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Social Security is a JOKE

ToYoungforThisTToYoungforThis Posts: 150
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:23 AM in Matters of the Heart
Like I haven't been threw enough. Still almost 3 years later I'm still fighting with SSI/SSD. I have letters from Dr. stating that I shouldn't work still needing more surgeries and lots of continued care.

BUT SSD thinks I'm ok or atleast don't give a EDITED. My case came up for review and still no answer just that it was sent back to the orignal Judge cause he missed something. What the **** is that suppose to mean.

While they are taking their sweet time I have lost EVERYTHING. I had a good job in auto finance and was always financially stable. well not being able to work and go threw surgeries and pain I have lost it all. My home, my income my freedome from pain. Not to mention how bad this is hurting my kids. Oh yeah did I mention that I went threw divorce also so it just me and my kids.

I guess I don't understand how it could be so hard for me go get SSD when I have so so much medical documents and found out my medical bills have totalled almost 1.3 MILLION DOLLARS in 3 years. LOL how am I suppose to survive or even try to work when I can't even take care of my daily needs. LOL Social Security is a joke. BUT when they took out money for SSI they didn't wait years to take their money, what is going on.

just so stressed and depressed whats next!


  • By the way I have tried to work a few different times, 1 time I spent 3 days in hospital, another time I had surgery 10 days later. I even have letters from dealerships that if I could do the job duties that I would be employeed there. Nothing sucks more than knowing there are job oppertunites for me, but my great medical conditions keep me from doing the simplest things.

  • After 2 years and 3 appeals I finally hired an attorney and got an appointment with an Administrative Law Judge. I have Multiple Sclerosis as well as the ruptured disc. When I saw the judge I had to answer a few questions but he had already decided before I came in that my benefits would be awarded, he just needed clarification of a date that I began my MS medication. My attorney got 25% of my money but I believe that it helped to have one. Don't give up!!
  • I just can't give up my spine is shot and I'm only 30, they are just so messed up on their system. Their reason for my 1st denial was my sergeon died and they didn't get the info they needed from him. lol get real another Dr. was more than willing to fill out papers after reading my med file.

    Now they are not saying no but the judge missed something in my file now its back at orignial judge, hopefully its soon. . thanks for the suppport. I would be more than fine if I could just get my benifets then I could just consentrate on getting to a stopping point in surgeries that is to just be left alone for a few.

    Going on 8 surgeries in 2 1/2 yrs is just flat out crazy.
  • :) don't give up. remember that your SSD is retroactive. they do make you go through the wringer!! once you get it you have it!!! good luck and keep pushing ahead!! Jenny :)
  • Here in England we have an appeals procedure and I also lost my job at the age of 33 with three young children. Here they use a points system and you may be able to clarify your status and view the content of the report that specifically relates to your case. Here we have initial access to free legal service and the provision of these benefits have a specific time scale that they are mandated to work under.

    I know your system is different and try to get some advice of what to do next, I fully understand the frustration when you are trying your very best and it’s not going well.

    Keep strong for those children, the walking thing made me smile.

    Take care and be kind to yourself and keep us updated on your progress.


  • thank you guys so much for you support and responces. I just want to be able to provide for my family and heal and it so depressin watching how things jus go down hill with out be able to control.

    but I will keep smiling for the kids and keep fighting to make it day by day.

    once again thank you!
  • It may be that there is a question as to the date your disability actually began. Maybe (just maybe) the judge did not go back far enough? Hey, it could happen!

    And, yes - your benefits are retro active and will begin the date your disability began.

    Also, your children are eligible as well (not SSI benefits, but the social security disability for sure). Those who are 18 and under (19 if in college or still in school) or who were 18 and under at the time you became disabled.

    When you get your approval letter contact the social security office where you applied and start a claim for them. Have their dates of birth, social security numbers and complete names available when you do.

    How much would/could they receive? That depends. Each year you should receive from social security (SSA) a "Earnings Statement" that tells you how much you have paid in to the system. If you've never received one, you can contact SSA (800-772-1213 or go to ssa.gov) and request one. There shoudl be an amount for if you were to become disabled - that's what YOU will receive. There is also a Family Benefit Amount.

    Good luck! Like John said "Never give up; Never give in!"

