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Why do you come to these forums and What do you expect

dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 9,721
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:24 AM in Spine-Health Announcements
There are many different medical online forums. I am sure that when a person registers they have reasons as to
Why they chose this site
What are you expectations, what are you looking for?

I am sure that there are other web sites that have more detailed information regarding one subject or another. But is the information and articles all that someone is looking for?
I think understanding Why someone picks a web site and What they hope to gain is something that is very important for us to understand.

Tell us about what brought you here and what are you looking for?
Ron DiLauro Spine-Health System Administrator
I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences
You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com


  • The reason I am here is two-fold. This website was suggested in the packet from my Drs. I believe one of doctors co-founded this website??? I also chose this site because of all the first hand information from post surgical patients. The only one's who know what it is like are those who share your pain or have similar concerns to their conditions. I am looking for information on what to expect pre and post op. Exercises to expedite recover and just to talk to people who can understand some of the frustrations that go along with diagnosis and treatment of medical concerns. I am thankful for this site.

  • [I am sure that there are other web sites that have more detailed information regarding one subject or another. But is the information and articles all that someone is looking for?]

    I gathered info from a lot of different places. One, we already discussed. The reason I went there, when I was already here, was that it was actually the guy's journey through his ordeal. He had obtained his MD but posted his films with explanations (in laymen's terms).

    I gathered info but after looking at dates on his post's, I saw he hadn't been there to post in a while (months). So, i came back here. The personal ordeal that I was going through and others had been or were going through....I needed somebody who knew. I had run out of family and friends. That's what I found and still find here. We ask each other every morning how is pain today? And we mean it!! And then we go on. We don't dwell on it...unless it's a bad day or some hard-head ain't telling the truth. We just have a place in our day for empathizing with one another and then we go on with what we have made of our lives.

    That's my take on why I'm here. (oh yea...find out if there are any new good drugs....heh heh)
  • I stumbled upon this site while googling spondylolisthesis. I first read a blog entitled "How I decided to have back surgery" written by someone named Dawn. It was really the first positive story I had read. It took some time before I actually found the forum where I lurked for a few months. I really did not even know that such forums existed. It was really helpful just reading everyone's posts. It was comforting knowing that there were other people dealing with the same problems, so I decided to register and ask some questions of my own. I have really enjoyed being part of this forum, getting and giving support with fellow Spineys. While laid up from surgery, it has been really great to have somewhere I can "get away", where people understand what I am going through. So anyway, thanks Spine Health for existing, you have helped me through a rough time >:D< :* Cali-Sue
  • I was looking for a forum where there were others that could understand what I was going through and also a place to vent without having to blow my husband's mind with how I felt and thought about my pain and situation (and fears).

    What kept me here were the people that I met who were "real". Like Ben said, they waited for you each day and made sure to greet you and sincerely ask how you are.

    I have tried other forums, but many were too "mentality specific". Some were so political, I wondered what good it was doing their pain issues. They spend more time discussing politics than their health issues.

    Spine Health members work at helping others to overcome issues, not dwell and wallow in them.

    Other forums are too "lovey dovey" and have no meat to them. They are great about welcoming new members, but once there, there's no real help. Yes a hug can help, but only for so long.

    I participated in one online newsgroup and the rules were set by one individual, and if you stepped across the line that was set by this individual you were warned and then banned. Nothing other than "positive feedback" was allowed. So if you told another member that they needed to pick themselves up and take responsibility for their situation, it was too negative.

    Spine Health is smart enough to know that there are times when a person needs to hear the harsh reality of things.

    I have had times where I get fed up with the BS that ebbs and flows from SH and I take "breaks" from it. I have to for my own sanity. I can't live in the "pain" that most members live in every day. I have to get away from the "focused suffering" and clear my mind and my soul.

    One last thing and Ben already mentioned it, is information. I have gotten some of the best factual information from this site and from the forum discussions.

  • :) i came to SH to meet like minded people. :X people who deal with pain everyday. people i could talk to other than my husband. i know he must get tired of my pain! i have found a second home where i care bout the other "spineys" and a few might care about me. >:D< SH has changed since i first joined, but i am hoping the changes will be for the better. i love the moderators, they are terrific!! i expect love and kindness from anyone i might encounter on the forum. i expect the truth and that is often the hardest information to not only give but take. :T Jenny :)
  • I found SH when I was desperatley looking for someone to understand (my bf and I had just broke up due to my injury). I checked out other forums, but what appealed to me about SH was how well rounded it is. I can vent about my pain, cry about how upset I am, then scroll down and laugh at some jokes. SH lets helps me deal with more aspects than just the pain. Cause as we all know it affects everything.

    I lurked around the sight for weeks, what finally convinced me to join is when I read a post from someone who was in pain from something not related to the spine, but the members still welcomed her with open arms. That's what gave me the confidence to join (I was scared of rejection due to the bf).

