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turning into a ladybug

LadyBugLLadyBug Posts: 851
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:23 AM in Lighten and Brighten
hello-this is ladybug aka patsy i turned myself into a ladybug, how about that!
before my grandma passed away(she always loved ladybugs and said when i die i wanna come back and visit you as a ladybug..true story.. she told me this cause she knew i loved ladybugs too. well long story short(most know by now long story short is hard for me cause when im on a roll i dont stop)grandma comes and visits me quit often. sometimes its un believable how she does this but thats what heaven is all about the unbelievable. i could write a story (i promise i wont) not here anyways.. but... just one little story.. about one week after grandma had passed i was at the grave sight all by myself, just sat there and listened to clint black on my boombox (this was her favorite singer)i was sitting near her grave sight on the ground just thinking bout all kinds of things, while walking back to my car for it had just started to sprinkle(i think grandma was telling me its okay to cry.(we used to cry alot together)and a LADYBUG landed right on my arm... i got into my car set some of the flowers i had picked from her grave that still had a little life in them on my passenger seat. and im not kidding there was ladybugs flying everywhere in my car ... from that moment on i have never felt the way i do about people passing away.. my daddy passed away on thanksgiving day, daddy and grandma were more then just relatives they where bestest of friends, daddy loved butterflies... special ones... not everyday looking butterflies.. well let me tell you my daddy visits me and of course it is always one of thoose what daddy called special butterflies.. true story cross my heart! love patsy


  • That is just the most sweetest story I think I have ever read.

    Thanks for sharing!
  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 9,740
    Patsy, for now on our Ladybug!
    That was in deed a very heart warming story. I feel honored that you shared it with us here.
    Ron DiLauro Spine-Health System Administrator
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences
    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com
  • ladybug- what a nice story..Wishing you ladybugs and butterflies.. :) jade
  • thanx for all the nice words,
    i kinda wish i would of titled it different, but i just type type type and never look back. some times i just type my feelings before i have even thought of the feelings in my head
    see im doing it again,what makes since to me,dont mean squat to someone else,(funny me) this is a true story about grandma and daddy....patsy
  • thanks for the pix of the lady bugs! their cute....patsy
  • thanx for wishing me ladybugs and butterflies
    butterflies- well you know how daddy liked those special looking butterflies- my son who was very close to his grandpa (grandpa passed away having cancer and we all wore are yellow bands in honor of daddy and this awful cancer the ones you wear around your wrist- well the other day while my son stepped outside ,this beautiful butterfly landed on his wrist and rested there on the yellow band, it stayed there for quit some time, my son took his phone camera out and took two pictures of his grandpa the butterfly resting on his wrist, i have these pictures on my computer and when i figure out how to work this puter picture stuff im gonna put the picture on here i have another story where we were able to take a picture of this butterfly and different story to go with it , ill tell at a different time, i feel so lucky and blessed with my
    ladybugs and butterflies i wish everyone could experience what i do like this it is so wonderful, and peaceful .....ps
    my son to this day has never taken-off his yellow wrist-band thank-you for reading my sometimes long stories, but i love telling them ,,, patsy
  • nice stories ladybug. =D> jade
  • image

    This is a picture to the post above I said I would try to print.
  • Please don't ever lose that specail innocence-you have about you a child at heart aura that I find fresh and real.I enjoy your stories more than you could know.

