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Stoping Oxycodone cold turkey...

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,900
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:23 AM in Pain Medications
How long could one expect to be going thru withdrawals if they stop taking Percocet cold turkey, Rx was for 10mg/325 every 4 hours, for almost 6 months?



  • IS there a reason for stopping the meds? I would for sure be under a Dr supervision. There are many ways to be medically monitored detox so no need to go thru the really bad withdrawals. I think any Dr would be happy to help you.
  • If you absolutely had to go off it cold turkey for any given reason. I would say you would probably be very nautious , possibley throwing up expect extreme pain sensitivity and also
    some wicked diarrhea. Expect atleast a week or so of hell maybe as little as 3 days of nasty WD's
    This all depends on the person however
  • My advice...since I have gone through a W/D is to ask the doc for help. They have a new wonderful medication,which of course I cannot remember the name of but was post in a forum on here somewhere, that will help with the withdrawl. A close friend of mine had a back surgery and was on percocet 5's for only a couple of months and stopped taking the meds. He went through W/D for one day before he realized it was withdrawl. So he tappered down.
    So I would either ask for a med to help with the w/d effects or just tapper down over the course of a week. if you are taking 1 every 4 hrs take 1 every 6 for the 1st day. then 1 every 8 hrs. then 1 every 10 then 1 every 12 the 1 per day etc. TAPPER TAPPER TAPPER. W/D is like the worst flu with extreme body pain one could go through!!!! you can PM me and I would be happy to give more advice as to what I know.
  • Basically I took my last pill 4 1/2 days ago, for the first 2 days I was down, I slept long, etc. I called out of work on Tuesday. The jitters only come on at night while I lay in bed. I haven't been eating much at all, appetite just isn't there. Etc.

    I can deal with gitters, pain (for a little while), sleeplessness, etc. but the wicked diarrhea is what is killing me. I've been choking down Pepto Bismol like it's water to no avail! I need to make it stop! I need to poop normally! I can't even trust a fart now and I'm only 32 for crying out loud!

    Thanks :D

    PS: My NS gave me an ultimatum today, surgery or see you in 6 months (for more shots). No more pain meds, although he did give me a 2 week supply which probably won't go thru right away because my insurance will think he cut me back.
  • You might try Imodium for diarrhea. My boyfriend swears by it. I don't like, in my situation it's overly-effective LOL, puts me too far into the other direction.

    But you might give it a try, if that's the only symptom you are trying to alleviate.

    But if your doctor is the one saying no more meds, they should be helping to wean you off to avoid withdrawal. Though it seems like it's probably too late for that. I think after 4.5 days, you are probably done with the worst of it, and shouldn't start taking them again, if the goal is to get off.

    I hope this is helpful.
  • Well the only issue I have right now is the diahhrea is worse now than at any other point those far and I can't take it no more! My NS gave me the scripts for the Percocet and Dilaudid but I don't want to have to fill them, I figure if I made it this far I better just keep going.

    I just called my PCP (HA! I give them a 24% chance that they'll help me out) to see if they can call in something to help with the withdrawals for me.

  • 4-6 percocet a day for 6 months? Honestly I don't think it'd be fun but I'd be surprised if the worst isn't over after day 7 or so. Hang in there, you'll be fine before you know it. (gotta keep a positive attitude though! It's a must!)
  • If you have made it this far, I would not recommend filling those scripts since you will be right back where you started all over again.
    Get some Immodium AD to help manage the diarrehea, it is almost over with.....
    I am not sure why your doctor didn't give you a taper plan, but that is neither here nor there at this point.
    The residual symptoms -diarrehea is almost over, but the non restful sleep might continue another week or so, but should start to show some improvement by the end of the 2nd week after you stop the meds.
    The appetite will also improve. Try eating foods that "bind" you some. Rice and chicken will help as well. Stay away from spicy type foods if they normally cause issues for you for another few days.
    Good luck to you. I hope this helps.
  • I was so happy to have diarrhea after years of fighting the opposite, that I just didn't care! I made sure that I stayed hydrated and as mentioned, started eating foods with bulk. One of my favorite things to eat during WD was peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

  • You are doing great for quitting cold turkey. As "C" stated stay hydrated. Also eat bananas in addition to the other suggestions. Bananas help with the potasium for your heart. So do eat the bananas. When I went through a w/d period I bought jello, bananas, loved the PPand J sandwhiches except they were toasted. LOL MMMMM If you need help with the sleep get an OTC sleep aid. It may not let you sleep all night but it will help a little. I would call your NS and say hey listen, I am coming off of the meds. I will bring you in my RX's that you prescribed me and if I do that can you RX something to help with the insomnia until this is all over with. Then again be sure that it is a non narcotic sleep aid. Which is why I suggested the OTC sleep aid.
    You are over 1/2 way there. Keep up the great work!!!
  • just be very cautious if you ever have to do that again. it can be very dangrous. its a blow to your system. things can happen more then just vomiting, shakes etc.

    i am glad you are feeling a bit better.
    but everytime i have gone off meds they have been tapered to a lower dose of medication or different type then to nothing.

    just be so very careful iv seen personally the bad effects it can have on people....

    good luck on your journey... =D>
  • ~X( I have been on oxy's,10 mg twice a day as well as 6 5/325 percocets for two yrs now.I HATE having to take pills but I can not live any kind of a normal life without them.I had a tri/level fusion om 1/15/08,and my MS said that I am not fusing at the lower level.So i do not see myself as an addict,I am dependent on these meds to live a somewhat normal life.I know that someday I will have to get off all the shit I am on,but for now I deal with the pain thru narcotics.
  • Thanks everyone for all the info and well wishes. I did make it to the point where my only symptom was the diarrhea.