  • Well here is an update

    I finally found out why my case was sent back to the orignal judge. They said the appeals office agreed with my appeal and since I filed a new claim they are having the same judge revew the cases together and give the new decision.

    I took my daughter down to the office with me when I demanded to get some info since everytime I callled no one knew anything. But I was so mad at them I told the lady took look at my dughter and told her she is 3years old my case started when she was 4 months old. She looked at my file at said she would have the judge look at it very soon,

    So I will keep waiting and hopefully soon.

  • I hope you get it sorted soon. The system is hard no matter where you are, I think there are too many ppl playing it and then it makes it real hard for genuine folk like us.

    I have a mate who tried to claim (failed) but has never even had a single ESI. How silly is that?

    Keep going, it'll turn out right in the end. >:D<

    p.s Have you got yourself a file and copies of the reports etc? I have, in cronological order in case I need to appeal / prove anything at any given time. This back thing is a long old do and you'll soon forget times. ;)
  • :) Yipee! <:P perhaps this is just the break you needed to speed things up. i have my fingers crossed for you and hope you get your decision any day now. :W Jenny :)
  • Did you start a new claim,or appeal the first one.I sure hope that you did'nt give up 3 years of retroactive pay starting a new claim..but maybe I'm misunderstanding.

    Do you have an attorney-because you can get a free one from legal services if you qualify.The first time I went before the judge w/o a lawyer because I really did'nt think I needed one,and she was decent enough to talk to me about it.She told me that she was'nt really allowed by law to tell me anything because that was considered giving me legal advice,and she could not handle my case when it came back before a judge again...but I'm glad she told me because I followed her advice and won the appeal.

    Your case sounds like a shoe-in to me,but the sad thing is that it seems like some of the worst cases are getting caught up in red tape.Good luck and don't give up...that's what they expect.
  • I have not been able to work for over 2 years, i tried to go back and lasted 2-in a half days, i was a very dedicated worker and always said i can work in pain but give me a belly ache and im outa here. but it wasn't long and the symptoms and pain just got to bad. i would take the belly ache any day know, I loved my job -I miss my job-I was good at my job-It is sad for me I was the one who took care of people who are just like I am now, never knowing back all them years ago i would be were they where.some day. I learned alot from my experiences with my work and now i am living what i saw all those years, i loved each and everyone of my people i cared for and remember praying if i could only take some of there pain,symptoms away so they could just be a little happy maybe even smile once in a while, well guess my prayers came true..
    im so sorry friends this is not why i wanted to post,here i just getting emotional and i will leave this for my own post

    my family has been after me for over a year to get started on this SSD stuff and i just didn't wanna go there cause for me it was just another step backwards and i was tired of not moving forward. i made a nice amt of money so its not that my income didnt make a diff. cause it did and does but i have a hubby, many dont my kids are grown, and any extra money i spend on my grandkids but the only income is my hubby's i realize now this is not fair to him he has to work extra when ever he can and together we thank GOD for having overtime available for him and thank GOD for giving him the strength to be able to work the hours he does. but we are still happy still have are home and are hangin in there by the grace.... i sometimes wonder how have we done this for 2 years the house payment has just gone up and up every year, but we have I myself thank Jesus every day cause I no that I no that I just no if not for him this would all be impossible
    Im just telling what i believe not being pushy im not like that just telling my SSD story so to speak
    I know the longer i wait the less i will get for i have not worked for awhile and i also know it is gonna be stressfull on me and that can put me overboard. but sometimes the hardest things in life are the things we get the most out of so after i see my doc on the 30th im gonna get this ball rolling it might take along time to get this ball up the hill but once it gets on the top im pushing it down with all my might. to young for this .. your ball is almost at the top so look out when it starts rolling down the hill.

    what is a pain in the butt for you know -will one day soon
    .maybe save your butt.