  • thank-you! i was happy when i finally figured out how to get this picture on here (secret.. my son helped me) this is my son after he stepped out side the back garage door a couple of months ago. it is one of my favorite pictures, can you imagine your favorite pix being a butterfly, hand, and a yellow band. hugs Patsy
  • I can.Because they have a specail meaning to you. O:)
  • and, I think that is a Monarch Butterfly? (it's been a long time since high-scool science)
  • Beautiful stories, beautiful picture, beautiful memories, beautiful message................Just beautiful.
  • They say that Angels have wings, they just never mentioned what kind............................
  • just a quick thankyou for the nice things words! Patsy
  • I realize that this doesn't have the most inspirational title but there is inspiration to be found in this story. Some year ago, when I was only 20 years old, I went through an attempted kidnapping. This was already a difficult time in my life, I had just lost my father very suddenly to a heart attck, he was only 47. I felt very vulnerable with him no longer among us. Once my mother was able to cope without me I moved to Palm Springs, Ca. to begin my life. I was working for a bank and had a darling little apartment. I went to the grocery store one night because we were having a potluck at work the next day and I was going to cook a dish.
    After I had finished my shopping I headed for my pick up in the parking lot. I was parked near the store and never imagined that I wasn't safe. I can still remember everything so clearly, like it was yesterday. I had opened the door and had just bent over to put the bag down on the passenger seat when I had the worst feeling. I "knew" someone was behind me! With dread I straightened up and turned around and sure enough a man grabbed me by both of my arms. The first thing that I noticed was a very shiny long knife with the lights glinting off of it. Then I looked at him, to this day I can still remember exactly what he looks like.
    He told me to get into the truck. I told him to take my truck, take my purse and that it had a lot of cash in it and he could even have my jewelry. He said he didn't what it and to get in. I knew at that moment with every instinct that I had that he was going to kill me. So I decided that if he was, he was going to have to do it there, where maybe help could get to me soon enough. "I'm leaving some of the details out because it would take too long." He had told me not to scream or he would kill me. I began to nervously ramble on telling him "OK, just give me second because I'm really nervous." I was stalling!
    It must have taken only a few minutes but it seemed forever to me. As I continued to stall, an older man and his wife pulled up and asked "Is there anything wrong?". We looked like two normal people standing there and nothing to notice. But this man had a "feeling" that I was in trouble. I started screaming my head off and my "kidnapper" tried to slash my throat but the knife cut my fingers instead and then he took off running. The older man drove after him. He didn't catch him, but he was caught later that night and was arrested after I ID'd him.
    I later found out from my boyfriend (who was an attorney) and from the DA that this man had planned on raping and killing me. He had duct tape in his pocket and something else that they refused to tell me, afraid that it would add to my trauma. This man had been in court over 11 times and had always had the charges dismissed due to a technicality. I was his first conviction. He went to prison for 4 years.
    The light at the end of this story? The elder gentleman that knew something was wrong. His gut instinct. Maybe even a little help from above? I have always thought of this man as an Angel, my Angel. If it weren't for him being there at that exact moment, I wouldn't be here now. I never got to thank this very special man that touched my life when I needed it the most.
    I believe in Angels, I believe they are with us and around us all of the time. And I feel blessed. Was my father really watching over me after all? I think so! O:)
  • wow, jewels, thank goodness for your gut instinct and the kindness of a stranger O:) ...and thank goodness they put that POS in jail..unfortunately he will get out and I hate to think what else will happen to others... :T ~X( jade
  • oh my heart was beating so fast as I read your story, IM SO HAPPY YOU ARE HERE TODAY TO SHARE THIS STORY. but for many reason and many many many more reasons than just this,
    I total believe this elderly man was your angel from heaven or maybe just a man here on earth that followed where God had led him to be, Might have been your daddy helping his little girl.
    they say we can have several Angels,i believe we have Angels from up above helping and watching over us, and I also believe we have Angel right here on earth. that's why we sometimes end up at a certain places at certain times, we are Gods little helpers here on earth. that's why i think we should always follow are hearts feelings-by keeping Jesus close to are heart.
    this i have wrote was not thought out as i wrote it, im not going back to fix any booboo's, i sincerely just read your post and typed my feelings, thoughts and believes.
    (this story you wrote is just another reason for the opals in the cross i wear around my neck).. hugs Patsy
    p.s. thanks for sharing your story jewels!
  • Since this happened when I was only 20 years old, that was 24 years ago. He only got 4 years! So yes, he's out already. I've always wondered what he's done to a woman since then. At least there were 4 years that he couldn't do anything! I had started to have panic attacks after my father had passed the year before, (he was buried on my 19th birthday) but when this happened to me, they became out of control! But even with the difficulties that I've had to go through since this happened (such as not being able to sleep with the lights off while alone) I know for a fact that this man was an Angel here on Earth. Did God send him, did my dad send him, I'll never know. But I do know there is SOMEONE who looks after us! And yes, thank God for the kindness of strangers.
  • Lastnight my husband called to tell me goodnight, (he's out of town working) and told me a story of something that happened to him just a little earlier. I would like to share this with all of you.
    MY husband had just been to dinner and was on his way back to his hotel. While driving down the street, a very busy one by the way, (and residential) he spotted a child about 2 years old and felt an odd and funny feeling. Some instinct set off alarms in him. Most people drive very fast down this particular street but my husband never drives fast, his friends make fun of him because they say he drives like an old woman. He was also driving our pickup, which happens to be a extra heavy duty 1 ton Chevy 4WD. A very large and heavy pickup. OK, back to the story! He continued to watch this toddler and still had this bad feeling and slowed the truck even more, never taking his eyes off of the baby. Sure enough, the parents and other adults weren't paying any attention and this little one darted out into the street and fell down, right in front of my husband's truck. Luckily, he was already going slower than usual and slammed on the brakes to a full stop. He just missed hitting this baby! If he hadn't have gotten this "feeling" and payed attention to it, this baby would probably not have survived. Why did he have this feeling that was so strong? How did he know to pay such close attention? Why was it him instead of someone else who'd have been driving fast instead, be there at that exact moment? I truly believe in a higher power! An Angel was watching over that baby lastnight, thank God!
  • I feel the same way, An Angel was watching over the baby.
    there is no question in my mind why your hubby was where he was at that exact time and paying attention to his strong feelings.
    I think true stories like this is just another way to let people know to go with your feelings (if it feels right- go for it. If it feels wrong -don't do it.
    thanks jewels for sharing the story, hugs,Patsy
  • I truly believe in paying attention to your intincts! As a matter of fact, I recently watched a program where this gentlemen who is former FBI has written a book on that very subject. We all have the ability to sense danger. We all have that same fight or flight instinct. By staying in tune with your intincts you can help to prevent a dangerous situation for yourself or someone else. I'll look for the title of that book and let you know. I have it bookmarked on my PC. I plan on buying a copy for everyone in my family for Christmas. >:D<
  • Thats a good idea for a Christmas present.I cant believe Christmas is right around the corner. I have had many times when i just get a bad feeling about something,or even a person.and i get my fanny away! patsy
  • well this year you make sure your home! FOR CHRISTMAS!
  • 2 weeks left to shop for Christmas? I can't believe that some stores aleady have Christmas stuff already up. I also can't believe that it's almost here again! Where does the time go? :O
  • When do you all celebrate Christmas????
  • This is such a great story. I just wanted to tell you, that when I was in high school, I used to cut class and hide in the graveyard across the street. I would sit and talk to my great grampa at his grave. I don't know why, but I always felt like he was listening. I usually left feeling like I had no more worries. Maybe it was just being able to get my problems out into the open, if only to a head stone, but I always felt better.

