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T 9 Fracture

AnonymousUserAnonymousUser Posts: 51,513
edited 06/11/2012 - 1:23 PM in Upper Back Pain, Thoracic
My husband has Stage 4 kidney cancer and one of the places he has mets is his spine. They are at T9 and T10 also at L1-3. Today we found out that his T9 is fractured.
Honest to God the doctor didn't really tell us what that meant. We kind of froze up the the word "fractured", I guess.
He is in a clinical study, that is working at this time.
In other words, the cancer has not spread in the 10 months he has been in the study. So, surgery is out unless we go off the study. Have to check and see if Zometa is allowed in the study, but otherwise, does anyone know what danger my husband is in since he has a fractured T-9?


  • Hi Debbie and Welcome to the boards.
    I'm sorry no one has responded earlier. The thoracic area is probably the area most doctors don't know or can't do a whole lot for us. My aunt has a thoracic fracture and they could not do anything for her. It did heal on its own over a long period of time. Now if its a compound fracture or something compressing blood vessels or body organs they probably will do surgery.

    Without knowing what kind of fracture its hard to know if your husband is in danger. Hairline fractures seem to be common among people who have lower immune, elderly and a lot of arthritis patients. I am not a doctor but my best guess is that your husband may have the latter. Doctors do forget to tell us the whole story sometimes, so we need to keep reminding them to explain things to us on our terms.

    Please keep us up to date. I'm sure glad your husband is doing so well in Clinical Study. Clinical studies are so important to the development of medical science and cures.

    Take care.
  • Hi, I think "fractured" can mean several things like cracked or chipped. In my case they call it a "compression" fracture which basically means crushed........and that's how I got my name. Problems with T9 seem to pretty rare.

    I would hope if it was dangerous they would have told you. Many doctors will just skim over things so you have to ask them to be specific.

    Hope he's feeling OK.
  • Hi,
    Thank you for the replies and the kind words.
    We talked with the doctor in depth today. Dan will begin on Zometa (which sounds wonderful to me!) next week.
    We also have an appointment for a consultation with the neurosurgeon that removed the massive tumor on Dan's back in December, 2007.
    The fracture is a compression fracture with 80% collapse.
    We are hoping to save the other bones that have the cancer.
    That is what the Zometa will help with.
    There are more bones involved than we thought. It's T2, T9,
    T10 and T11. Also L1-3.
    He also has cancer on his humerus bone L arm, and, of course, the L kidney and adrenal gland.
  • Debbie,

    I'm so sorry that it has become a more extensive problem. It's great news that he can still go on the Zometa.

    Please keep us updated and I'll be thinking of you both.

    Take care,
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