    The bananas and pb&j helped quite a bit.

    Unfortunately my neck pain was so unbearable I needed relief and the hot tub, ice packs and muscle relaxers weren't doing squat. Instead of taking 6 a day I'm only on 2-3.

    I still hurt, bad, but I'd rather keep it a low dose/frequency than as often as I was. Also I'm trying to keep "As Needed" rather than on the clock.

    When I wake up my neck is so bad that I often do not want to get out of bed, that is what brought me back on.

    I did see my NS last week, I brought my wife along for a second set of ears/questions. He basically said that if my only symptom right now is neck pain and head pain/migraines then he sees no need to do surgery. He said when, not if, my arm pain comes back then we'll look at what else can be done, more shots, RF's, and he mentioned mylogram?

    I told him that my neck pain at it's best is a 5 and is normally around 7-8 with frequent days of 12's. He said he still feels no need for surgery until I have multiple symptoms from my C-spine and he did stress that I do have very serious issues in my neck and the pain in my arms will likely return full on. He said he will continue to give me a monthly Rx of percocet if I need it but if I request more frequency then we'll have to re-evaluate.
  • Sorry you still have so much pain. ghheeshh.
    ON a happy note that was nice of your NS to perscribe them as you need them WOW. Usually (not always) its a tuff situation to get meds even with the surgeon doing the surgery.

    Have you sought a second opinion?
    I just don't get why a dr would want symptoms to get worse. Even him/her saying that most likely the arm pain will return?? UGGGHHH I personally would not even want to wait till that point. But of course that is entirley your decsion.
    I know surgery is a last option for anyone and even the dr.
    But personally I could not suffer through the pain your describing.
    I give you the highest praise for doing so =D> =D>

    Keep us up to date on your progess. Im very curious to see how all turns out!! We are here for ya to support you through the worst of days as you already know.

    Take Care
    Terri O:) O:) O:)
  • I was slated to get a 2nd opinion until my doc said he wants to wait to do the surgery, so I canceled for now.

    Problem is that not only do I have the pain and medical issues to deal with but the lawsuit against the other driver that made the illegal left turn in front of me is still on going. I finally got it thru to my lawyer that I cannot have surgery til my case is settled since I could very well lose my job.
  • I have sorta the same situation as you ( lawsuit and all) and after talking about it with my lawyer he said that if I was even remotely considering surgery that I needed to have the surgery before my case was settled just in case there were issues. After thinking about it for a bit I decided I agreed with him. I mean... What if you settle your case and then have the surgery and heaven forbid there is a complication and you have to have even more surgeries? Then the suit is settled and you have no recourse againt the other party and you are stuck with all the cost, not to mention the chance that you could lose your job regardless..

    Just something worth thinking about.. It could end up costing you more in the long run if you settle before surgery..

    Good Luck with whatever you decide!
  • Those were my thoughts too until I questioned my lawyer about what happens when the surgery is ineffective and/or I require more surgeries? She said she is going after a settlement that takes all of that into account or they will have to leave it open ended (being able to come back and sue again later on down the road).

    I'm no lawyer so I'm not sure if that is accurate or not but, she seems to be one hell of a lawyer and says my case is pretty solid.
  • I have damaged my back through years of racing and crashing motorcycles. I have been on Percocet ~ Oxycodone 10/325 this time for about a year. I have been taking up to 10 pills a day. I know its not good and I just want to stop. I know what a lot of people are going to say "taper". Look I have to work and staying sick for months is really not a option. I can take a week off and I'm planning to take the last pill tonight so I can get a good nights sleep, for what I'm sure will be the last for a while from what I have read.
    Can anyone please give me some real help as to what to do to make this more bearable? PLEASE HELP.
    If you are just wanting to tell me how crazy I am, knock yourself out but your not helping. I don't have much choice.
  • yes you are crazy yor a bad guy lol !im kidding u need luagh cuz where your headed its not pretty.i am a 1400 MORE desert racer i have went threw bad with drawls before and almost died,i was withdrawing from norco,oxycontin, and oxycodone all at the same time i had to call 911 cuz i stoped breating and couldnt walk my sciatic-herrniated disc cuased me to seize up.i stayed in the hospital for 3 days.ok first nite i couldnt sleep bad cramps in my arms-hands ,runny nose,sneezing,head ache.day 2 chest pains,fever-chills,tremors,diahrea,vomitting,insomnia,hellish pain in my legs,cravings,shakes.day 3 same thing but i stoped breathing wife called 911 did CPR to get me back it was the worse feeling in my life the closest thing to death you will get,its worse,u want to die! this is my experiance i went threw.OK NOW ABOUT YOU can you get a refill?are you close to your DR?I AM GONNA HELP YOU, I WILL BE BY YOUR SIDE THREW THIS.you wont be working kiss that good by for a while cuz its gonna wipe you out!!!!!!!
    also try to contact your DR ASAP you need to tell him evrything this is a very dangerous drug and it can kill you, you cant play russian rulllet with your life ,its a very serouis medical condition you need medical help.talk to ya soon.......
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