many sleepless nights to the people who fired you, you take some me time and heal.document everything, times, dates words, everything, so you have a paper trail to back you up. Send letters to corporate through your attorney if you can, stating your complaints, dont give up and dont give in, the fight is joined and your ready and able to be a fierce adversary.As for the alleged theft, your attorney can demand proof, and get the "evidence"? tape, witness? or otherwise to prove their allegations. they have to have proof, if not that is a cause for trouible for them. I f they say any dertogatory things, untrue about you, that is more trouble, them forcing you to work hurt, and not easyer dutys due a injured emp, then thats trouble, if your condition was agrivated by their actions, you get the picture, i dont know what state or laws applicable to the worker, work for you, but thats what your attorney is for!
    good luck and dont be down, K?
    take your faith and be strong in it! dont fear the dark, let them fear your resolve in this!
  • I need two alarms and a shake or the light turned on to wake me lately. And even then I feel like groggy city. I don't start feeling better for some time. :( Oh to wake pain free, what would that feel like?

    I try and find something to be thankful for each morning. I have gotten out of that habit and need to get back into it. If I can think of nothing else I will start with by breath and go from there. I will spend time with my eyes closed concentrating on something good from the day before if I have to. Then when my left foot hits the floor I will think "thank" and the right "you". thank you thank you thank you all the way to the bath room. thank you thank you thank you to the coffee machine and so on. Thank you Universe for allowing me one more day to breathe. I really need to get back into this practice. Thanks for being the catalyst to reminding me of that!!!!!!

    One Love,

  • I should get my Lawyer to get tapes because I didn't steal anything from them they just wanted to get rid of me and that is what they did! Well I'm writing a letter to the Department of Labor about the Store Manager and the way he treats us outcast folks. He has his pets at work he treats with respect but us other he could give a rats ass about. OOppss I meant give a rats butt. I want him fired and pay me back for the pain a suffering he caused me and now I'm out of a job and can't pay for my auto insurance that is coming up so I can't drive then. But God will profide for us. Having only one income coming in is very hard. When is was two we had all the bills paid and now we are behind and trying to tell the bill collectors that you lost your job is like talking to a brick wall. They all want their money! Which I could understand but I don't have a job and its hard trying to find one that will work with my restrictions from wc.

    Well gotta go,
  • The definition of MMI is- "The time the authorized doctor states that there is no further medical care that can improve the employees condition caused by the injury."

    All I can say is stick with the lawyer because by what you are saying, there are laws out there so companies can't fire you because you were hurt on the job, so it sounds like an winnable case for you. Hopefully you can get in to see a surgeon because as soon as they say you need surgery, your case should be won.

    Good Luck!

  • This is the second time I saw this and have no idea what it stands for. I am also on workmans comp insurance but unlike you, everything has been fine with them (knock on wood). I got a lawyer very early on so I think that helped a lot. Did you have to go for an I.M.E (Independent Medical Evaluation) for the insurance company? If so, PM me and we can talk about it, kind of a weird story.
  • words can't express what you just said stockbroke! I feel just like that just about all the time! I find myself crying over just about anything now days. I wake up during the night crying due to my back killing me!

    Lawyer wants me to keep searching for a job but I can't get one because they all call and my old work tells them I'm on workers comp they don't want somebody who is already hurt.

    MMI is Medicaly Maxium Improvement That says they aren't dealing with you anymore your done they close your case! Doctor told me that he is getting me another doctor that will testify on my behalf for me that I do indeed hurt like Hell!!!!
    Gotta go I feel horrible right now talk later.
  • Sparky123 said:
    This is the second time I saw this and have no idea what it stands for. I am also on workmans comp insurance but unlike you, everything has been fine with them (knock on wood). I got a lawyer very early on so I think that helped a lot. Did you have to go for an I.M.E (Independent Medical Evaluation) for the insurance company? If so, PM me and we can talk about it, kind of a weird story.
    I wished I had got an lawyer the day I got hurt then all of this wouldn't happen and I might still be at work, but it happened for a reason so.