    I know you have little ones- I have little grandkids

    I always say them two kids are grandmas batteries
    and the good thing is they always stay charged.

    this has been a special saying that came to my head about one year ago, im not sure if you understand but i hope you do because my grand babies need me im their grandma.
    one more then i will quit, my daughter told me about 1 month ago (now she knows things are tough for me at times and good old mom is not what she used to be, she worries way to much about me and she has her own two kids that's enough worrying she needs.)she comes over and I was not having one of my best days, she is in tears-she says mom im pregnant-what am i gonna do i have two kids that keep me so busy i cant even shower everyday- at that moment i dont know why but i cant get a word out of my mouth for nothing its like my voice was gone i just hug her and she says "OH MOM YOU HAVE GOT TO GET BETTER-I AM GONNA NEED YOUR HELP" well my lost voice came back and alot was said-and at that moment things changed. because before she came over with the now wonderful news i was just hanging on by a string i was really thinking about giving up on trying to get better i was ready to give up. well this new little life my soon to be grand baby has given me the strength the power the want to go on and on and my daughter saying she needs me to get better cause shes gonna need me! I really know the day this happened was just in time. ....thanx for taking the time to read something i just started typing and from my heart and feeling from beg to end. hug patsy
  • how bad does your back has to be for you to be considered disabled by Social Security guidelines. How do they go about determining this, aside from your medical records?
    I got SSDI years ago before I had back problems. I was considered young by my attorney. I had a library of medical documentation. No one knew by the time I was awarded, why I was sick. It wasn't til a year later that it turned out to be an lupus-like disorder (undifferentiated tissue disease).
    It attacked my the lining of my lungs and it was constantly inflamed. I had Prinzmetal's angina, along with arrythmias and two valves were affected.
    I haven't worked in so long, and it's a good thing that I don't have to worry about applying for disability, because now my back is screwed, and I am trying to recover from a TLIF/laminectomy #:S
  • My daughter was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis about 3 years ago I think. She, her husband and our two grandsons live with us right now.

    It took her 2 yrs I think to finally get SSDI, permanent disability. She had to have an attorney or it would have taken much longer. I watched as she went thru the process and it is a nightmare process. She now gets checks for our two grandsons too.

    I just wonder what happens if I ever have to go thru that same process. I am 56 yrs old, type 2 diabetic and facing cervical spinal surgery shortly. My cervical spine has stenosis on all levels with discs bulging c3 thru c7. These problems look like they are correctable.

    I think about possible complications as a result of surgeries. I think about possibilities that will require applying for SSDI and I just hope it don't happen. LOL.

    Ken GreyEagle
  • I just reel everytime I hear of someone taking YEARS to get Social Security Disability!! I don't get it!!!

    (Please don't take this as a nanny nanny boo boo... it's just what my experience was).

    I filed one time. I had 3 surgeons, my primary doctor, and my psychiatrist who were involved in the process. I had my benefits started within 3 months of filing!! So, WTF is going on that they are giving so many people so much hassle when I KNOW I am not the only one out there with the problems that we all have, to one extent or another??? I DO know that my diagnosis of Arachnoiditis is one on the SS list of automatic benefits as it is a irreversable and constantly progressing process (continual growth of new adhesions in/on my spine due to multiple lumbar punctures, multiple myelograms, ESI's and multiple major surgeries at the same level). I mean, I guess this could be why it was so quick.... and I was 32 when I went on disability which, to me, is still very young.

    My wish for ALL of the folks out there fighting for a decent quality of life and who are simply unable to live and work as they did pre-spiney, is that the process becomes speedy and reaches positive resolve. I mean jeezus, don't those SS docs and judges understand what we are dealing with every freakin day?????

    My heart and positive thoughts and vibes are being sent out to ALL of you struggling for what is very much there for you but they are making it like climbing K2 to get it. DON'T give up. Remember the squeaky wheel...... God bless all of you in your daily fight to get what is rightfully yours.

    Hugs and my most sincere support to all,


    A "lucky" spiney. (kind of an oxymoron to me... lol)
  • Received SSD on my 1st attempt in 2000 in NY. In 2005 (in FL), was told by SSA that I was no longer am eligible--how they got that one is beyond me--been seeing pain managements & ortho's since 2000 after failed C4-5-6-7, been asking to see SSA doctor, but getting no where. They just sent me a letter telling me to appeal. Did that, denied. Appealed to ALS, he agreed and gave me SS. Four months later, received a letter from SSA stating they were overturning the ALS' decision because I helped my brother out with working at his new business for 1 week from home! Now, am appealing for another ALS hearing. Cannot afford an attorney, but heard there are some that do not accept paymen--anyone know where I can find info?
    BUT, here's the kicker! Received a letter this week saying I owe SSA $28,347 for the amount they paid me!! Of course, they want the money immediately, or they will garnish my wages--WHAT WAGES??!! I am on so many narcotics, I can't see straight, have had 30 facet injections, 20 trigger points--yet, I am not disabled?!! Something just is not right here. I have to laugh because if I don't, I'll cry! Thanks for letting me unload. This is the best site I have found. Everyone is great!! Say a prayer for me, please, because I am sure they will be taking my food stamps away next...or the house!! ~X(
  • Every disability claim is different. So, what works for one, may not necessarily work for the other.

