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I had the scoliosis surgery 6 or 7 year ago....

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edited 06/11/2012 - 1:23 PM in Scoliosis
When I was 14 or 15 years old I had the back surgery for scoiosis.I was in so much pain when i had the surgery sometime i wish my mom just let my back stay like that cause now it's like my back it's not better it feel worst before I had the surgery I could sit long times or put up my nieces or nephew or walk long way or run. now it's just when i run or walk i get short of breath and now I got my own baby and i cant pick her up or play with her like I want to. When get the surgery They tell you that you are going to feel much better but thats a lie cause I feel worst and I didnt finish High School cause I could begin my own chair cause the chairs was to hard or I needed to get up to move around cause my back will hurting and now I'm 22 years old And I'm still in pain if u have any ? feel free to write anytime....


  • I was 14 when i had surgery for scoliosis also and i feel you so much about regretting the surgery. i wanted it because i thought it would help me be in less pain but once i had it, i was in just as much pain and had more complications because of it. i also couldn't finish high school because my back pain was constantly holding me back. i got my GED now im in college and I'm having a heck of time sitting in class for hours like that. In a way I'm glad to know some one understands me because the people around me just don't get what its like to have metal rods in your spine and how it affects the way you live and can hold you back so much. its like what can you do now that you pretty much screwed?
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