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backpainishellbbackpainishell Posts: 970
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:23 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery

Has anyone had a orthopedic surgeon that has treated them badly? The surgeon that did my operation was ok with me , but then after the surgery he had me in tears. I was told to grow up and i was nothing but a big baby, by this point i was in tears. If there is anyone who has had this problem i would like to hear your story.

Angie x


  • Unfortunately I too have been badly treated by an O/S. The first one I had was very rude, told me i basically was putting it on. (I couldn't sit after laminectomy/discectomy because of the intense pain.) He called me a fat pig and I obvioulsy didn't care about getting better etc etc etc. :jawdrop: Just what you need to hear when you are so low, in pain and depressed anyway- thanks for the encouragement.
    Basically he stuffed up my surgery and was trying to cover up by blaming me.
    And he was supposed to be the top in his field!

    Mind you this is not particular to O/S, Rheumatologists are the worst. I think because they deal with people all day who are in so much pain that it becomes a form of self defense.

    I have also heard of Neuro surgeons from others on here that are just as rude.

    So dont take it personally- I know that is hard but really if they have to behave that way then I feel pretty sorry for them as they have to be really sad people.

    Now- Two of the nicest most understanding people I have ever met are my current ortho and his anesethist. I couldn't have found nicer, kinder Drs if I had tried. >:D<

    Blessings Sara O:)
  • you r exactly right on, sum times these doc.s become numb from hearing about problems whether it be pain or whatever they lose their compassion,and that makes them upset from the time they get up get in the office to see us, they should have to take a class on not losing your compassion, caring, kindness, concern, for their patients. because som docs do.i have 2 docs that i dearly love my family doc and my rhumi, the others i just take them as i have to cause thars the way it is. i have seen 4 neurologist in last 2 months they all diff oppinion diff, options, diff everything its weird i would think they would at least agree on more then 2 things after all there are about 100 things to agree,disagree on im not just a bag of potatos they can throw around im patsy the person, ....patsy
  • My NS was also top of his field-he did an awesome job on the surgery (which is what matters most)-but his bedside manners were terrible. He did not explain the surgery to me-I had to research it myself and when my surgery took 9 hours instead of 6-like he said, he did not even come out to explain to my family what was going on! When he DID come out-9 hours later, he acted like it was no big deal like he EXPECTED it to take that long! I got the OR report just so I would know what happened and he did WAAAY more than what he told me he was going to do-I guess that is what took so long. He also came into my hospital room and told me that I was going to keep throwing up if I kept taking narcotics-I told him that he needed to READ my chart-I did not take a single pain pill-I was sick from the anesthesia. In the end-I already have less pain than before my surgery-so I can overlook all the other stuff.
  • LOL, I agree.

    Mine O/S is also top of his field but I think with this comes the price of a ceratin arrogance (sp) but Ortho surgery is no fixed science, these chaps (ladies) need to be tough really to face what they do. Not that I am being gloomy, we all know the risks we take when we go for the surgery, Ortho doctors get the most complaints and litigation throwm at them. Makes me smile because yes they should explain more carefully to th epatient what to expect then perhaps the patients wouldn't complain but then again, My own surgeon goes from saying nothing to TOO Much detail and scares me to death. I have a very expressive face and I know he can see it.

    On the day of my surgery, I noticed he was slightly "manic" and laughed as I shakily signed mt paperwork. I thought thtis was strange but also wonder if this wierd mania was all about performance in surgery - you know under stress you perform better kinda thing. Weird.

    I do know that as Angleback says, 3 doctors, 3 opinions and most do not have a very good manner. They expect you to be mind readers and can be quite blunt and rude. Its a doctor thing...it must be part of the hippocatic oath!!! (joke)

    Seriously tho, they do need a certain wackiness, how else could they do what they do? There is alot to be said for the doctor god joke....lol.
  • I think they come in all breeds. I have been an RN in peds, ob, nicu, and floated to many other areas. I think the family practice mds, and pediatricians are often the most friendly. Surgeons, of all sorts, on the other hand, seem to be more quirky. I think maybe their 13+ years in school/residency begins to alter their personality!!??? Now my NS has always been very friendly, approachable, willing to answer all my questions, even encouraged me to write a list of them to bring to my appointments. But I have heard from others at my hospital he is a PIA, always demanding new equipment, supplies, etc from Administration.
    My hospital has several new technological gadgets thanks to his persistance, which are benefitting us patients (ex. O-ARM). I was told by our risk management RN, he is jerk, but an excellent surgeon. I'll take that :)
  • When I first met my O/S, he told me I needed surgery (discectomy, and in hindsight I really was too far along for anything else). So I burst into tears and yelled at him "Of course YOU think I need surgery, you're a SURGEON!" I thought his bedside manner sucked until right before going into OR, he came in to see me and he was all excited and I'm thinking that if that is the only time I am going to see him get enthusiastic, then really, I can live with it.

    I consider myself one of the fortunate ones, but I am probably also one of the people that wear them down. I make an effort now to "work with him" and not have meltdowns, he has certainly earned my respect.
  • hiya sara,

    the surgeon who did my operation also stuffed up and will not admit it. he is rude and arogant, talks over you and not to you , so you dont have a clue whats happening.
    Thankyou for your reply x

    Angie x
  • hiya,

    i totally know where you are coming from, i feel so sad for you that you have gone through all that. But on a happy note you come through. =D>

    Angie x
  • hiya,

    Dont you think that it could be a power thing? because some people you give them power and it goes to there head .

