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pain meds are good not harmful

terror8396tterror8396 Posts: 1,832
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:22 AM in Chronic Pain
i posted a brief statement on this but i feel so strongly about this i felt i needed to reiterate this again. some people feel that narcotics are bad and can ruin your life, as i stated before, my pain drs , the first one and my new one,that research shows that they are beneficial if used in the right way. your life is not shortened by them. you don't go crazy or drool or walk around cross eyed. they help us with being able to function in our everyday lives. because of them i can work, get up, function with my family etc. the media wants you to believe that they will ruin your life and in fact you will die if use them. in fact i heard the guy on celebrity rehab state that you have pain if you use them. stop please. don't work on hysteria. i believe that the majority of people on this site use them responsibly and they help them. most of us do not use them to get high or feel good. so irresponsible statements like them harming you only makes it harder for us that need them. this only feeds into the hysteria . we have enough problems telling relatives or co workers and bosses why we use them. it is a constant battle to diffuse these rumors and in the long run makes it harder to get them from drs. they get pressure from the dea and the media about prescribing them. so check your facts first
your friend and a pain free life
jon >:D<
I have 4 fusions from L5-3, the latest last May '12 where they fixed my disc that broke.They went through my side this time. I take 40 mg of oxycontin 4x a day and 4 fenatyl lollipops 300 micro gms 4x a day.


  • I agree with your statement. Then because of all the negativity that medications get we are constantly "defending" ourselves. Or when we are even honest it bites us in the butt. I was honest and told my last employer what I was prescribed and what I was taking and he was constantly watching me all shifty eyed and whatnot. It is annoying. And actually it is ignorance.
    I must say your above statement hits the nail on the head!
  • I don't know what to think about pain meds anymore. I visit another message board on drug addictions and there are so many people there with chronic back pain that are trying to get off of the pain meds that it scares me.

    Granted some of them started using for the pain and ended up abusing them but their doctors keep writing them scripts even though they want to get off of them. But some have found the meds are not working any longer and are causing them more pain.

    Like I said, I'm confused. I so would like to have something for this pain today! It just makes me want to cry when I see other people doing normal things and I can't do it.

    I do start physical therapy next week and I am so hoping that will help.
  • I agree with the two of you--I would imagine many of us "spineys" would. We rely on pain medications of various levels to get through our daily life in a way that only those with our pain can understand. "Don't judge me until you've walked a mile in my shoes." For me, it would take about 25 ft. for someone to get a clue, much less set in my desk chair with my pain for the 8-9 hours each day without the assistance of pain medication. And, I understand, MelissaJo, that you can't be openly honest--you only answer direct questions regarding your pain relief medications with as little information as possible while not lying.

    I also agree, terror8396, that narcotic medications are not bad and "can ruin your life" when they are often what gives us a fighting chance at the life "normals" have.

    So, you have another person in your "amen" corner. If we could just educate people to hear "narcotic" and not think "drug addict"....
  • I know how you are feeling. I just finally broke down once again because I looked out my sliding glass door and was watching my 7 and 2.5 yr olds wresting around on the ground with my hubby! LAst time I was able to do that was when the 7 yr old was 1.5. I see my NS tomorrow so hopefully he can get me feeling normal and refer me to a GOOD PM doc. The last 2 I seen were in it for the money and showed really no concern towards me.
    I hope your PT goes good next week!
  • first of all why do they want to get off of them? they don't help, peer pressure, trying not to act like an addict. there is a difference between addiction and tolerance. if they are addicts then i guess they would want to go off. you are still being swayed by the hysteria of drugs. most of us on this site use them and are helped by them. if not then they will go off. remember narcotic use builds up a tolerance and they won't be as strong. if you want to get high then this is a problem. i have a big tolerance and don't feel them but i don't care, i don't use them to get high. they still make the pain tolerable. why are you looking up drug addiction with respects to chronic pain? 2 main differences between the 2. i bet 95% of people on this site will agree with what i feel. if you think of us as addicts then you have a problem. why do drs give them if not to help people to function? this is why meds like oxycontin are developed, to help long term chronic pain not 5 day pain. i have been in pain for 8 years and have had 4 back surgeries, the last in april. if not for the meds i would be in bed not being able to function with a job or my family
    would you rather be in bed or able to function? i bet the latter
    hope yu don't have to go through what all of us do every day
    jon :D

    I have 4 fusions from L5-3, the latest last May '12 where they fixed my disc that broke.They went through my side this time. I take 40 mg of oxycontin 4x a day and 4 fenatyl lollipops 300 micro gms 4x a day.
  • Hey,

    I'm on the side of pain meds--I take them everyday to live. And I have a tolerance which increases the number I take which I don't care about either.

