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OMG its back! (with a vengeance)

manaleriemmanalerie Posts: 547
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:23 AM in Chronic Pain
I woke up this morning with quite an ache in my... well... whole body. Felt pretty good after a couple of hours. Went out and got my hair done. Came home with intentions of cleaning up my sister-in-laws computer.

After my epidural, my pain has been minimal. Minor pain in right hip, and moderate upper back pain.

I can't even sit here at the computer tonight :( my neck is sore, my legs are cramped, and my hips are screaming!! I feel like they're falling off. Also getting a pretty strong throbbing pain in my left wrist. Comes and goes, but when its here it makes me wince. (Now that I think about it, having it in right wrist too, and left leg shin area)

I've got to go lay down. Not sure really where to start with this pain in my hips. Think I'll try the heating pad. I have percocet, 5mg 2-4 a day. I just took number four. I feel really terrible about it.

Another one of my so-called friends gave me the "pill" remark the other day. She heard that I was pregnant, called me to congratulate. Then she threw in with a snotty attitude: "what are you going to do about all those pills?"

All those pills? WTF do my friends think of me really? All those pills, like I'm a walking pharmacy. I only take two a day, and with full consent of my doctors. As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I called every doctor I see. I stopped meds until I got the ok. I told her that I spoke to all of my doctors, and they all agreed that my treatments are perfectly safe. I hear her say, "yah thats bs" (unedited) under her breathe. What like I'm lying? All of my doctors are idiots? What?

So here I sit in pain, and kicking myself for trying to get some relief. I feel like I should be stronger. You know what I was told I CANNOT take? Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Aleve... none of that. And even though they said it was safe, I stopped taking my valium because I feel if I can get by without it I should. Am I wrong for listening to my doctors? Should I be in pain if I can safely take something for it?

~X( I'm pulling my hair out tonight. Sorry for the big long vent. This post WAS supposed to be about pain. I'm going to try to go to bed. I'll be back in a little while if I don't sleep.

Thanks for listening


  • Amanda,

    So very sorry to hear your still in pain, the hips are atrocious to say the least.Do not feel bad for taking the meds, you are in pain and not out to get some "high" off them so please don't be rough on yourself.Stress makes pain worse, from all I have read you sound level headed and are doing the best you can to move forward no one can fault you especially those "friends".

    Just know that this virtual friend here was honored by your response when I needed it most and hope mine will do the same.

    take care
  • Still getting this sensation in my left wrist. Now however, I'm getting these electric like sensations all over my body. They aren't new to me, but I've never had them like this.

    These are constant:
    Left wrist throbbing, outside shooting to pinky, inside just at wrist. Occasionally through all fingers
    burning upper back pain
    sore stiff neck
    pinching right low back
    tight pain down back of right leg to knee

    All of these probably a 1-3 on pain scale.

    Both hips are at about 7

    Now, I keep getting these electric sensations, all at a 1-3, and all lasting at different intervals of time. From a split second to a few minutes. Some are shooting, some stay in one place. But they all are the same type of feeling. Ive had them in my ankles, inside and out. On both legs, either side of my shins. Down both arms, at different places. They all seem to run along the side of a bone.

    I am writing them all down in my notebook, length of time, area of sensation etc. because I will never be able to remember all of this. They aren't every now and then. Any any time, there is at least one sensation in one or more limbs.

    I feel like my body is misfiring or something. Has anyone ever experienced sensations like this before? Like I said, aside from my hips, all of this is not really painful. Just enough to make me uncomfortable, at times wince. One of them alone wouldn't cause me any alarm, but tons of them, continuing right after another?
  • Your response is always appreciated :)))

  • "sore stiff neck
    pinching right low back
    tight pain down back of right leg to knee

    All of these probably a 1-3 on pain scale.

    Both hips are at about 7"

    Sounds like some of my symptoms re: stiff neck, pinching left lower back in my case also left leg.I have refered pain in the right, though it is hurting bad on its own as well.

    According to my doctor its based from my foraminal stenosis and sacroiliac joints which are all out of whack.I need to look through my notes again for proper terms.The stiff neck comes from muscle spasms likely, I went to a LMT and she has never seen a human so spasmed out.My hamstrings are like a piano wire in the mornings.

    Great idea on the journal, I do that as well its overwhelming at times. ---But I think it shows the doc you are really trying to help him help you.

