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Core exercises after Lumbar fusion/Laminectomy with Instruments

Laurie AnnLaurie Ann Posts: 47
edited 06/11/2012 - 1:23 PM in Exercise and Rehab
Does anyone have info on what Core exercises the Surgeon is talking about?


  • Core exercises are the exercises that strengthen your core muscles...those muscles supporting your spine. Pilates is an excellent example...as is yoga. However, I highly recommend NOT doing this on your own. Get assistance from a physiotherapist or personal trainer who understands your limitations from your surgery. I've read descriptions of these exercises on-line and they don't describe the exercises very well. If you don't do them correctly you may see no benefit, but more importantly, you could hurt yourself.

  • Have your surgeon give you a consult for PT and they can work with you based on how far out from surgery you are and the type of surgery etc ...
  • :) ask your pt or doctor about using the Exercise ball. all you have to do is sit on it and keep your balance to begin to work your core. of course there is alot more you can do and the forum has more information about the ball. Jenny :)
  • I am 3 weeks post L4/L5 fusion with bone graft and hardware. Just wondering when I can start exercising? I am walking a lot, but still feel I could be doing more.
  • Pat all drs are different in when they want you to start stretching exercises and physical therapy.
    I was released at my 4 wk appt just to do leg stretches.
    Pt is still far out into the picture more like the 5 month mark or so for myself. But I have other issues going on.
    So that is something you can discuss with them. O:) O:)

    Laurie ann.
    Your only 3wks out very very early.
    I'm at 6 wks and can only do leg stretches.
    When it is time and you do go to PT, dancing is a huge core THANG :D
    I fall off those dang balls you use =)) =))

    Just wait it out. Your Dr will advice you when its safe to start physical therapy. They all have different opinions on that. Iv seen people start at 4wks as far out as 6 months.
    You will get there. Before you know it a year will be up!! <:P <:P
  • I guess I'm feeling way to good for my own good! I am really trying to be patient, but the days are getting pretty long right now. Tired of books, movies, TV really stinks!! Though I am really lucky that is my biggest problem and I know it! :) :) :)
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