    My mention of "narcotics" to "drug addicts" is that is the reaction I get when I mess up and tell someone about the 8 scripts I take per day to live with my chronic pain and the depression that follows.

    I had no intention to offend. I was merely agreeing. Sorry. :| The life I live would be quickly ended if it were not for the medications that help me through every day.
  • I am in no way calling you or anyone else on this board an addict. I would love to have some pain medication because I can't function either.

    I think it was my Doctor who decided I was an addict because I was taking valium without his permission because all he would allow me was two damned 500/5 hyrdocodones a day. I did not get addicted to it, but when he told me I had to get off of the valium too, then I was angry. It was like you can't expect me to live like this.

    Maybe I was/am addicted to valium, I don't no. I do know that when I am having a good day I don't find myself wanting a valium. But on my bad days I find myself reaching for the valium for just a little relief. I'm tired of just laying around and watching the world go by me.

    Some of the people on the other board don't consider themselves addicts either. They are treating their pain but have found that the pain meds are not working any more
    and are tired of taking them. They go through w/d just like everyone else, but I have heard some of them say that the pain has subsided quite a bit after quiting the narcotics.

    Please don't think I'm not on your side because I am. I just can't get anyone else to support my position. And since I was having withdrawal from the valium because my husband took them from me and is under doctors instructions to wean me off them slowly. Hense, I visted a drug addiction board to help me with that.

    My position on this is that it is cruel and unusual punishment for my lapse in judgement because the Doctor wouldn't allow me enough Hydro to stop the pain.

    I am supposed to be walking to strengthen my back muscles but I can't walk far enough for it do any good and I think if I had some pain meds I could be walking farther and maybe be able to get my back back in shape.

    Anyways I ramble to long.. Please accept my apology.
  • I made the statement that TOO much pain meds will ruin you life. And that is a true fact NOT how long you take them, lots of people over medicate them self, and lots of Dr.s alow this to happen. I am talking bout the them being miss used. I depend on pain meds just to get out of bed in the morning, and have had to for over 2 years. I would have no life If I didn't take them, but I don't only reley on pain meds to help with the pain but other meds also to help also.


    So my comment was not against pain meds. but being missused makes it hard for us who really need them. And over medicating is not a good thing either.


    I am a single mother of 3 children and would not be able to care for them if I didn't have my meds.

    There is a reason that the goverment put the new web site in effect in June so every Dr.can know what you taking so it helps stop the narcotic abuse.

  • I miss something? What govt' website are you refferring to?
  • In June of 2008 there is a new goverment web site that any Dr. ER or drug store can look up and all controled drugs are listed there pain meds, valuim related meds and a few other. The list is also sent to your Dr. or Dr.s with the same information. Its to regulate priscription Drugs.

    My primary is the only Dr. I get my med from Except my GI meds come from a specialist. I do get meds from my sergeons for 90 days after surgery only, then back to my primay Dr. Since I will be on them long term my primary is the script writer.

    My Dr. showed me the print out guess every fews months they are requried to fill out some kind of form bout why the scripts are given. Its a form they sent out from the web site information base.
  • in california about 3 years ago the gov't regulated the script forms. it is a script that is used for every schedule 3-4 drug there is. it is used for vicodin to oxycontin. it is blue in color and cannot be copied on a copier. a dr can look up your meds if he wants to but i believe a list is not sent out to all dr's. that would be too much bookwork. my pain dr said he has looked up patients whom he believes are getting drugs from others then he sends his famous 15 day letter to them saying he is ending his service with them. so thy will now have to go off cold turkey. a triplicate used to be used in california but now replaced with the special script. other meds can be written on this script or with a regular script. i believe drs can check but not given lists all the time. too cumbersome. imagine if you had 50 patients who are given pain meds and imagine the paperwork and the expense to print these out.i have never been called on the carpet because i get my meds from my pain dr. if i go to a dentist or have a kidney stone then i can get another dr to write a script. my pain dr said there is no problem with that. but if i was getting oxy from 2-3 others than that would be a problem. be honest with your drs especially your pain dr
    jon =P~ me on pain drugs according to some people
    =)) me when i talk to them
    :^o don't do to drs
    I have 4 fusions from L5-3, the latest last May '12 where they fixed my disc that broke.They went through my side this time. I take 40 mg of oxycontin 4x a day and 4 fenatyl lollipops 300 micro gms 4x a day.
  • would never even want to imagine life without pain meds. Well said, Terror!
  • Even though I am new to chronic pain, I agree Well said terror. I can't imagine trying to work and raise my children without the pain meds. If it wasn't for the meds I wouldn't be able to function.

