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I cant take it anymore!!

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,731
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:23 AM in Pain Medications
I am at my wit's end. I spoke with the "Pain Management" Dr's nurse today about my appointment on Thursday, and she told me that he does not prescribe any meds and is against narcotic use. Ok, fine. I called my PCP to see if she would be willing to extend my pain contract until I could get injections or something since this appt is only a consultation. She tells me the only reason she cant refill my meds yet (i run out day of new appt) is because the pm dr doesnt like his patients on narcotics for injections. Basically no pain medication until after injections, which usually takes a month! ~X( I dont even want to to this Dr. because I am so sick of seeing Drs that wont listen to me. They simply write me off. X( Injections never helped before, even had nerve ablations, and the nerve grew back within 3 weeks! What should I do? My mother saw this Dr before and said he was pretty rude guy and very judgemental but if I dont go see him, that wont help my case in refilling my meds with my PCP. :S Im so tired of no one listening to me about my pain... :''(


  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 9,740
    If your doctor is NOT doing anything that you want them to do, then its up to you to go get another doctor.
    I dont want to sound cold, but the responsibility of working with a doctor really lies with all of us.. Its not the doctors job to do the things we want them to do.
    When you find a doctor that is not providing you with the proper care, then you need to find another doctor.
    I've read many of your posts, and you are hurting and need some pain relief. So, you just might have to be the person in the driver's seat to making this happen.
    Ron DiLauro Spine-Health System Administrator
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences
    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com
  • :) don't let yourelf be tormented by a bad doctor. you don't have to put up with a rude, unfeeling caregiver. ~X( write him off and look for a new doc! good luck! Jenny :)
  • You must remember that the doc is working for you. You pay him to help you. There is no reason to be mistreated or undertreated at all. Good luck and let us know how you make out.

  • I will add my agreement dump your current doctor and find one to help you.Its hard and probably the last thing you want to hear now, but I am about to do the same thing real soon.Remember its more than just meds, you need a complete plan that will help you more in the long run.
  • 'nuff said

    Drop the PM.........
  • I think Im going to call my GP tomorrow and see If I can get an appt in to see her before my appt thursday. I have figured out Im going to tell her that the injections dont work and that I would prefer going to see a surgeon for any possible fusions. I think I have been in pain long enough to consider surgery. :W Not any doctor or specialist I have seen has taken me seriously. I have just been written off. X( I do hope she will refill my pain meds as it is the only relief I have been receiving lately. I feel since I have not violated or abused my contract, she cant say no! Well, hopefully. What would you do in this situation? Do you think my GP will listen to me if I go in with a list of written concerns and reasons why I do not feel this new Dr will help me. :S
  • You say that you've had injections and medications, but are now going to tell your doc you would prefer to see a surgeon for any possible fusions.

    So have you been seen by a spine specialist who has determined that a fusion would help eleviate some of or most of your pain? With so many posts in so many different threads and forums, it gets hard to follow. I know it may be nothing but a play on words, but it sounds like you have determined yourself that a fusion or fusions is what will help you.

  • I just re read some of your postings.
    Just my personal opinion a surgeon will most likely not do surgery for a mild bulge unless there is other underlying conditions that grant it. Not saying this is right by no means. Just by personal experiences with surgeons.

    As for narcotics before a injection personally my drs do not do that. I'v had 2 different types. And narcotics were never a issue. As there is pain before and after the procedure.
    Mabye it is a issue for some Drs.

    I agree with the others. Ya just have to keep going and find that "right dr" there are plenty of treatments to treat your pain. I know they seem few and far between but they are around.

    I always thought there was 1 PM place here. Well low and behold I asked around while out and BOOM there is more.
    I even have traveled a hour away.

    I totally agree with Ron & Paul and all his personal information plus some of the others.

    I agree with "C" there are so many postings its hard to keep up. Not telling you in anyway to not do so. Post away. As I am like queen poster talk talk talk talk talk LOL

    I would try to keep it all together in one thread.
    Thats what we do in the threads in back/neck surgery and try to lump surgeries/recoveries in one thread it does help sometimes. Try to anyway.
    That way we can kinda get the flow of your story. Hope ya understand what I am trying to say.

    I would also consider putting in your signature what treatments have been tried and your diagnosis.
    That helps people from asking repeat after repeat what you were diagnosed with.
    If ya need help ask any of us how to do that.

    Hang in there, never give up hope!!!
    Terri O:) >:D<
  • diagnosis in your signature. This way we can quickly look for reference.
    I have had my fair share of comments made from PM about pain meds. Lucky me went to one that just would not agree with me about pain. He thought I did not have pain...and that was that. His final word was gold and I was left hanging.
    I finally got aggressive and told him off, told him he didnt take me seriously and that I have pain and it needs to be treated. He said no....thats it...just no.
    I left and never went back.

    In our area we have this huge, very prominent hospital. And I have always known they have a clinic there, but have heard that it is one of the most conservative clinics. They are all very tough on their patients and do not take crap from anyone. Well, I thought...I need to go there regardless. I went in, I saw a group of 5 different specialists and then they all went in a room and discussed my condition. I waited for about an hour.

    They came back in and were flabbergasted by how I was treated at the other PM place. They apologized over and over for something they didnt do. They said its clearly on my MRIs and myleograms that I am in PAIN. It was great to hear that I wasnt going crazy and that I am truly in pain. The need to explain why I am in pain ended...and the need to talk about how we can fix my pain began.

    Also, I have had injections before and they either work on people or they dont. At my new clinic they said, well there is no point in trying another shot since they just dont work on you.
    So tell your doctor that. Ask why they are encouraging an injection when it has not worked for you?

