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5 weeks post op visit with NS

cyndi4evercyndi4ever Posts: 153
edited 06/11/2012 - 1:23 PM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Well I went to my visit, sat for my usual amount of waiting time.. NS came in and said I looked good and that he felt bad for the amount of pain I had to go through but he had to pull my muscles back for 5 hours while he did my surgery...My god I have so much hardware in me now, It almost made me sick to look at it... Rods and screws and rods protecting rods.. I asked him why it looked crooked and he said he was having a bad day.. (he was just teasing, but did tell me that I was very lucky to not come out with a halo... He still wants me in my collar till December and then a wean hour on and off... He took my collar off and had me move my neck and I likely passed out.. OMG.... So do what I have been doing keep walking and keep collar on... He still has all the restrictions on me..(I dont think he trust me)... so now its a waiting game.. He had no prob giving me my meds, but then again I have never given him reason to lose trust in me.... He says if your in pain your not going to heal... So thats it I guess, pretty good news....


  • Glad to hear you're doing well. It's good you have a good relationship with your NS. I was shocked too when I saw my post op xrays with all those rods and screws. I had a bone graft on L5-S1 due to severe degeneration. In short is was a 2 level TLIF/Laminectomy from L4-S1. SO far I'm 16 weeks out with all kinds of setbacks.
    How long will he give you meds? Not all NS do the same thing. I've read of one person here that was cut off after 2 weeks and referred to pain mgt. Others prescribe for 3-6 months; it all depends on the doctor.
    I was already in pain mgt when I had surgery. Both offices work together and I never had a lapse of medicine. I was on Fentanyl patches before the operation, then it was bumped up after.
    I hope you have a successful and speedy recovery =D>
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