    There is a HUGE difference between someone who needs medication to funtion, and someone who abuses it.
  • Hello all,

    I've been on narc., muscle relx., nsaids, you name for over four years,and yes I also need these pills most days just to function painfree but they do have side effects and it's best in my opion. that we don't live on them. Myself I'm tired of taking pills, and am tired of the ups and downs, and complications these pills cause me. I do not believe these pills are good for the long term, and everyone that can should avoid them. With that said I can't follow my own advise cause I've tried to quit many times but can't, I think it's part addiction and need were caught on a merry- go- round with no exit.....just my point of view...
  • if I could function and not have severe pain without the meds then I certainly would not take them. For those of us with true daily chronic pain they are very neccessary. If we have to take them to have a somewhat normal life, than so be it.
  • everyone thats feels they need the drugs on a daily bases to get by, by all means take them. Myself I prefer to try to live with some pain and try to get off them, also one of my main points was don't pretend these drugs are'nt harmless...
  • a lot of meds i take to live, cholesterol, blood pressure have side effects but i still take them to live. i don't have side effects from narcotics. i don't even feel them. what side effects do you have? i would not stop taking blood . pressure meds if i had side effects. they help me live longer
    if side effects are so severe stop taking them. have dr so rapid detox or wheen you off of them. if you are addicted talk to dr and have him deal with it. how are narcotics harmful? will you die, grow unwanted hair, drool, rob banks. be specific instead of generalizing about harm. if they make you want to take them when you don't have to, so does alcohol and cigarettes. if you want them like i said before, go to rehab
    I have 4 fusions from L5-3, the latest last May '12 where they fixed my disc that broke.They went through my side this time. I take 40 mg of oxycontin 4x a day and 4 fenatyl lollipops 300 micro gms 4x a day.
  • High blood pressure and cholesterol can kill us pain will not. Narc. affect my mind, cause concentration problems, constipation,diff. sleeping,lethargy ect...I've asked my Dr. for a non narc. drug, and he gives me tramodol which causes me hallucinations, head aches, and drowsiness these are of the reasons I prefer not to take them but most days I need them, and this is very complexing.
  • With all due respect, I have to chime in on the statement that pain will not kill. While you're correct in that the pain in itself won't kill a person, you also have to remember that pain is indicative of a problem-it is our body's way of telling us something is wrong. There are MANY conditions that, if not for the pain, we wouldn't be aware of and would, in fact, die. There are also those that cannot tolerate the pain they are feeling and end up taking their own life because of it. Personally, I would have killed myself a long time ago if it weren't for my children, so I can relate to that scenerio just as I can relate to the "hidden killers" that pain signals us to. Had I not had pain from an infected ovarian cyst, my doctors would not have found that I had ovarian cancer likely until it was too late. You cannot generalize the relationship between pain and death in such a manner because there is only half truth in the claim you're making. Technically, pain CAN kill-even though it's indirect, it is still relative.

    Pain meds are a very personal issue and it's something that has to be decided between a patient and their doctor. Some people, such as yourself, are affected by pain meds in ways they don't like. Other people feel no side effects what so ever. It isn't the job of one person to tell other people that they shouldn't use specific medications, unless of course, that 1 person is their doctor and has good reason to have reached that conclusion.

    I do not dispute your right NOT to use narcotic medications, but I HAVE to take them in order to make functioning even the slightest bit bearable, and I certainly don't appreciate anyone disputing MY right to use narcotics to try and control my pain. That is between myself and my physician(s).

