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buying meds online

dmoonchilddmoonchild Posts: 383
edited 06/11/2012 - 1:23 PM in Pain Medications
I am very curious about these on line pharmacies. I try to do alot of research on pain meds over the internet and everytime I come across all these on line pharms that claim you dont need a prescription to get the meds or they do an on line consult with a Dr. Is this for real? And if so, how can this be? It just seems crazy to me. I would never send $$ to a complete stanger for drugs.


  • Online meds are a danger,and yes people who buy onlines meds are taking a risk with not only being ripped off,but also to their health....here is a link..
  • Are some of them actually legit? I really am blown away by this :O
  • I wouldn't try it, but let me know what happens if you do. I would have to guess that meds without a script come with a catch.
  • Anytime you can order something without a prescription ... it should send up red flags.

  • gotta email from some one in Africa this morning wanting to put 16 million dollars in my bank account!
  • Dude, don't do it!! I get those every single day!! It's a scam!!
    (don't worry, I'm just kidding! I know you don't believe it's for real!!)
  • pharmacy that I have used is one in Canada and it was only because the meds are cheaper there. It was for my mom whose insurance would not cover her one med. But, we still had to have a script.
  • Here is a link to a story that was on the cbs news about the danger of buying meds online.. http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2008/07/09/eveningnews/main4246544.shtml
  • www.edited.com is a great USA based, prescriptions REQUIRED pharmacy with pretty cheap cheap prices. Their prices BEFORE my discounts ( i pay cash and use AAA for about 2/3 med discounts) were only a couple of dollars above what I was regularly paying. Other than that, like said above, no Rx web sites are never recommended, please don't trust your heath and life in the hands of someone who JUST wants to make a couple hundred dollars off of you. I'm just talking a wild guess but I would imagine most of those sites ignore things like ibuprofen, and only sell highly abused meds. Stay away!

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  • jj Posts: 150
    don't do it !!!


    you crazy guy, only ben......lol
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