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Fighting Fentanyl!...God help me!

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,900
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:24 AM in Pain Medications
Hi all, my name is Lorraine, I am 44 and have been suffering with unexplained back pain for a few years. In January of this year after a short stay in hospital my back pain became so severe that I was unable to even clean myself after the toilet. Having tried a few tablets my Dr prescribed Fentantyl Patches. That was some nine months ago now, yes they have helped with the pain, they are great as far as that is concered, but now my friends I find myself in a situation that I would never of dreamed of, I have become dependant on the patches, completly! Me, I've never smoked or drunk and nver dabbled in anything that I was not supposed to put in my body, yet, now I have been reffered to my local drug re-abilitation centre and may now be treated with Methadone to free me from Fentatnyl. This medicne has ruined my life!! I feel suicidal at times because I feel so low with it all. I am now on 50mcgs per hour and change the patch every 30-36 hours depending on how bad the withdrawels become. Sometimes I have felt as if I am dying. I wish I could just rip the patch off and go cold turkey but I know I would not be able to withstand the withdrewels. The thing is, even, now, they do not have a proper diagnosis of my back problem!?! I was just sent away with the patch, reffered to a pain clinic which it took 7 months before I was seen which by this time I was already dependant on the patches. I feel I have been neglected and just left to get on with thigs by myself, I have spent the best part of 90% of my time laying down because I feel so unwell all of the time. I just hope to god the drug people can help me but I am so scared to go onto Methadone....I am in tears here, I just can't think straight, 27 hours since last changed the patch and already I feel nauseus and sweating....any advice please? Has anyone here managed to come free of Fentatnyl?....Please help? Love Lorraine x


  • LollyHope said:
    Hi all, my name is Lorraine, I am 44 and have been suffering with unexplained back pain for a few years. x
    Hi Lorraine and welcome to the forum,
    First off, I see two seperate issues here. #1 is your "unexplained" back pain and #2 is your dependance on the pain med. I think in order to help with the one you need help with the other. So.....my first question is have you had an MRI? Seen a neurosurgeon, orthopedic surgeon? I would suggest that you first try to get a diagnosis of the back problem and then when you have a plan on how to address that pain (surgery maybe?) you work on getting off the pain meds. Seems to me if you get off the pain meds first and then still have the back pain you will not be able to deal with the back pain.

    Of course I am not a medical expert and my opinions are just that "my opinions" but I wish you a lot of luck and I hope that you will be able to get help with both problems.

  • Hi there, thank you for yur reply. Yes, this is an issue I have brought up with the pain clinic and nothing seems to get done and I have to wait ages to see anyone, I have'nt seen my consultant since July and have received no further appointment! They say they will deal with pain when I am off med's?....So despondent, I feel I need to make a complaint about my treatemnet but do not have the energy at this time. I have no idea what the pain will be like without the meds but at this time how I fel now I would welcome the pain with open arms! Just need to get off these patches, I had a better quality of life with the pain. I feel this is a case of neglect but what can I do when I am so unwell? Just so scared of being put on Methadone, but, if that is the only way to get off these then I have no choice, feel so alone.....Lorraine x
  • Welcome to Spine Health. LJ is right, the fact that you have not been properly diagnosed looms large. For a person to be detoxed off of pain meds without having resolution to the original source of pain, is at times, a set up for failure. The doc that did my detox would not have done it without knowing the source of my pain was removed. He was adamant about the fact that in his opinion and experience, the odds are not good when trying to detox a person without addressing the source of pain.

    What kind of program are you being referred too? What kind of treatment plan do they have you on? Are you aware that there's a difference between dependence and addiction?

    Hang in there and drop in here anytime you need to scream, holler, cry or chat.

  • Hi there C, this is the thing, no one seems to be clear on any issue to do with my dependency/addiction or my back pain?....I just can't fight them, I have tried all I can and I'm just not being heard! They are neglecting me, I know this but I am powerless in my treatment! I am now referred to a local drug reabilitation centre to start detox via Methadone, they say when I am clear of Fentanyl then, and only then, will they work with me on my pain? I am thinking of contacting my local MP and starting to make a complaint but I am so unwell. I am an anxious person and they say I make things worse because of my anxiety, well, yes, I guess I do, but I am anxious because of the situation I am in and the lack of care I am receiving....I am only human after all, anyone would be anxious and depressed in the same situatuion.
  • Are you aware that Methadone is also used in pain relief? So even though they may be taking you off of the Fentynal, that you should get pain relief from the Methadone.