  • I've read all of the posts and nowhere did I see that anyone implied that pain medication was harmless.
    I think we are all aware that all drugs can be harmful if not taken carefully and as prescribed.
    If the benefits outweigh the risks you have found yourself a better and more meaningful way of life,in that you can do more with your medication than you can without it.
    When I get up in the morning I have to take medication and let it work before I can move half normally.When I hear stories of people who are allergic and cannot find a medication that works for them-and they suffer in pain,it breaks my heart.I can't imagine living a life like that.

    I think it's great that you don't want to take pain medicine ran.I hope that is an option for me someday.

    I can remember thinking a similiar way,but that was before I knew what real pain felt like.We all have a different perspective I imagine.
  • I try to stay away from psots like this, though I'm not always successful (obviously). We can talk about pain all day and yet there isn't one of us that can truely make another understand how we really feel. Pain is ours only and we can't share it, not really.

    Although I feel that medications are all too necessary I feel very sorry for those who think that they are the end all and will take away all of the pain. Show me one single person being treated by a knowledgable pain doc who is 100% pain free and I'll eat my hat. My mother was a person who thought that all of her pain should go away with pills. Unfortunately, she was being fed the "you have the right to control all of your pain by any means necessary" rhetoric by my sister. She ended up extremely dependant, no, dare I say it, addicted, to her medications. We have to be more responsible than that when talking about medications and doseages to people on here. We simply don't know who we're encouraging.

    I'm one of the unfortunate people that suffer extreme side effects from almost every prescription I take. I've lived the past year in a fog and have grown tired of it. I'm in the process of eliminating, with my docs blessing, the opiates that I take and will start on the other meds after that. We're searching for other options for pain control that allows me to keep my mental processes working. I miss my brain.

    We have to be responsible to what we post here. There are people that are quite vocal about their pain, agonizing in each sentence about how bad off they are. Others opt to suffer silently, rarely admitting that they're having a bad day. Who suffers more? There is no way for us to know. All we can do is encourage them to go see a reputable doctor that is well qualified to deal with their issues. To do anything else is doing them a disservice.

    All of this does not mean that I don't see a need for medications. I know they're necessary. However, we need to keep open minds for ourselves and keep looking for the next thing that can help us. Don't settle for one thing!

    The view from here,

  • Well said Griff.

    That was the point I was trying to make without much success. There are people that are living in a fog and want to try other avenues and when they try to come off these drugs even when taken as prescribed there will be w/d just like anyone else.

    I feel bad that they are torn between the drugs and pain and wanting not to live in a fog anymore.

    Personaly right now I would rather live in a fog temporarily than deal with this pain but I have to deal with this pain and do what I can, when I can and know it's okay if I have to stay in bed because of the pain.

    It still sucks. I would really rather go out for a walk and do the normal things in life pain free.

  • or have at least some relief with medications? I do not get any negative side effects generally with narcotic meds. The ones I did have were the ER type oxcotin, methadone etc. I could never sleep, moody, felt out of it etc. I have 2 young children to take care of and I am only 32. All of my pain was steady by the time I was 28. Over the course of the last year it has progressivly gotten worse. I am not going to go into my story in detail but I will say that if it wasn't for the meds then I would not be able to do my "job". I am a stay at home mom. My kids are 7.5 and 2.5. I still can barely do my "job" the way it is! I can't play with them on the ground, go for bike rides, walk longer than about 5-10 minutes etc. I am sure there are many other people on here like me. If I didn't have my meds I know I would be in bed all day everyday and not be able to move. How do I know this? Because I went off of my narcotic meds for about 2wks just to see how I would feel. Of course it took a few days for the meds to get out of the system. When I felt my true pain level once again I about died. Some days were better than others. And in all reality it was not my true pain level as I had Ultram ER that I took on days that were excruciating. Why did I do this? I wanted to see my true pain level and also I am building a tolerance to the narcotics. All I can say is that the narcotic meds save my life as far as being able to live a little more comfortably.
    Now, as far as PAIN DOES NOT KILL. You are wrong in so many ways. As Tanya stated it is our body's way of letting us know something is wrong. Also a very good friend of mine was also in chronic pain. Her PM gave her so many different medications, and I think over medicated her and she felt the same. She was so tired of taking pain meds! So with her Doc's consent she started dropping a few of the meds. She didn't go through W/D because of the others she was taking. She was down to taking 4 different types. The strange thing is that she was so down on herself for having to take meds and hated not living the "normal" life that she decided to do something horrible. She went into her husbands closet, grabbed his 44 and hid it in her car. When her 30yro daughter came home she said she was going down the road where she walked the dogs to think. Well about 30 minutes later her husband found her laying against a tree. The only thing that was left was from her neck down. She has never fired a gun in her life and she was at her breaking point! Do I think suicide is selfish, and am I pissed at her? YES! BUT I do also understand why she did this. It is not something that I would ever do but boy have I thought man, it would be better not to live than deal with this the rest of my long ass life.
    SO to sum it all up! Pain can kill. If meds help us stay out of that pain and we take as directed, then so be it. We have to take our meds. I am so glad that my hubby understands all of this. I have only told close friends that I am still on meds. People that gave me the look before because I was on meds, well the hubby and I have told them that I am off of them. I think people can be ignorant at times. People that obtain RX illegally, take other than prescribed or how prescribed by their doctor, mis use, over use and all of that are giving our medications a bad name. I hear of more issues with taking Tylenol than I do taking narcs.
  • Melissa,