    Again I am no doctor and its just what I have been through and to be honest next year second opinion is my main mission to answer some lingering questions.
  • Amanda, if you need your pain meds to function day to day, then by all means you should take them. Just keep open communication with your doctors. If you are on narcotics throughout your pregnancy, make sure the nursery nurses are aware, as they will monitor your baby once born, for NAS-narcotic abstinence syndrome. There is a special scoring that is performed on the baby every 3 hours to assess for withdrawal. Usually the baby won't show any signs for a couple of days, then if it is a problem the scores will get too high. At this point the baby is usually transferred to an intensive care nursery where it is started on opium, morphine, or methadone. Then it can be weaned off slowly so as to not suffer ill effects of withdrawal. The scoring is based on many factors including sleep patterns, tremors, crying, sneezing, muscle tone, feeding, stools, and more. There is a form where we calculate each area and add up to a final score. Scores consistently over 10 are of concern. I have not had a baby on percocet, but have seen a few weaning off of vicodin, methadone, and heroin of course as well. You do what you need to do to stay healthy and keep a treatment plan with your doctors. I hope you feel better soon. Remember those pregnancy hormones are going to affect your ligamentous laxity, and you may get new and different symptoms. I know I always suffered with my back during my pregnancies. Take care, >:D< Sue
  • That was a very informative. Withdrawal was something I have discussed with doctors.

    Because I had been on Valium, percocet, had epidural under lumbar xray and didn't know that I was pregnant, I was advised by my midwife to call this hotline (prengancy environmental exposure?)

    Its run by a team of experts and doctors who specialize in these types of exposure during pregnancy and birth defects etc. They did a full report, and investigated all the treatments I had in the prior weeks. The one thing that they did say is that while it is safe to continue meds, percocet if taken in high doses there is a risk for withdrawal. I am hoping that by the time the baby is delivered, I wont be on meds anymore, or will be at least low enough to not cause this.

    I am not feeling the electric sensations anymore, but am still having terrible pain in my right hip. Still better than last night. That was one of the strangest things I have ever experienced. I take that back, I did just get one in my right leg just now. I think I will call my PM today for advice on this. As I said, its not terribly painful, but it is very unusual.

    Thank you for your response guys, I'll check back in later

  • I'm still having some pretty bad pain in my hips. My neck is feeling a bit better, but my shoulder is hurting. Also still having the "electric shocks" in all of my limbs. Again, they're not entirely painful, but frequent. I called the PM office, and left a message for a nurse yesterday morning, and never got a call back.
  • Wow. I've never had children but I can imagine how agonized you must be by your situation. Doesn't motherhood always come with a boatload of guilt? Regarding your hip pain--(this is something with which I have a lot of experience). When my hip pain is really, really bad, I get my foam roller and position my hip on the roller on the floor and roll back and forth. Its like giving yourself a massage. That hip area is so hard to get at but this "treatment" really helps me. It doesn't help immediately. Immediately, it kind of "hurts so good". I'm not sure I've done a great job describing my "self massage of hips with foam roller" but it really does work for me.
  • I don't have a foam roller, but I am assuming its one of the rolls I saw at PT last week. I went to purchase a "lumbar roll" for my chair, she went into the closet and pulled out a foam roll. They didn't have anymore lumbar rolls, they had just ordered it. The foam roll was white. They had two kinds. One was really long, and the other short. Would that be the foam roller you are talking about?

    I will ask my PT about it next week.
  • This is getting bad. My body is so damn sore. I feel short of breath! Earlier today I had charlie horse like pains in my legs. About a softball size, they would come and go like the electric feelings.

    Going to call PCP tomorrow, hopefully I can get in to see him. Not sure WTH is making things so worse for me right now. Will let you know how I feel tomorrow, and what if anything happens with docs


  • Amanda,

    Are you drinking enough water, it almost sounds like dehydration might be part of it.Not a doctor just throwing out an idea to consider.Its easy to not take care of ourselves when hurting.Either way contacting your Doc is the best way to go.
  • But more along the lines of Soda. Wicked cravings for candy/soda/chips. Not a good diet. I had a bowl of cereal tonight, and got a terrible upset stomach. I did drink at least 1 1/2-2 bottles of water today though.

    Starting to think maybe I am coming down with something. Body aches, hot flashes/sweats, a little ear ache. Or maybe this is all just me being pregnant. All I know is I can't sleep. Covers on, covers off. Turn this way, that way, I can't get comfortable at all. My hips are on fire right now. I don't even think they hurt so much, just that its not going away with meds, and Its at the point its DRIVING ME CRAZY.

    I can't even sit in this computer chair for more than a few minutes. I can't stay in bed, so I get up and come in here. I try to post responses to people, but it hurts too much to sit here, so they are very short and sweet. Not my usual self.

    k going back in now to try for sleep again. Thanks
  • I have been leaving messages with doctors, and still have yet to get a call back.

    This all over body pain is not going away. Medication isn't helping the pain in my hips. I am thinking I need to change medications maybe.