    What country are you in? Some of the terms you are using, I am not familiar with.

    Who made the decision and why, for you to get off of the Fentynal? I understand that you said you had a better life with pain, but what was the driving factor? Just asking these questions, in order to get a better handle on what's going on.

  • Sorry C, MP is for member of parliment. I was the one who decided I needed to get off of Fentanyl, mainly because I just can't stand the withdrawels and being so dependent on them! Methadone is used for treatment?...I did'nt know that, I guess there is alot of stigma attatched to the drig! I am worried that I will feel high on mehtadone or soemthing like that....so confuesed, I am not making much sense I guess, sorry!
  • "Methadone is a narcotic pain reliever, similar to morphine. It also reduces withdrawal symptoms in people addicted to heroin or other narcotic drugs without causing the "high" associated with the drug addiction."

    There are many Spine Health members who are using methadone as their primary pain management drug. I'm sure once they log on they will contribute to your thread and help explain it better.

  • I used fentanyl for a few months and it made me crazy litteraly. I could not handle the effects of the patch, I was always on the edge for no reason and always mad for nothing. My body just did not like the side effects.

    What other medication are you taking with pain meds. like a nerve med, lyrica or neurotin, or muscle relaxers, or antiflamatory, sometime using a few medications together will help so you can take a narcotic that are not so strong.
  • That's the whole problem with pain medications, getting physicaly addicted to them when all you wanted was some relief for the pain. Whether you are an addict or not, you are going to go through the same w/d's.

    It's all pretty sad and I am so sorry you are going through this. I have a friend that is taking methadone for pain and is trying to come off of them becuase she believes(and I have read) that the methadone, after being on it for over a year is making her pain worse. She is slowly decreasing the dosage but is a very slow process. I would try to stay away from the methadone if at all possible. Just my opinion.

    Good luck and my thoughts and prayers are with you.

  • :< Lorraine,

    I am a chronic pain patient myself your story rings a very familiar bell. The "Patch" is a life saver for some, but I like you, almost died using it as perscribed. I grew tolerant and had a PM Dr. who kept changing the BT meds and couldn't figure out what was screwing me up psychologically.

    Get away from it if at all possible. Sounds to me you are going through unnecessary withdrawals and need immediate professional attention. Someone should be titrating you off the Fentanyl patch gradually, 25mcg.,15mcg.(micro) then off under professional supervision. DO NOT go cold turkey, please, I have BTDT...50mcg + x 3 Percocet 10/325 +3 Valium 10mg., and threw it all in the trash.

    I will spare you the GORY details of "cold turkey" just please get medical help immediately. IMHO this medication is for end life stage pain, and my new PM Dr. agrees. I feel so sorry for you, god bless, things will get better. If you try it alone let me know I did it and it was 1 solid week of pure hell there are small things you can do like stay hydrated.
  • I know someone too who is on 100 mcg of it too, and everyone thinks it's way too much medication. We are unsure of of exact diagnosis to justify such a high dose. That person never had spinal surgery. Oxy is the other med that the person is on for short acting relief. This person falls asleep in the middle of sentences, or in front of the fridge. Their spouse thinks it's too much and is afraid there is addiction going on. This person doesn't seem to be in pain to need that much medications. And there is always talk about feeling withdrawal symptoms from the patches, and I wondered how could that happen. My friend is always saying the meds don't work anymore.
    Is methadone appropriate for this case? I heard methadone withdrawals are bad too. Does it sound like addiction or dependence?
  • I had problems with side effects at first for a few months, until I put it on my stomach above the bellybutton. After my fusion I went from 25 to 50, and then every 2 days instead of 3. The only thing I may feel is a little more pain on the day I put the new one on. I have Norco for BT pain, and have meds for nerve pain, muscle spasms, and inflammation.
    I never felt a high or euphoria on Fentanyl. I feel nothing at all. It helps me not to be bedridden all the time. I know my body would go in withdrawal if I stopped cold turkey. That's called tolerance because you have gotten used to having this chemical in your central nervous system, and it has binded to receptors in your brain. (I hope this is technically correct).
    To sum it all up, if you take your medication as directed for a legitimate pain recognized by your doctor, then there is less chance of addiction. I think I recall that most chronic pain sufferers have a less chance of that happening.
    When you start taking narcotics on a long term basis, it is very important to educate yourself about the drug and its potential side effects, in my opinion.
  • I took Fentenayl for about 3 months. Unfortunately I reacted badly to it (nausea, vomiting, weight loss, fogginess, etc.). I didn't realize for about three months that it was the Fentenayl, because I had been started on a pretty extensive list of new medications, so I wasn't sure which was the culprit. My doctors had all told me not to wean off the patch myself, because it can be very dangerous. I was so sick and tired of being sick and tired, though, that I started weaning myself off alone, rather than waiting for a doctor to help. (I'm not advocating this approach, as it can potentially be miserable and dangerous!)
    It was fairly easy for me to get off the medication, because I am a lucky person who seems to have the complete opposite of an 'addictive personality'. I have taken narcotics for almost ten years straight, and never struggled with dependence.
    I think sometimes that when medication itself is making you sick for whatever reason (in your case, addiction withdrawl symptoms), that pain can become wrapped up in your existing chronic pain and make you hurt even worse, making you feel like you need medication even more, and on and on and on. Truly a vicious cycle. I think Meydey made a good point about the difference in the brain between 'tolerance' and 'addiction'. While it's not to say you don't have pain, a less intense pain medication such as Darvocet would probably be a better starting point. Fentenayl is near the top of the narcotic continuum, and seems to me to be a MAJOR drug to put someone on who has limited experience/tolerance to taking narcotics.
    I would suggest asking the doctors to both help you with you addiction issues (both from a physical withdrawl place and a psychological stand point -- it won't get better until you tackle both issues!) Once you get the addiction under control and are able to safely get off the Fentenayl completely, I think you should reassess your back pain with a doctor you trust, and reevaluate what kind of lower dose (perhaps non-narcotic) pain medication would be appropriate. I think it's extremely important that you share with future doctor's what you have experienced with Fentenayl, because that can help them better Rx an appropriate drug that works both with your physical pain needs, and your addiction background. After getting off Fentenayl, hopefully you'll be able to find a clearer diagnosis now that your pain isn't muddled by an addiction.