    If you are being prescribed the meds why wouldn't your friends understand that you need them?

    I know there are days I have told my husband that I just can't take it anymore, its just not worth it. Of course I would never take my life but it does cross your mind.

    I've thought of telling my Doctor that I can't do this anymore, give me something for it or I don't know what I'll do but I'm afraid they would put me away. Danger to myself.

    You are lucky to have a understanding husband and a sounds like a good Doctor too.
  • I guess I shouldn't really call them my friends. They are more my husbands friends from work. They would tell him that I need to stop taking that S**t, as they put it. My hubby straight up told them that I take them as directed and on days I am not so bad I take less. He also told all of his friends that if he hears one more thing about my house not being spotless all the time then clean it themselves. The had the balls to tell him that since I stay home the house should be spotless all the time. Also said that if I wasn't on meds maybe I would/could be sure to keep the house spotless all the time. So this is what my hubby said to that. Walk a day in my wifes shoes without medication and lets see how you last. Cuz to be honest with you I think my wife is a hell of a lot tougher than any of you P***y's. He also said if they ever said one more thing about the house or my medication that they would have a serious problem. LOL GO HUBBY!!! =D>
    Now keep in mind my house is clean. It takes me a whole week to do all of the chores then I start again. I always keep things picked up but you know there are days where I sit here and think screw it I dont care and I am going to treat myself to not doing a damn thing today. LOL
    I choose not to say anything to my parents about the medications or tell them that I take an RX strength of Aleve. I don't really want to get into it with my mom on that one. My dad would understand but...you know I just dont want to go there. I am 32yro and I make my choices.

    Now one very good friend of mine totally understands and never says anything negative about them. The other people are obviously not my friends. She is and I can tell her anything without any worry.
  • What an absolute shame those people felt the need to comment on a subject in which they knew nothing about. Sounds like they're the type who get off on putting others down. I am glad your husband stood his ground with them.
  • You sound a lot like me...lol.It takes me days to clean.Actually I just do as much as I can pretty much every day,but some days I just maintain.

    As I said before "We all have a different perspective I imagine." when I said that I was referring to a persons pain level.I totally agree with what you said about understanding pain because nobody can measure a another persons pain.
    In that respect you are right,we cannot 'share' our pain,but jon started this thread because she felt strongly enough about the subject that she wanted to share her thoughts.

    I don't think anyone is being irresponsible,or encouraging anyone to take any one type of pain medication over another.Every individual is responsible for themselves,and a person cannot be held responsible for voicing their personal opinions about a medication that works for them.

    Not to anyone in particular,but I've read about this 'fog' before,and...
    I don't understand why a medication should have a person walking around 'in a fog'.Maybe when you are first prescribed the meds before you have adjusted to it,but if after a week or two you still feel that way maybe the meds are too strong or not the right kind for you?
    I've been on the same dosage for 9 mos and next month the Dr is raising my dosage from 7.5 to 10mg.He has been offering to do this for months now,but I have wanted to maintain as long as possible,knowing that I'll be taking meds for years-maybe a lifetime,I want to wait as long as possible.

