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Medical Marijuana!!!!

ToYoungforThisTToYoungforThis Posts: 150
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:22 AM in Pain Medications
In Colorado there is a medical marijuana registry. ITS NOT bout just smoking, but in forms of drops or butter or even cooking oil, even in tablets.

You get an actual license that makes you legal for the use of medical marijuana.

There are several store here to obtain Medical Marijuana, and products made from it, Baked goods, juices, teas, candy, even gum, hand creams and oils for pain.

Has anyone tried to be a legal patient or a caregiver???

Thoughts on useing legal marijuana to medicate over prescribed meds.
Uses for nasuea, muscle spama, chronic pain, loss of appetite, anxeity, the list goes on

I read on here that several several people on here take prescribed drugs for these condition. But just wondering on thoughts of using medical marijuana for the same conditions. Not to totaly replace prescribed meds but to help lower to usage of meds.

Don't know if this is out of line to ask about, but it took me a few days to think if my Dr. was out of line when he told me about it. I done alot of research on it, just would like opinions.

The 1st thing I thought of was that its illegal, but if you are a licensed patient it is TOTALY legal.

I am NOT making any statements just asking thoughts on the issue.

Its not for every one and you have to have a Dr. fillout forms and the state has to approve it for your conditions. It also has to be renewed every year by your Dr. and it comes on paper just like a birth certificated with the state seal in it.



  • you should talk about pain meds or marijuna in the pain med section....
  • My mistake for being Wrong thought that was where I posted it!
  • :) hi! i live in California where medical marijuana is legal. it is being used for everything from anxiety to pain. go to a registered doctor, pay $250.00 to get your prescription and head to the nearest shop. i have one down the block from me. clean and very pleasant place to be. it is not legal on a Federal level but i have yet to see a shop raided or shut down in my area. i use it and can sometimes cut out a dose of pain medication. it helps with my nausea and anxiety as well. what could be better than that? Jenny :)
  • I've been thinking about this a bit lately.. I'm in CA as well, and although I am one of those people who thinks alcohol/tobacco should be a little more regulated, I've got nothing against marijuana. I don't use it regularly at all, but there was a time late last year where I shared some brownies and was completely pain free for about 12-14 hours. I've wondered ever since..

    ToYoungforThis I wish my Dr. would bring it up; I'm worried I'll get a funny look, or at worse, the boot, if I start talking about such things. I would love to give it a try though.. Many people will be split on either side on this topic, but, that's ok. If it helps you live/walk/enjoy life, use it and love it.
  • I live in northern CA in a city with multiple medical marijuana "clubs" I believe they are called. I know of a few people with prescriptions who take it for everything from AIDs to chrones disease, and it gives them great relief. I do not consider it for myself because I fear that it would make me dysfunctional; having only smoked it recreationally in my more experimental days, I don't know what reaction I would have if I were to ingest it for pain. The reason I call out the concern over being dysfunctional is that the people I know of who do take it are on long term disability, and do not work. However, if my pain was bad enough, dysfunctionality would be out the window.

    Its a shame there is a stigma attached, even to a degree in my liberal city.
  • I to feel tabacco and alchol should be reglated more, but that is all man made with chemicals and who knows what else. Medical marijuana is all natural.

    I was schocked when the anathesises( spelling it wrong) Dr. called me the night before my surgery and I expresses how sick I get when I wake up and to make sure there was plenty of nauses meds for me after surgery he asked if I smoked and I told him medical marijuana. He actually had no problem with me smoking right before me surgery same as my sergeon. But I was a cigarette smoker also and that same my sergeon forced me to quit by giving me a blood test every 3 days to make sure I was not smoking. Cigaretts or surgery. As for Drinking I gave that up years ago. you can not have the problems I have and be a drinker. Its just not worth it.

    If your worried bout your treating Dr. not wanting help you there are several Dr.s that will fill out forms with your medical records. I find that these Dr. are looking out for the long term effects from several different chronic conditions.

    Remember your Dr. is responcible for the long term treatment and care.
  • Marijuana will cause alot more damage to your lungs ect,then cigarettes,and if you want i can back that up with facts.....and here is a link on what marijuana does to the lungs http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/01/080123104017.htm
  • Bigcat

    I'm sorry but I don't think you are getting the point of my posting

    Its NOT just about smoking, personaly I prefer the drops over smoking medical marijuana. Its about the benifets of THC in marijuana, its clear you are against it or non educated bout the topic.

    Since all you stated was its bad for your lungs what bout if you drink tea, or eat a muffin, or use butter in cooking, or use the drops. Im being serious about the benifets.