    I must give you major kudos for having the guts to post on here saying you have a problem that you want to tackle. It's not easy to admit that something like this has gotten out of control, and I can't commend you enough for not only admitting to it, but even recognizing it in the first place. Your clear vision of your problem and your desire to be clean of this makes me confident that you are going to have the strength and commitment you'll need to get past this issue! Please don't get frightened or delayed by any pre-conceived notions about Methodone treatment either - go in and get knowledgeable...That's the absolute BEST next step you could take!
    Best of luck!
  • Thank you everyone for your kind posts. I am unsure of what really has happened to me, the past 9 months now seem like a blur! All I know is that I have never felt 'right' since starting the Patches and I had repeatedly told my Dr this! The patch works fine for pain but at around 22-24 hrs I start to feel aggitated, my tummy quivers, I get uncontrollable goose bumps and start to cold sweat! I go througfh this everyday and have to cionstantly struggle, I feel so nauseus at times that I spend the best part of the day laying down. I wish I could just take the patch off and have the strengh to go cold turky and get it over with in a matter of weeks, but, I am not a strong person, I have a phobia of being sick, so the nausea is distressing for me, nad because of this situataion I have become a more anxious person! This is it you see, all that I am now is not 'me' I have never smoked or drank or ever had the desire to dabble, I do not have an addictive personalty! If someone had of told me that I would be dependent on a drug this time last year I would of laughed in their face, but, here I am, my day, my life governed by a patch. I sometimes feel like ending it all now as I feel which ever way I turn I am just going round in circles. I can't even function properly from day to day, I don't go out, I find it difficult to wash, because I just end up in a sweat, after a shower I'm putting clean clothes on a wet body of sweat! So, I am then left with Methadone, another addictive drug! Seems like this will never end, I want my life and body back, I don't know why these patches have affected me so much and I don't know why I absorb them or whatever so quickly, I am just me....and I'm so lost. Right now I would welcome back the pain and swap it for this so called life, my Dr should never of put me on this patch without trying everything else first!
  • There is a misconception that anyone who uses or needs opiates for pain relief is an addict. The huge difference is an addict uses the drugs for euphoric "getting high" feeling. A chronic pain patient who uses the medications over a prolonged period of time will grow tolerant to the current dosage then you will require some type of titration either up or down, or to a different medication all together thus the dependence. Your central nervous system has become accustomed to operating on a certain level of the medication in your system and thus the dependence.

    The "Patch" as I stated is a Godsend for some, just not me. I was put on the patch in the dead of winter when my specific pain is the worst. The weather warmed up and I became much more active heating my core temperature thus releasing the medication much more rapidly than when I was more sedentary. Results...Tolerance...More titration. I feel like I'm rambling, for that I apologize.

