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iliac crest injections for chronic pain

sagehensagehen Posts: 221
edited 06/11/2012 - 1:23 PM in Pain Management
Anybody have any experience with iliac crest pain that does not go away no matter what you do? My NS originally thought I had bursitis in my hips ,but after examining me again says now it is not a hip problem, but an iliac crest issue. He's sending me for injections ( I assume in the sacroiliac joint) and putting me on anti-inflammatory med. I have had the injections in my back (not fun) but I am not at all sure what to expect with this new development. ( actually I'm scared ) Good news was , I'm starting to fuse....I was a little worried after I had a bad fall in July.
Any input will be appreciated.....thanks Sagehen


  • I have had iliac crest pain, but is from hernia surgurys i had....
  • My pain is at the posterior superior iliac spine (above the SI joint). Have had the pain on & off for 18 yrs & constant the last 7-8. Nothing helps!
  • Apparently I did something to this area. I worked in the medical field for almost 40 years, but I cannot, for the life of me, figure what is in this area to cause this pain, which has been extremely bad. The pain is in the posterior iliac crest area,(if you put your hand on the crest , but towards the posterior area) . It is not as far over as the spine or sciatic nerve, and it also extends forward almost into the groin area. I have had back problems for many years and see a pain management physician. I see him in 3 days and will find out what this is and will post back at that time.
  • namdog55 said:
    My pain is at the posterior superior iliac spine (above the SI joint). Have had the pain on & off for 18 yrs & constant the last 7-8. Nothing helps!
    I'll bet Prolotherapy would help.
  • Just had surgery 3 weeks ago to remove a bone lump in the iliac crest. Still have some pain only because I got a hematoma that will take a few more weeks to heal but I'm hoping that the pain that I've had for 15 years will be gone when it does. I was told for years that the pain was not coming from that lump but from my hip, disc herniations, and my SI joint. Finally found a doctor to listen! The only injections that ever helped were done right on the lump but only lasted a few weeks. Don't underestimate the pain that it can cause and get it removed. Why go to pain management if you can remove the source of the pain?!
  • I took a look and there is some good info out there, especially on running websites.

    I have had prolotherapy as well as trigger point injections along the crest, but that pain is always there to touch. I think a lot of it is myofascial pain, in my case.

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