    I have had 8 surgeries in 2 years with alot more to come. My problem is so chronic that I AM willing to research on alternative meds.

    Were all here for other peoples opinions its appericated.

  • Too many people use this as a crutch to an addiction, or as a way to supplament a long term chonic drug habit,you know substituting one habit for another?
    Befor ya get all choked up and sputtering,
    I believe you have a right to live as you see fit, only so long as you dont infringe upon my rights to see things MY way.
    there is an arrogant attiude in the druggie crowd that is intolerant of any diverging views...nuff said
    I think it would be a Godsend to cancer patients,Aids patients etc...
    Ive just seen from personal experience that a person will jump on any bandwagon to support a habit...


    ive a dear friend of 40 years whom ive seen degenerate into a druggie,using the very real pain of his infirmity to find ways to add to his addictive personality..
    I am sad to see a perfectly good person go down the tubes.
    This adds to the perception that chronic pain sufferers are drug seeking, and have no measure of self control,and this leads to stereotypes.
    My goal here is to say that someone is always watching someones actions,and that some actions lead to suffering to others.
    Ive had a PM doc cold turkey me,coz i was asking to see him and trying to get something for the breakthrough pain,while my friend tested dirty 3 times and is merrily written a prescription for whatever he's asked for...
    the same person has sold his prescription pain killers to others who have no need.
    this same person will neck any drug in reach.

    I have tried to live as ful and usefull life to humanity as i could,and got treated like a stinkey FECE'S because i asked for help.
    That is the end result of people misusing their habits to the detriment of other honest people.
    Thats my rant and my thoughts alone.
    No offence to To Young for this,or any others who have posted here!
  • Your opinion is appericated that is why I posted this. Is to get thought of others on this subject.

    Missuse is a big issue everywhere. And addiction is a problem that all pain patients has to descide if they are additcs or benifet from the meds.

    I'm sorry your dear friend has let pain let him be a druggie, but I do have all intentions to beating the cycle. I had a family friend look at my meds and said the gov't is turning you into a druggie He is a Dr.. I cut my meds down to 40 mg a day from 200mgs a day. it was gov't regulated meds that gave me an an opitoized in my brainstem, so hope you understand why I am seeking alternative treatment.

  • Its not that i am non educated about the topic,I am against marijuana,what if you had to sign a pain contract it clearly says you cant drink alcohol or use marijuana,please dont insult my intelligence simply because i disagree with you.
  • No way am I insulting your inteligence at all, saying you are against it or non educated about the issue is in NO way insulting you.

    Once again that is why I posted this subject is to get others opinion. I do appericate your objections even if its not what I or others what to hear.

    There has to be more education about medical marijuana cause there are alot of benifets from the different stands of TCH.

    what if you had aTHC pill that woked like a valium or a muscle relaxer, or even as a anti nauses med. Or even if it was in drop form, It relieved the symptoms the same as gov't regulated drugs but it was medical marijuana. Don't think alot of people would know the opinions on that.

    That is the reason I posted this subject is to get others opinion. Your is appericated just as anyone else that replies.

    No way am I saying My posting or thoughts are right they are just opinions.

    We are all in search of the same thing to be able to deal with our conditions better.
  • this isn't something that is done all the time or to party! <:P if i was to have a surgery i would discuss this with my surgeon but this is being used when all else fails!!!! after almost 38 years of pain i have some idea on how to manage medication. please relax a little bit!! :/ Jenny :)
  • I just stated my opinion,but since you only want to hear your side of the issue i will stay out of this thread....
  • I have often found marijuana's biggest crittics could actually benefit from it the most:)
  • I'm for anything that will help with pain and keep horrible side effects away. Do people really think that because a drug is FDA approved that it is OK to take it???? Does anyone read the fine print on your FDA drugs?? Pain pills are more abused than marijuana will ever be.....why do you think it is so difficult to get a good pm doctor???? Same thing with shrinks....my daughter has been going to a shrink now for 5 years for OCD/anxiety and they never talk to her they just write out prescriptions for xanax...1mg 3x day....she will be the first to tell you that there is no way she can function and take that kind of medication. I would much rather see her "smoke" when her anxiety is high than to pop 3 xanax a day. And no I do not smoke.....but if it came to smoking or taking some of the high powered drugs on the market today I would choose to smoke.