    God-Bless and get well soon.
  • hurtzallot said:
    Watch your step

    Timeout I would consult with your PCP and EXHAUST all avenues before I even though about using the Fentanyl Patch. I have been prescribed almost the whole gambit of pain medications and the "Patch" was the absolute worst. Different strokes for different folks. Educate yourself to wits end before you make this step. Now I'm seeing tons of ambulance chasers begging for the relatives of those who have died from this medication to call their firm to "cash" in. This should speak volumes.
    You are confusing me sir/ma'am. In one thread you say to "watch your step" and "exhaust all avenues" and now you are saying it's a Godsend for some.

  • Just leave people alone. There is no need to try and catch a person contradicting themselves. EDITED
  • Never have figured out cut and paste, 2 separate issues. Read the replies carefully Godsend, end life stage pain reliever. Depends where you stand in your quest for pain relief. I am not YET nor does Lorraine sound terminal or sedentary. Not trying to confuse the issue she sounds as if she is suffering withdrawal and in need of an adjustment for a wastebasket diagnoses. How/Why would any professional (after a few tablets) put a patient on such a powerful potent narcotic pain reliever without a medical diagnoses? IMHO. There should of been a medical explanation to the root of her pain before a Dr. started handing out something a little more strong than a few tablets, trying to fix something that's not been diagnosed other than my back hurts from the patient.

    8> Sorry for the confusion.
  • Are you saying you are addicted to the medication because of getting high from it or are you saying your body has become dependent on the medication because you were prescribed it for pain?

    One person commended you for admitting your addiction, but I didnt think you were addicted.
    If you were, if you dont mind, what did you get addicted to? I have been on the patch before and I never felt any highs or lows from it.

    I was just curious.

    Good luck to you.

  • suziee said:
    Just leave people alone. There is no need to try and catch a person contradicting themselves. I think you are just being plain mean.
    As you can see, hurtzallot understood what I was trying to ask and I appreciate the concise explanation.

    When I reply to a thread, I do my utmost to reply to the originator in a manner that is in keeping with the original question or subsequent discussion. If I have mis-information to go off of, it can make a big difference in the discussion and subsequent outcome.

  • "I find myself in a situation that I would never of dreamed of, I have become dependent on the patches, completely! ... I am now on 50mcgs per hour and change the patch every 30-36 hours depending on how bad the withdrawels become."

    I agree there is a HUGE difference between 'addiction' and physical tolerance or dependence. When I was on Fentenyal (like everyone else who has been on it) I was told to follow the doctor's orders to the letter, and if I wanted to get off the patches (or have my dose increased), to have my doctor guide me through the process. This is because there is no WAY you can take a medicine as powerful as this and not become physically dependent, in that your body experiences the classic signs of withdrawl when you suddenly take the patch off.

    What worries me is Lorraine's comments that I copied above - that she is changing the patches every 30-36 hours due to WITHDRAWL, not necessarily pain. If she is changing them on her own time line (and contradicting her doctor's orders) then I would say if she's not already addicted, she's one the fast path to being so.

    Either way - with the despair she is obviously going through, I think it's critical that she get help for these meds that in her own words have 'ruined' her life, and get some counseling for the pain (both physically and mentally) that she has been dealing with. I think having her head in the right place will help tremendously with having the courage and stamina to find a correct diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • Am I an addict?...I don't know so I can't answer anyones question as to wheather I am addicted or dependent!! All I know is that at around 20 hrs plus my body begind to experience soem horrible effects, nausea, bone cold sweats, shaking, aggitated, uncontrollable goosbumps, no energy!! So, what can I say more than that?....All I know is that I never should of been given this Fentanyl in the first place and that I have been left to my own devices with no follow up or care, apart from 6 months on when I FINALLY got my pain clinic appintmnet! I am a victim here of neglect, but really, Dr's and how powerful they are and how they stick togther on issues' like this! I am ONE on my own. For the record, I have never been a smoker, drinker or ever dabbled in any drugs!! I have not got an addictive nature, like I said, this is not me, this is the person I have become through Fentanyl and NO fault of my own! I idi not self subscribe, I tole the Dr I was feeling sick for a long time and all she said was 'At least it is controlling the pain' And yes, great, I do not have any pain at any time, not apart from the extreme pain of losing ALL the my quality of life....great a? I would welcome back my back pain right now!! I cam here for help and I am thankful for all your replys, but please, this is my life I am talking about here, not a quiz on if I am addicted or not....I DO NOT KNOW if I am addicted, like I said, I only know the terrible way I am feeling!