  • I Think you felt better because someone was listening and you prolly just talked your true feelings and somebody knew this we have to ask for help if want help.

    I believe Jesus is always on the other side of the door.
    only thing. his side has no door knob.
    he can not open it, to get in to help us.
    so we have to open the door from our side.
    this way he can come in to help us!
    hug patsy

    not every door has a knob on both sides, dont wait and wait for it to open. we have to turn the knob and let him in.
    hugs again patsy
  • Funny Ben! :D It seems like I just get the tree taken down and all of the ornaments put away and then it's time to drag it all out again. I make that harder on myself then it should be. Anyone who knows about my very organized kitchen will understand this! All of my tree decorations are first wrapped, then put into a plastic container by category. No chaos when the next year rolls around! I even have my gift wrap organized! :))( I think it's a sign that I'm getting older when X-Mas starts to come earlier & earlier every year. :''(
  • Hello Ladybug,
    I decided to go ahead and list some of the events that have happened in my life where I know for a fact that someone was watching out for me. I've been through a lot of things and probably shouldn't be here today. I have always thought that I must be here for a reason but so far I've never been able to figure out what it is.

    OK, when I was 1 year old I had "whooping cough" and I was choking to death. I had already started turning blue when my grandma just happened to show up. She somehow managed to the stuff up and saved my life. Then, when I was 15 years old, I was hit by a car while I was driving a motorcycle. (Not my fault) I was thrwon about 20 feet and landed head first on the street. I had a lot of injuries but again, I survived. That happened to be on Easter Sunday! And BTW, I wasn't wearing a helmet!

    Let's see, when I was about 17 years old my dad and I had decided to go for a ride in his pickup. We always enjyed doing stuff like that together. We ended up at an old military air strip that hadn't been used in years. It was way out in the country with nothing around. Bare in mind, I grew up in a town that was only about 15 miles from the Mexico border. While we were putting around in this airfield, all of the sudden we heard rotors above us but couldn't see anything. It kept getting louder and louder. My dad turned the headlights off and all of the sudden we saw this huge spotlight come out of the sky, making sweeps and looking to see if anyone was there. There still were no lights on the helicopter. Just pitch black and this spotlight! We pulled under some trees not yet knowing what was going on.
    The next thing we knew was 4 pickups came out of nowhere and the helicopter hovered just above the ground. We could see everything that was going on. Thye began to unload packages from the helicopter to the pickups. We knew at this point it was drugs from Mexico! The helicopter had flown over the border without any lights and under radar. Finally 2 of the trucks headed out across the desert, and somehow, someone finally noticed us in the trees. The helicopter took off and the last 2 trucks came after us. My dad hauled butt out of there as fast as he could! He had a license to carry a gun and always had one on him, thank God! So here we were, in this huge chase with only one way out. My dad told me that if he stops to get out and run as fast as I can. I knew he planned to stay behind and try to protect me. Not that we would have much of a chance since they probably had automatic weapons! But again, someone was looking after us and we managed to get enough ahead of them and finally they gave up the chase. I was so incredibly terrified!

    Then of course I had the kidnap attempt when I was 20. That story is above. Then in 1994 my husband and I were in a car accident on a back road out in the country. We were hit by another car that had ran a stop sign. I was driving. I'll email you some of the phots of the car and when we were in the hospital. It was pretty bad. I had a head injury that caused me to have amnesia and have forever lost about 1 & 1/2 years of my life. My memory is just gone for that time period! Both of us had fractured sternums, and my husband had a complete clean break in his shoulder blade. Just to name a few of the injuries. There were MANY! My husbands face was sewn up all over the place and I shed glass for 2 years out of my left arm. I still have glass chunks in there.

    Well, those are a few of the highlights that I can think of at the moment. There are even more. Patsy, don't you think that someone has to be watching over me? And why? What am I still here for? There has to be a reason!
    Lot's of Love,
    Jewels >:D<
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