  • MPP= marijuana policy project

    Booze Kills, Marijuana Doesn’t — But Maybe the War on Marijuana Does
    by Bruce Mirken

    Today’s Associated Press story on a group of college presidents proposing reconsideration of the legal drinking age is accompanied in some outlets by a fascinating graph, reproduced here. Two things are striking:

    1) The number of alcohol poisoning deaths in the U.S. each year is shockingly high, consistently between 300 and 400. The number of annual deaths from marijuana poisoning remains — as always — zero.

    2) The number of alcohol poisoning deaths spiked just as the U.S. government started going all-out to demonize marijuana, deploying hundreds of millions of dollars worth of anti-marijuana ads on TV, radio, and in print.

    One can’t help but wonder if this is really just coincidence. The recent low point came in 2000, with 327 alcohol poisoning deaths overall, and 16 among college-age Americans. In 2001, the Bush administration came into office, with anti-marijuana zealot John Walters taking over as drug czar late in the year. Shortly thereafter, Walters began his anti-marijuana crusade, and in 2002 alcohol poisoning deaths spiked to 383 — a level they’ve roughly maintained ever since. Booze deaths among college-age young people also ratcheted upward, and in 2005 set a recent record of 35 in one year.

    No one wants to encourage kids either to drink or smoke marijuana. But if you keep bombarding young people with propaganda about the dangers of marijuana while saying virtually nothing about the possibility that booze can literally kill you — precisely what our government has done — well, that just might be “sending a message to young people,” as the federal bureaucrats say. And that message could be deadly.

  • This thread has been reported,because you only want to tell your view,i mightest well live in Russia....
  • :) bogcat90, what is up with you? :O this has gotten to be the problem with the last forum is that ideas and opinions were reported. i thought we had all grown past that! atleast you had the guts to say you reported it. i don't know what good that will do except to make yourelf feel better. expressing ideas is the basis of the good old USA. you may hope to shut down the thread but the opinions and ideas will still stand! Jenny :)
  • Bigcat,

    Actually, the rest of us should be living in Russia if this thread gets shut down because you don't like it.

    No one said you can't state your case but you are trying to censor everyone else.

  • I am not trying to shut down,i am saying marijuana is not a good pain medicine this is america and i have a right to say what i feel,marijuana is not good for the body...
  • Sorry BIGCAT but you do need to be called out on what you are saying and your actions.

    I posted this and asked for opinions and every reply I stated that your opinions and objections are appericated. Don't matter if its what some of us wanna hear.

    You are so out of line reporting this thread, you are against it and say its bad for your body ok ITS your opinion. But are also crazy if you think Gov't regulated meds have no long term effects or are GOOD for your body.

    ooooooohhhh mmmmmmmyyyyyyy
  • Well I have had legal Medical marijuana and it almost always works for my chonic nausea, usually helped muscle spasms, often helps my pain level and definitely gets me a better nights sleep.

    It is also not physically addictive like my other medications and is easy to stop taking if I choose to do so.

    One of the largest nurses associations has endorsed it for nausea.

  • Because i disagree you think you are right,that is fine,you can have your one sided thread....
  • Not true why does this make you so offended

    Ranchhand and aimless did not agree but not argument there and others to disagree.

  • Very interesting thread. I like controversey. I'll admit that I am uneducated on the uses of marijuana. We all know that smoking (anything for that matter) is dangerous for your health. I see you have stated that there are other ways of injesting marijuana. Obviously, it is illegal in our country. So, that being said, I would not partake in the drug even if my doc recommended it. However, if it was FDA approved, had fewer risks associated with it than any other medication and enabled me to live a pain free or nausea free life, I would consider it. I can't imagine that anyone would not choose a safer alternative treatment if it was available. There are serious dangers with medications and surgeries, however; we all have to make a decicision on what we choose to do to our bodies with recommendations from those we trust (doctors who have been educated in the field). I try to do as much research as possible with decisions regarding my health. I personally have watched people suffer horrible nausea from cancer treatments. These cancer treatments in the long run were not successfull. If there was any treatment out there that could have helped my loved ones live out a more comfortable life I would hope that they would have been given that opportunity. Also, I can't help but wonder if marijuana is so easily made that it would not be financially beneficial for the drug manufacturers to do research on. Just my thoughts. Again, I have not done any research on the matter.
  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 9,715
    This topic was surfaced in the old forum and had basically the same type of reaction. There are some Pros/Cons/Up betweens. In fact a couple of days ago, I received a warning that this would heat up.
    But you can bet that this topic along with a few other 'key' subject will always get a lot of attention.

    No, this forum is not about to be closed down. So far, nothing has stepped over the line. If it does, thats a different story.