  • After my last spinal injection, I was given Ambien. I LOVE it!!! I sleep 8 hours straight, something I haven't done since my first baby was born 18 years ago! I found that the vicodin and flexeril were making me very cranky and depressed. I've backed off the flexeril (after talking to my doc) and started using my tens unit again. It helps a bit. But as we all know, mornings are always hard. My husband leaves before the babies wake up and when I hear them calling for me I have laid in bed and cried, even before starting the day because I know the moment I reach for them in their cribs, my pain is going to shoot through the roof and I have a long day ahead of me. My husband is a high school football coach and they are in the playoffs X( (I'm trying really hard to be happy and not resentful about that) and when he gets home it's around 7:30 at night. All I want to do is tell him to take over with the kids/kitchen/laundry so I can go to bed, but then he and I would have no relationship at all. It's a huge struggle between Love/Guilt/Loneliness/Pain/Resentment...all kinds of yucky feelings (excpet the love of course). I'm stuck at the house so much because just going anywhere with the babies causes so much pain that it's not worth it. But sometimes I just grit my teeth and get out of the house and see the world around me, like playgroups, the library, the park, etc. I DO know NOT to try and go grocery shopping with the babies anymore. That always ends up being a traumatic experience for everyone, and I hurt waaay to much after to even attempt that.

  • I too find myself trying to sleep through the pain. Mornings are the worse. I am in pain if I sit, stand, walk, move etc. The only time I have relief is when I have my feet up on the couch or are laying in bed. My husband does not understand and thinks I am just lazy. I am depressed and now overweight due to the meds and inactivity. I just want to sleep it all away. It's hard to explain, I am not suicidal, I just want to sleep. I try to keep up with the house work as much as I can. Just doing a load of laundry is painful and exhausting. I always say I wish they could just inject something into the areas where I have the pain and make it go away forever.

    I was "let go" at my work too. I went on disability in Feb 08 and they were no longer able to keep my position. The first few months I was out, I had people contacting me that work there to let me know that my manager was talking crap about me and was overheard in the ladies room. I guess she forgot to check for feet before she opened her mouth. X( I contacted HR and told them about it but they didn't do anything. Why would they? I am just a liability to them at this point. I am trying to stay positive through all this and tell myself that everything happens for a reason and it just means that there is something better out there for me. It's hard to stay positive when I am in constant pain. I've been to interviews, however, because of the intense pain, I haven't been my best at these interviews and the pain meds make my face sweat which is extremely embarrasing and it makes it look like I don't do well under pressure. I don't want to tell them I'm on pain meds and having problems with my back because I surely won't be hired. I am not ready to go back to work because of the pain but my husband keeps riding me about it. I haven't even been released to go back to work.

    This would be so much easier to deal with if I had better support at home.
  • The past two months I was at a 9-10+ every single day, when I went to the PM doctor my blood presure was 165/96! And I was taking my meds, none of them were working! But I got little to no sleep during that time period, I'd wake up tired and be unable to rest through the night. The littles noises would wake me up and I'm usually a hard sleeper (I slept through Hurricane Andrew!)...

    Now my PM doctor is going to see me every 4 weeks and try and keep me out of that pit by giving me trigger points, last time he gave me just a shot of steroids...I wish I could get an epidural but I can't afford it. Even with the injections, I still have to take my medications but they work after i've had them done! It's 3 months after the injections that nothing works and I have no life. And I was so depressed, that I was actually having suicidal thoughts. I'm better now, but chronic pain is just a beast!

    And now that the meds work and I'm better I find that I sleep a lot more and require a lot more rest. I asked if that was normal and was told yes, that with my/our bodies being the way they are and with the depression that usually accompanies it, that my body requires more sleep and rest just to "maintain".

    If you ever need to talk, that's what we're here for! I hope that you're all having minimal pain days and if not, then my thoughts and prayers are with you!

    Gentle hugs,

  • Thats where they got me, "you dont need any thing more, your as well as can get" now, no meds(wc)meds through indigent care,wc is broken and wont let itself be fixed. good luck to ya and dont give up
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