    I am cutting down to the two patches again tonight, I tried it some 2 weeks ago via the Dr and it was'nt so successful but I am so desperate to be free of this drug I am going to try again with just the 37mcgs per hour (Via 2 Patches 12mcg and 25 mcg) Please Wish me luck, Lorraine xXx
  • Wishing you lots of luck. Patsy
  • For that your doctor would have to convince the insurance company to allow you to change it under 48 hours. It is listed as quantity limited. In essence, the person would put on a new patch daily. I guess that would be in very extreme cases. I got this info from my insurance plan when they asked my if I wanted Fentanyl mail ordered. I said you can't, it is a schedule II. Obviously the rep didn't know that. Then we talked some more and I was told about the quantity issue.
    I'm fortunate to be on the 2 day; it works better in my case.
  • Lorraine,

    First please let me say that I'm so sorry you are going through this. I am not a medical professional, and the following are just opinions, based on my own experience.

    I've been a pain patient for many years and the first question I would ask is, do you feel a high or a sense of euphoria from the Fentanyl? If so, has this caused you to use more of the drug than your doctor has prescribed, to get that feeling?

    If your answer is no, then you are not an addict. It just means that because you have taken this medication for an extended period, your body has built up a tolerance to it or what is referred to as physical dependence. When your body starts to metabolize a medication differently or more rapidly, your blood plasma levels can drop and you can experience the symptoms of withdrawl. This can happen with any narcotic medication. Not just Fentanyl.

    Many people have to change the Fent patch sooner than the manufacturer recommends, because they metabolize it faster than other people might. It sounds to me, like this is what may have happened to you. And now that you are cutting back on the medication, the w/d symptoms are getting worse.

    The reason the clinic wants to start you on Methadone is more than likely twofold. They are hoping to stem the w/d symptoms and also provide you with pain relief in the process. (since your pain is still not controlled or cured)

    If you tend to be a more hyper person, either physically or emotionally, it can cause you to metabolize your medication faster, and if you are the type who is usually warm or perspires, this can also cause faster metabolization, especially with transdermal patches.

    I am sorry your doctor is not giving you help with all of this. Is there someone who can go with you to the doctor's office and help to be an additional advocate for you? Sometimes, another person can help us to get our point across to the doctor. And they can also remember what the doctor says, in case we miss something. A friend of mine always brings her husband with her to make sure she is getting through to the doctor and is understanding him in return. We can all get a bit flustered, especially when we are anxious or sick.

    I can't advise you whether to take one medication over another, but I hope this can help you to understand what might be happening to you at the moment. I wish you the very best of luck and will send positive thoughts and energy your way.

  • Mitzi thank you for your response. What you said here:

    'If you tend to be a more hyper person, either physically or emotionally, it can cause you to metabolize your medication faster, and if you are the type who is usually warm or perspires, this can also cause faster metabolization, especially with transdermal patches.'

    Yes, I am very anxious and get highly strung at times, and yes again, I do perspire alot!....So I guess all this in all adds to the absorbtion rate?....yes. I have to change at 36 hours!! By then I am withdrawing!

    Anyway, I was back at the Drs today and they have now decided to take me off the patch and put me on 'DIYHYDROCODEINE' tablest. 4 x 30 mgs a aday.

    This change was recommended by the Drugs counsellor too.
    I must admit I am TERRIFIED to try this and my Dr has given me time to think about it over the weekend. What worries me is taking the patch off, and, even though I will have these tablets, I am afraid of withdrwing from the Fentanyl!!

    It's all so confusing and I just don't know what to do for the best. I have thought about Detox but Doc say's they will not fund this and we just do not have the money ourselves, we would, and will if it comes to it, sell all we have in our home. That may sound drastic but I am givening this some thought, does'nt seem right though, none of this does!

    Does anyone her have any experience of DIYHYDROCODEINE? Alone or changing to from Fentanyl?

    Thank you again for all your replys, your care and kindness is very much appretiated....Thank you.

    Love Lorraine x
  • I don't have any experience with it.
    But I will say some good words to my good friend (from above)
    and I'm sure someone will give you the answers and help you need.
    Sending you good Wishes and Thoughts through the Air.
    Patsy a Friend that Care from Spine Health.

    p.s. even though it may not look like I read your post. because I do not post(often). I'm sure there are many like me that read it every day. and I (maybe many) just think about your pains and struggles and we keep them thoughts with us so we can pray in All are different ways to help you overcome your problems and fears.