    Everyone has a right to voice their opinion on this subject as well as just about any other subject. What causes some of the problems is when accusations are made or people are being called out for something they did or didnt do.
    Keeping to the topic and not gearing it towards an individual is foremost

    Some people will say if you dont like the water, they dont go in it!

    Sometimes that is very true, but there are also times when certain subjects reach a personal level for whatever reasons. It is not our position to pass judgment on anyone.

    So bottom line, this subject matter is fine, just keep it in perspective of what the original topic was started for.
    Ron DiLauro Spine-Health System Administrator
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences
    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com
  • BigCat - I read your post with interest. I also went to the site you recommended. Yes, smoking marijuana is not only illegal in this country but smoking it is also very bad for your lungs. Correct? I will not argue that. What if it was legal and a portion of the plant (like oil) was made in pill form and helped pain/nausea with fewer side effects than any current medications being used. Are you against it no matter what? Just curious. Lot of cures have been discovered in odd places. Like snake venom. I would not want to go out and get bit my a snake. But, apparently used properly, there are medicinal uses for it.
  • There has never been an overdose, there has never been a death, the ONLY harmful aspect asscociated with cannabis are the USA archaic , failed drug laws! When a person goes to jail for possession , they are indeed exposed to dangerous violent criminals and are subject to rape, being stabbed or death. That said, there are currently 12 states that have LEGALIZED MEDICAL cannabis. And more are on they way! A bill was currenlty introduced to congress and yes by a congressman to legalize or at least re-schedule the herb. By far the worst side effects come from narcotics such as morphine, oxies, vicodin, these CAN be harmful if used incorrectly as most of you already know. But what most of you MAY NOT know is the 18 million americans who have tried cannabis , how could all these ppl be wrong? There are 34 arrest a second in the usa for cannabis. We spend Anually 40-60 billion $ to keep this harmless herb illegal. The laws are the true industry, make it legal no more PRISON industry for non-violent offenses! I have noticed some "unedcuated" comments on this forum about how harmful it is, this not a fact and cannot be backed up by what you only read from government propaganda. There is no doubt that cannabis DOES NOT HAVE TO BE SMOKED, it can be 1. vaporized 2. eaten. 3. tincture
    Smokng cannabis does indeed have a certain administerd quality about it though. IT gets into the blood quicker.As it being as harmful as tobacco? HELL NO! One would have to smoke 20 joints a day to equal : 25 cigarettes of which the filter, tobacco and paper harbors unwanted chemicals of which the smoker also gets dependant on. cannabis is natural, no harmful chemicals or pesticides when organic.

    Colorado's residents have voted that chronically ill patients , such as myself, i take morhpine and oxies to get through my day, can take medical cannabis with a doctors consent. True there IS a clause in a contract, mine was clause number 12, the last one, that says they can do random drug tesing , inlcuding cannabis, but my doc chose to tell me to ingore that and to partake in medical cannabis and he will NEVER close my contract or test me for cannabis, in fact he recommended i go to another doc in DENVER get my "official" recommendation , which cost 180$ then another 110$ for the card.

    The AMERICAN PHYSICIANS ASSOCIATION has just recently recognized the medical aspect of cannabis. So some of you agree that politicans should pave the way as to what we should put into our bodies, I blatantly disagree!

    As for a medical marijuana patient being TOTALLY LEGAL, this is incorrect, it is still illegal on the FED side and they can still bust you for possesion or growing , even if you have a card! Having a card just means a doctor took the chance to recommend to you medical cannabis and therefore should be used accordingly, i.e. not in public, only in your home, and never tell anyone that you are a registered medical marijuana user. you can obtain medicine from a caregiver legally though, drive home with it and medicate.n not to mention plants. The laws are still unclear and are being hashed out in the congress now, but one thing that is CLEAR, cannabis is the safest, most useful substance ever to put on this earth or universe for that matter. If most americans have tried marijuana , (how many ppl in the world?) It's like saying all hindus are wrong and there are 4 billion. then I say not all those people are considered criminals. But when a persone can take 10 pills a day, drive to the liqour store buy any amount of alcohol, then get a case of cigarettes , there IS something wrong with that picture! Alcohol causes deaths and violence, cannabis does NOT, never will , and no one here can prove that!Just watch an episode of cops!

    Point is: cannabis IS a true , safe alternative, and more and more people are coming out and becoming "educated" on this issue and ingoring lies from the government.
  • :) =)) i am going to go take a medically approved piece of brownie and end my nausea. i think i probably am the oldest one here and enjoy a spirited discussion. can't type or even think clearly for much longer. the brownie is almost gone and so am i. =)) Jenny :)
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