    Pain and suffering is an individual experience.Sharing helps us to not feel so alone in it all.
  • This is a subject that will be forever debated. One that I don't think would be such a big deal were it not for the Media demonizing it. That really torques me off, but what's done is done.

    Do opioids have a place in pain management ... absolutely.

    Are they monsterous drugs ... no more monsterous than any other drug used to treat a condition.

    Are they abusable ... sure, so is alcohol

    I had to use opioids for several years. Unfortunately I have a body that metabolizes them quickly so my tolerance grew quite rapidly. The worst part was their effectiveness dropped so fast at one point, I couldn't take enough to keep up. I couldn't even take enough to keep from going into withdrawl in between doses.

    I had to find an alternative fast!

    The neurosurgeon offered a seldom done surgery to remove the source where the pain is felt. I didn't think twice when I gave him my answer.

    My fear though was how agonizing it was going to be getting off the opioids. Here's where many people once again give into the Media hype. All drugs have withdrawl issues ... not just opioids. For example it's been 9 weeks since I started the titration and I'm still not off Baclofen!

    Anyway, I was told the best chance for me was Ultra Rapid Detox which is done under general anesthesia. It was scheduled to be done after my surgery.

    So months after the surgery and detox my pain levels start going up again. However now opioids are not an option. Opioid "like" drugs are not an option.

    So what the !#@$@ do I do!?!

    Fighting pain and knowing that there's no chance of using anything that works to fight it ... is enough to drive a person insane. Enough to drive some people to thoughts of "I can't live like this for another XX years".

    There's no surgery this time to fix the cause of the pain, and it's only going to continue to get worse.

    I was devastated ... lost ... wanting to just walk off into the setting sun.

    I was fortunate that the PM doc that did my detox offered to try an SCS. I am fortunate that it handles a large portion of my pain.

    Maybe someday they will figure out how to fix my neck.

    Maybe someday they will come up with a different type of drug that will work for chronic pain. Of course if they do, someone will find a way to demonize that too.

    It's a vicious cycle that we are bound to repeat.

  • you say all opiates are not an option, i assume you have tried oxycontin. these are time release and keep the level of meds the same in your body. they come in 20, 40, 80 mg. i take 40mg 3 times a day plus fenatyl suckers for breakthrough pain. do you take anything for breakthrough pain? this is imparitive. if you have done all i have mentioned then good luck. try some of the nerve pills. there is also a time release morphine that i have used. very good except they gave me nightmares. how about a morphine pump or an electrical implant they use for chronic pain. you can also get nerves severed in surgery. this is what larry flint from hustler magazine had done after he was shot and it got rid of all of his pain. he did not have to use meds after that
    good luck and pain free life
    I have 4 fusions from L5-3, the latest last May '12 where they fixed my disc that broke.They went through my side this time. I take 40 mg of oxycontin 4x a day and 4 fenatyl lollipops 300 micro gms 4x a day.
  • Melissajo,

    I can't believe your husbands so called freinds would have the nerve to talk about you like that. What business is it of theirs?

    I was on the hydrocdone for almost 8 months and nobody gave me a hard time as a matter of fact it was the other way round, they couldn't believe the Doc too me off of them.

    My parents or at least my Mom knew I was taking them and said nothing. She could see the pain I was in. Now my Dad is a different story, I'm not sure if he knew or not but I think he did. He is horrified that I was taking valium though. I called him the other day to wish him a happy b-day and he went on and on about the valium and how he hopes I can kick it by myself but he has his doubts that I can and is afraid I will have to be put in the hospital. Gosh Dad, thanks for the vote of confidence. Like I'm not already stressed out enough. Give me a little encouragement before you have me locked up.

    The pain meds didn't put me in a fog at all but I wasn't taking very much and after a couple of months they barely touched the pain (hydrocodone 500/5 1-2 a day)and lasted an hour at the most. I never asked him to increase the dosage because I thought if he thought I should he would tell me.
    I really didn't like the idea of having to take more and more to achieve the same results either.

    I feel so badly for you but I also take my hat off to you for having the courage to fight this without pain meds. You are to be commended.

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