    Giving you a Patsy hug and a ladybug pinch of luck!
  • Hi Lorraine,

    First, I just want to reiterate, I am not a medical professional. I just have a lot of years of my own chronic pain under my belt and tend to be the type to research conditions and treatments really thoroughly. These are just my opinions, based on my experience or that of people that I know. I also lost 2 very beloved family members due to the side effects or interactions of medication. I'm not anti-medication at all though. I take meds myself. I just do a lot of research before I take anything.

    Dihydrocodeine or DHC is usually prescribed as "Panlor". I have a relative who has taken this instead of methadone, because she is an opiate addict. But I've read that it is commonly used as a pain reliever too.

    Panlor is a combination drug that has dihydrocodeine, aspirin and caffeine in it. I don't know if DHC is prescribed as a stand alone drug or just as a combination like Panlor. It is actually cheaper than Methadone (which is pretty inexpensive itself) and is thought to be less difficult to wean off of. Methadone builds up in a different way than most other opiates/opioids. It takes Methadone a lot longer to build up and also to leave your bloodstream. From what I've read, Panlor acts more like other opiates, in that it builds up and leaves the system more quickly. I *think* it comes in both time released and instant release forms. If so, your doctor should tell you which kind is being prescribed for you.

    Because you seem to have quite a bit of concern about opiate/opioid meds to begin with, this might be a better option for you. (Also, just my opinion) I would definitely make sure that you check with your pharmacist before taking it to make sure it doesn't interact with any of the other medications you might be taking. I would recommend this before taking any new medication. I'm one of those who believe that pharmacists know way more about medications than the docs do.

    Either way, your doctor should monitor your changes very closely. My pain doc would never discontinue one medication and put me on another, without having me either come in to the office or call in every couple of days, to see how I was adjusting. If your doctor does not suggest this, I would definitely bring it up. With any experienced doctor, this should be standard procedure.

    I don't know if this helps, but I thought I'd throw it out there. Again, I can't advise you as to what you should do. It has to be between you and your doctor. Don't be afraid to ask questions. If any doctor that I saw, had a problem with my asking questions, I would definitely find a new doctor. I am sending good thoughts your way and if you want to PM me, I would be happy to reply or help in any way that I can. Even if it's just to vent off a little steam, as they say. Warm hugs, Mitzi

  • Hi again all, well, I done it!....I pulled off the patch and went 'cold turkey' from the patch!

    So, As you all know I had been going through an awful time with the 50mgs patch for some 9 months, and, well, I became desperate in the and and ripped the thing off. I took some 30mg of Diazepam to try to put me to sleep to see me through the worst. Well, the worst happend. I became very distressed by the withdrawels and to cut a 'very' long story short I ended up in A&E and was kept in hospital for two nights as I was in so much distress both pyhsically and mentally. I begged them that no matter what I did not want the patch put back on me!!

    The futher 4 days were not good but I had great support from my local Mats team (Mental assessment team) The anxiety was almost unbearble and all else that goes with it and withdrawels!! I know not all of you will agree with my method of coming off but I really had no other choice as I was so at my wits end! I am now 20 days free!!...I am in quite some pain physically, I only have Co Codomol for the back pain now, my sleep pattern is awful and I am tired all the time.

    On the positive, I am now back driving, when I feel well enough, and I have started Hydrotherapy, and, my funding has been granted for my MRI Scan, at long last I may now get a diagnosis!! The Drs are really pulling out all they can do for me now, looks like they have finally sat up and taken notice. It's sad though how the situation had to reach a crisis point before they began to listen to me.

    Well, so, life I could'nt say is great at the moment and I am still struggling somewhat, everything is such a huge bodily effort! But, I'm getting there now, I try not to ask 'what kind of life is this?' and instead try to think more about "What kind of life can I build?"

    My love to you all, many thanks again for all your kind commnets and support, I'll keep in touch and let you know how I'm doing and also to see how you all are!

    Take care and god bless.

    Love Lorraine xXx
  • That's great you've changed the patch to something else. I hope you get your MRI and find out the cause of your pain. Really no one should have to wait so long for an MRI. With my condition I had my pain med doubled yesterday because of the pain I've had for 9 months and off work. I find with percocet and me don't mix too well but I take one once in a while for breakthrough pain. Keep us posted how you're doing. Take care. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
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