    If only I could get a doctor to return my call!!
  • I am so sorry that you are feeling this way. I hope you hear from your doctor soon and begin to feel better.
  • this is really frustrating me to no end. I am guessing my PCP is not in the office today. There is a number on the machine to call to get in touch with him I called and its an answering service, who couldn't give me any information. This is a new PCP, and from what I can tell, he is not affiliated with any urgent care or walk in clinics. I don't know what to do. ~X(
  • And they are booked. At 2pm, booked. Wonderful. I also called another urgent care clinic, and was told I would have to pay $150 up front(with insurance) What is that all about?
  • I finally just got a call from the nurse at my PM. She was very short with me. "Is it true your pregnant?" she said. I said "yes", "didn't I ask you that before your injection?" "I didn't know I was pregnant" I said to her. "Well that concerns me" She says "can you come in tomorrow?" She wasn't talking like a concerned person. She was talking like an angry one, like I have done something wrong. I have already gone through this with them.

    I just can't handle this right now. I hate feeling so helpless. And I hate people talking to me like I'm an idiot. They make me feel like such a jerk. Its like I should just shut up. Suck it up. But I can't. What does that accomplish? I am just having more stress... more pain. I feel like my epidural was a waste now. My spine is starting to hurt terribly. I'm trying not to panic, but its hard not too when I hurt like this. And feeling pain in my spine again doesn't help.
  • We wish that it would be under the best circumstances and that you were 100% healthy. I wish you the best for you and the baby. Is is the first or second. I know you'll do what's right for you both.
    Well, it's your decision to trust your gut feeling regarding the medication and taking it while pregnant. The doctors will tell you it's okay, and it may be, but if it doesn't feel right to you then you decide what to do.
    I had a rough time with the second pregnancy. I went into the ER in pain and I was 6 weeks along. They did an ultrasound and then the doc walked in and told me I had lost it and that they were going to scrape it out. I wanted to die and cried my heart out. Thank God they called my regular OB GYN to come see me. This guy is a trip. I always say that he's the nicest asshole I've ever met. He walked in and asked me why I was crying. I told him, and he said to me they were wrong and that you'd expect to see a yolk sac at 6 weeks. He stopped them from scraping out a perfectly viable pregnancy. I love him til this day.
    I call him a nice asshole because he had a terrible bedside manner. I heard him tell a patient, "If you had kept your legs closed, we wouldn't be dealing with this right now." My husband and my jaws dropped. But the man was good. He delivered my first pregnancy and saved my son because the cord was wrapped around his throat.
    Well, I had to take demerol briefly for hip and ligament pain while in my second trimester, and my daughter turned out okay. I owe my beautiful daughter to this doctor and am forever in gratitude.
  • That demerol is safe to take in pregnancy. I am not sure if I have ever had that... though I must have with my first son. (This will be my second) They gave me a shot of something when I was in labor... before the epidural.

    One part of my delivery "story" That I will always remember. I was induced, and after reaching a certain dilation, they broke my water. It was soon after that I began to feel real contractions. They had me sitting in a rocking chair, and I began to cry. My mom asked me "honey why are you crying?" I said because I felt I needed pain medication already, and I knew that I was being a wimp, that the pain would get SO MUCH WORSE. At that time, I had just had my water broke, not even an hour before. So my mom called in the nurse, and told her I wanted meds. The nurse was a little reluctant, until she checked how far I was dilated. The nurse was like OMG... your moving FAST!! They gave me this shot, and I did well for about a half hour, and I was begging for the epidural. Again, a little frustrated at my whining, they took a peek. OMG! get this girl an epidural now!!! They emptied the delivery room to give me the epidural. My midwife told me I could expect a few more hours before delivering, and went up to see another patient. My husband left for something to eat, and my mom stayed with me. I lay back down in the bed, and ask the nurse how I know when its "time" She says, you will feel like you need to have a BM. I said, I feel that now. She says, tell me when you can't hold it anymore. I said... I feel that now! She takes another peek, and sure enough OMG this baby is coming!!! They had to scramble to get everyone back... my husband, my midwife everyone!! LOL From the time they broke my water, to the time I delivered was just about 3 hours.

    The point of my "Story" Is I was crying because I thought I was being a wimp. How could I already want pain meds, when things are going to be SO MUCH WORSE? I thought, if things are unbearable now, what will they be like in 7 hours? Little did I know, I almost waited TOO LONG!! I was at the worst!
  • You're not a wimp. I was induced both pregnancies and I know how it is. The first one was the most difficult. I was progressing very slowly, and the doctor would come in with that super extra long needle to inject my cervix periodically. It was horrible and I wanted to kick him. That labor lasted 32 hours, and damn right they gave me the demerol stat. #:S
    The second was only 5 hours, and when they broke my water I was ready to go. I had the epi just in time;; when the nurse checked on me again, I said "I wanna push now!" She took a peep and ran out saying it's coming!!!!
    We are certainly no wimps. 32 hours of labor- HOORAH!! (like the marines shout)
  • It's much easier to be pregnant when it's cooler. I had my son in July, and my shoes didn't fit, and I had jumbo feet and a DDD cup. It was like carrying triplets 8}
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