    Angie x
  • Hiya,

    Thats good that you can talk to him, i wish there were more like him .

    Angie x
  • hiya,

    I do think that these surgeons like to know that they did a good job. If they get someone who complains then they feel as if they have failed at there work. This is when they get angry with us .What do you think ?

    Angie x
  • I think there are good and bad...just like in any field. Some have great bed side manner while other suck!

    I have to say I am lucky..my doctor is patient and answers every single question I have with respect!

    If you are not happy..tell him! i have learned to speak up.

    I did find in the hospital the nurses could be wonderful on one shift and down right nasty on the other. I was crying in the recovery room... I was in pain, dying of thirst, and so hot i thought I would pass out! the nurse nastily stated: why are you crying, you don't have a fever and it is not hot in here...

    I made sure when the hospital called for a survey..that the care I received in recovery was mentioned...as well the wonderful care I received from others!
  • hiya,

    I am so glad that your doctor is approachable. My pain management doctor is that way he answers all my questions and is so patient. But the surgeon was not. so yes i think you are right that there is good and bad in every field .

    Angie x
  • My O/S is well respected, meticulous, and courteous. I trusted the person, and was sad to leave his service. I wished that I was one of the success stories. I was sent to PM and the doctor there was great; great listener, knew what to do, and treated me nice. My NS is nice, a bit younger, and I guess that's why I can talk easier, more relaxed. And the doctor is super smart without being a hot shot. He made things go smooth during my fusion, and made sure I was well taken care of.
  • I agree, just like any other profession, they want to hear positive feedback. However, I suspect they get alot of complaints, we all know how crabby we can be (I dunno, am I speaking for more than just me?) when we're in pain. They must recognize it as such, I am guessing that some internalize it and some do not. Just a guess.
  • Hiya,
    Thats a lovely story, its good to hear that there are some good doctors out there.

    Angie x
  • Of course they treat you like that, they are gods. My NS stood at the foot of my bed after I woke up paralyzed and was proudly taunting the success of the surgery. i asked if he considered sucess a patient who was breathing after an operation. My OS took off for a conference in San Diego 2 hrs after the operation. i fired both and I’d hate to see them crossing the street on a dark evening (a joke of course)
  • Hiya,
    Thankyou for your reply, i am so so sorry for the outcome of your operation. If you get chance come into spine health chat, they are nice people and all with simular stories.
    Hope to see you soon.

    Angie x
  • Are there people out there that feel like they somehow failed the expectations of their surgeons? Back surgery is quite different in that you're told ahead of time it may not take your pain away totally. But sometimes it sounds like you should be making leaps and bounds in recovery terms. I would like to know how I measure; I do know everyone is different and heal at their own rate. How do you know if you'll be the success story. Does success mean it comes with bearable discomfort you have to adjust and live with? Are there people out there that have no pain anymore?
  • Hiya,
    My surgery i was not told that it wouldnt take the back pain away, i had the operation in 2003, it wasnt until last year that it was explained all to me. This was when i did more research. The back pain and siatic pain is worse than ever.It is nice when you do hear success stories. yes you are right people do heal differently.Thankyou for your reply .

    Angie x
  • I as well was extremley put off by the OS that I saw. After looking at my MRI he walked in and told me that the pain was about 95% in my head. Then he went ahead and prescribed me Nerotin for the pain. When I asked him if the pain was in my head then why was he giving me pain meds? He didn't have a good answer for me and left the room. When I went to to see my NS he was an extremely nice guy and explained everything to me in lay terms. He asked if I had seen any other surgeons and I told him about the first one and he said that he had heard that about that paticular guy. So all I can say is that I am extremely glad I got the NS that I got.

  • My NS has to be one of the nicest people I have ever met. I have had 2 surguries from him , first one did not fuse and the second one I just had 2 weeks ago..... He has been so wonderful to me, He calls me at home to be sure I am okay and his NP are also wonderful.... I am a lucky woman to have him from what I am reading...
  • Hiya,
    thats awful about the trauma surgeon. I am glad that you found a good NS to explain things, thats all we ask for isnt it .

    Angie x
  • Hiya cydi,
    I am happy that you have a good surgeon at least thats a happy story, and to phone you at home thats just excellent bed side manner. you do look uncorfotable in that collar. >:D<

    :H Angie x

  • I guess I lucked out..my Pain management doctor is also the best! he sits and talks everything out with me. in fact when back surgery was recommended a few years ago for lumbar facet osteo-arthritis I asked his opinion. He felt I did not need surgery and has helped keep me pain free in regards to my lower back with radio-frequency ablation (rhyzotomy). but when surgery was suggested for my neck by a different orthopedist, I went to him for a consult. without my telling him surgery was recommended, he read my reports and said "when is the surgery?" I trust him, he recommended two surgeons for additional opinions. I chose one and am very happy with my choice.
  • bullwinkel,

    Intersting observation on the nursing staff. In my limited experience, the night shift nurses have been great and the day shift no so much.
  • hello. actually the night nurses were excellent. came the first time I rang the buzzer and were very patient. it usually took a couple rings for the day nurses to show up, but when they did they were very helpful and patient. Just the one nurse in recovery was horrendous! Even the aide who was finally moving me up to my room had the nerve to make me wait ( I was there 7 hours) while he collected numbers from the staff to play lotto!!
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