    That being said, this is what I understand your situation to be:

    1 - you were drawing disability benefits from 2000 to 2005, right (I am guessing the date your claim went into effect was 1998?)?

    2 - Your claim came up for review (claims are reviewed after 7 or 11 years, depending on why you were awarded benefits) and they decided you are now well enough to work.

    3 - You did some work for your brother for one week, so SSA feels that was pretty significant work, and now they want their $$ back.
    Could I ask you a couple questions?

    A) What made you eligible for disability benefits (was it a specific physical or mental impairment)?
    B) Has the impairment (the one for which you were awarded disability) gotten any better? Try and separate that from any other problems that may prevent you from working now (because that is how SSA looks at it). I mean, did you have a specific operation, or certain treatment that logically would make this impairment get better? For instance, maybe you had a broken leg from an accident. You had an operation, there were some plates, pins and/or rods involved; you had to use a wheelchair or a cane for ambulating purposes. After a year or so, you had to have the hardware removed. Now, you still experiencing some pain and limitation, but you can walk on your own without assistance. THAT would be considered significant improvement. And anyone would have to agree with that. What has to be decided now is that your overall condition RIGHT NOW does not allow you to work and earn a good living. I could go on in detail, but I won't bore everyone with that. Besides, I may have the wrong example and would do much better knowing the whole story.
    C) Your brother must have paid you pretty well for SSA to want their money back (and I am guessing that he did not pay you all that much; at least not for a week's worth of work!).

    I worked for the disability office for 11 years. If you send me a PM I will be happy to look at it and give you some direction.

    The type of claim you have (CDR - Continuing Disability Review) is not the type of claim an attorney likes to work - because they get paid through any retro benefits (or back pay) you may receive and basically, on a CDR claim there are no retro benefits - so you may have difficulty finding an attorney.

    Please PM me and answer questions 1,2,and 3, then A, B, and C. If you want, that is....


  • A little update..... I am still waiting for my benefits but I will have them by April. Guess I'm gettitng 3yrs of back pay and my kids will have a little money also....but that does not make up for all the hardship I have suffered along the way.. Thank you all for listening to me in this subject and appreciate the support hopefully this is the end of the raod with my battle for SSD................
  • About damn time they got it right <:P I know what a great relief it is for you. Will you have Medicare right away, or do you have to wait 2 years for it to kick in? I'm so glad I didn't have to wait for Medicare coverage. No private insurance would touch me then and certainly not now. Again, I'm really happy this came through for you =D>
  • I have no idea how the Social Security system works. Every time I think I have it figured out I find out I'm wrong yet again. That's why I am hanging on to my job for dear life. I couldn't be without a job at all for up to 3 years. I'd be living in a cardboard box under a bridge by then. I'm just really glad that you can now adequately care for your kids since that's the most important thing to you. I just cannot for the life of me figure out how people that I know are just lazy get approved on the first try and people that I've met that absolutely cannot work have to wait so long. This system sucks. Let's hope this year is a year of BIG change in our government and the way they treat the American workers.
  • Congrats! Shame on them for treating people the way they do. Do they really believe that we want to be on those benefits? You don't get rich, you barely survive. We apply for those as we have to not that we want to. They treat you bad during the entire process. Do they think we want all the pain & costs that go along with these medical treatmenst?? Maybe we should give them all our medical bills, maybe they would believe us then? I just applied last week, I guess I have alot to look forward to.

  • Your story touches my heart. Im so sorry you are going thru all of this. I too am fighting the SSD battle and have 2 young kids. I cant imagine how you do it by yourself. You should be so proud of yourself. God bless you and your beautiful children.
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