    I am telling you this because if you are in pain, they shouldnt tell you that you do not warrant care.

    Try to find a different PM to go to. Keep us posted.

  • I just read in your signature that you are going in for surgery tomorrow!!

    GOOD LUCK!!!! I hope everything goes well.

    Pop in and let us know how it all went. Take care.

  • Im sorry. You guys are probably wondering what all I am talking about! =)) I thought my signature was working, so lets see if it works now.
  • I have been following your posts for quite a while now and the only words I have are TAKE CONTROL OR YOUR TREATMENT. If you feel that you are not being treated right by the doctors, let them know that and then move on to a different one. In every post I have read, you have some real problems with the way the doctors are treating you, but you see yourself as a victim. You need to become an advocate for your own health. Nobody else is going to do it for you. I don't know if where you live, you are limited in the number of PM docs or NS, but if you are, my suggestion is to look to the closest larger town near you. I have dealth with some pretty arrogant doctors in the past. One was with one of my children. After the appointment where he basically said I was an over protective mother and on and on, I wrote him a letter that told him exactly how I felt and that I was taking my business elsewhere. I got a personal phone call from the doctor, they did the tests I had asked for, and guess what.....I was right on my child's diagnosis. Do not be a victim.......start making some changes that put you in charge of your health. It is YOUR body and you are the only one who can accurately tell others how you feel and what works and what does not. As for the pain meds. I hate to say it, but with the crisis of prescription medication abuse and addiction in our country like it is, I think that some doctors are erroring on the side of not prescribing enough because of the fear abuse etc.
  • and the town I live in, there are no PM drs. I think there is one a couple hours away in the next town, but that is a problem at the moment as our car will not make it, and I dont know if the PM dr see out of town patients, if they are comfortable with it, but it is worth a shot to call and ask. I made an appt with my GP for tomorrow morning, and on a piece of paper I wrote a list of concerns I have with this new Dr and all the things and procedures I have been through the past 4 years, and how I dont feel the injections are going to help as they didnt last time, and as a patient, I feel its my right to speak up for myself and I dont feel like spending money on something that hasnt worked before. I know that if you have been in chronic pain for a few years, a fusion is a possibility. At this point, I feel it may be most beneficial to speak with my Dr about it tomorrow and skip the injection appt and be referred to a surgeon.
  • mominpain- I like the photo in your signature, that sure speaks volumes. Good luck at the PCP appt tomorrow and ask if there are any other PM drs out there. The PCP may allow an extension of the pain contract if you just see him until you get a new dr. I never had to stop my pain meds before any injections, so that probably is that drs personal feelings... :?? jade
  • I have seen a PM Dr before, who was the best Dr I could ever ask for. He did my injections and rhizotomies. Unfortunately, I can no longer see him because I am paying off a $22,000 bill to him due to no insurance. :O I am going to the general dr tomorrow to express my concerns with seeing this new dr. If the injections didnt help in the past, I dont see the reason why I should have them done again, and have another huge bill. I would prefer to have a surgical consultation, and am hoping she will extend my pain contract until then. I just am not sure if she is going to say, well give it another try or not. Its not her money going to waste here. X( I guess this PM dr I am seeing does not like his patients on any drugs whatsoever, especially narcotics, so he called up my GP and told her to give me the meds til my appt. So, Im taking oxycodone, then nothing?? Major withdrawals as well. Im just not sure what to do :(
  • well, I guess it would be a good idea to share with the dr tomorrow about the severe financial straits and insurance issues. I would ask if the dr can take over your care until you find another dr to take over meds and pain contract on even a temporary basis. I would also tell him that the injections have not worked in the past and see what he says and/or recommends instead.. :?? ..jade
  • If the PM bill is holding you back, how do you anticipate the surgeon bill would be if you got a fusion? In my area - they will not operate unless you have means for payment.

    I agree with your thoughts on the injections, as I mentioned before, my doc agreed there was no point in doing the injections since they failed in the past.

    But even with that information - this clinic has been so good to me that I am actually going to inquire about the injections at my next appt. Maybe they will have better skilled docs to preform them?? Who knows...anyway - thats just about me.

    Please keep us updated. I really hope they dont over look the whole withdrawal thing and you arent able to get on a detox plan with your pcp.

  • Wish me luck! ;) I read all of your posts and between the advice you have all given me, and what I am feeling as well, I made a list of concerns on a piece of paper to discuss with my dr. I am going to tell her that the injections never worked before, and I ended up staying on narcotics between injections. I would like to be referred to an orthopedic surgeon and a neurologist as well. If I am now a candidate for surgery, I would like to take this road. I am in so much pain, and yesterday I almost dropped my daughter because my legs gave out. All of the sudden, they felt like jello. Thakn goodness I was right next to the couch. #:S I think that the best thing for me is to see a surgeon, and if it is possible, this would be the best way to go. The less pain I am in, the less need for medications. So I am thinking long term here. The one bonus to this is the surgeon that perfoms these types of surgeries has operated on every single one of my husband's immediate family members as well as my husband, and he allows payments towards surgery, instead of immediate payment, where as no other Dr here will. I will let you know what my GP tells me when I get back. :H
  • Just wondering how your appt went yesterday morning? Did your PCP listen to the things on your list-your concerns regarding injections and meds, and your desire to see a surgeon?

    I didn't add anything because everyone else had said what I wanted to say, but I have been following your situation and am curious how the appt went. Let us know when you get a minute, OK?

    Take care of you..
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