    Thanks to everyone at SH. Don't know if I could do it with out you.
  • totally by accident. I had just had surgery and was amazed at the info that was available here. But what was more amazing to me was that so many people were suffering the same exact problems that I was. For the past 4 years I thought that I was one of the few people that had such excruciating pain and having such a difficult time getting a diagnosis. Now I know that I am actually one of the multitudes. It was such a blessing to gain the knowledge and support that I found here and I am so thankful that I continue to come here in order to provide support to others that are afraid and feeling alone just like I was when I found this site. I have been through the gamut and I would have given anything to find this site years ago. This is the first forum that I have ever belonged to but since joining I have visited others. I guess that I like the set up of this site and the people much better than any other sites that I have visited.
  • I found spine-health post surgery looking for information as to what i just did to myself. However i didn't join at that time as i soon returned to work and was to busy. I stumbled on the site again when looking for information of what they were doing in the second surgery but still didn't join. Just keep surfing around and reading the information and the forums. Then one day i read a post by someone who was in relatively the same position as i and thought i could help. Rather hesitant at first to make a post(internet virgin) and then they posted again and i responded. I soon learned i was not alone and that there were people who understood the pain. I then got hooked on meeting people from all over the world and chatting with them and exchanging information and ideas. Spine-health soon became my escape as we began using the chat rooms and somedays laughing harder than i had laughed in a long time. But more importantly we all shared something in common and i learned it was okay to express my thoughts about what was happening to me and someone really understood and could help me through it.

  • I found this site while searching for info on spondy, stenosis and DDD.It has been a wonderful wealth of info and I do use other sites as well, knowledge is power in my book.This is the only one I actively participate in, I tried one bigger all medical conditions board that has terrible mod's and is very "cliquey" IMHO.I have tried my best to give back in my answers when I can, I do ned to get more in the welcoming mode too.

    Thank you Spine-Health!!!!
  • I found this site totally by accident :O . I was looking for answers that the doctors couldnt give me :? . I started chatting with members on here :S , i found i wasnt alone. They started to tell me about themselves, and it was as though they were talking about me :) . I started to feel this weight lifting #:S . I am from england :S , and the people her are so nice and welcoming :) , we chat some times about our problems :S , sometimes we have a good laugh and forget for a while :))( . This site is so addictive, and i thank everyone for welcoming me here >:D< . I also have my close friends here :) , they know who they are, who have given me extreme support and understanding :O , somthing i wouldnt get in life ;) . I love you guys. >:D<

    Angie x
  • I found this site pre-surgery when looking for info about recovery from anterior/posterior fusion. I found so much good information about what I would need and might expect that I - like several other people mentionned - just read the posts for weeks before getting up the courage to post myself. (Never posted to a web site before.) But I thought that - having been helped by the info here myself - maybe I could provide information from my own experiences that might help others.

    One thing I have appreciated about this site is that the moderators do a nice job of monitoring - keeping out things like posts that are really an ad for somebody's "cure" or those that might be offensive or derogatory. Thank you!

  • I found this site after my first surgery. I was trying to find out what just happened to me. The first surgery caught me off guard, but the second surgery had me much more informed due to Spine-Health. The people here have always been supportive and willing to share there experiance with others. The mods do a great job at keeping the board focused and on track. Plus I have made some new friends that understand what I am going through as well as me being able to understand them. Thanks Spine-Health.
  • I found this site when I was looking up "annular tear" I then found the posts and then the chat room. Everyone has answered my posts even just to let me know I was not alone out there. Even if you came in here angry, looking for answers, the friendlessness of the site tames the lonely lost soul. Thank you all who helped a few weeks ago. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • I felt completely alone, afraid, and not knowing if I was being told the right thing. Finding this site is great. Others have been through my situation (and much more). So far, everyone has been great. I appreciate straight forward honesty. I typically have to fight with doctors to get the whole truth. My husband, family, and friends can only understand this to a point. They are wonderful and caring but cannot relate to this. I needed to find a place that I could go so I can ask questions, vent, and feel comfortable. I still scared as can be and not sure what to do. But I know that I will keep coming back here as I go down whichever path I must for advice, support, and maybe a good smack between the eyes. :))(

    Thanks to Spine Health for creating such a site.
  • Like everyone else, I arrived here purely by accident, surfing the web for that much needed information. I no longer felt isolated by my impairment. There were actually people who understood - literally - what I was going through. I found better ways to explain things to my family and to communicate ideas/needs to my PM doctor. Finding ways to cope thanks to the trials and errors of complete strangers. Finding that after taking all I could from SH members, that I was actually able to give back a little bit (which felt so good to be 'useful' again!).

    This was the first website I visited (to address my pain issues). Why go elsewhere? Well, I actually did go to another website, but it was for WC issues. I found the format was nothing compared to S-H. S-H is more user friendly.

    So, Ron, are you fishing for compliments? :?

    GREAT JOB MODERATORS AND MEMBERS!!! KEEP IT UP!!! YOU ARE APPRECIATED AND LOVED AND, YES, EVEN ADMIRED FOR ALL YOU DO!!! I woudl bow to you all, but I don't see that smiley up top here.... So I will just give you all a great big >:D< >:D< >:D<

    Peace out -

  • This was the first website of its type that I came across in search of more information regarding the possiblity of the FDA getting around to approving bi-level ADR. I have spent so long (3 years) on pain medication and muscle relaxants waiting for this to occur so that my medical insurance will pay for the procedure. My quality of life is horrible. I do not know where to turn ....
  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 9,721
    Jeaux, that belongs to you guys... You are the ones that keep this site going and keep it strong.
    The owners want something to happen
    The moderators try to see that it happens
    The Members MAKE it Happen

    Jeaux, you are a super person, you know what needs to be said how it should be said and so much more....
    Thanks for supporting Spine-Health
    Ron DiLauro Spine-Health System Administrator
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences
    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com
  • I found this site when I was told that I needed a laminectomy and fusion, and I started searching the internet looking for videos/animations of spine surgery procedures. I found what I was looking for and more on spine-health.com

    I kind of stumbled on the forums and what I found was a membership with a camaraderie that I had not seen or experienced on any other message board before.
    Keep positive!


    ...an old timer here and ex-moderator

  • I came here when i did search looking for answers from my mri i had about a year ago....
  • Makes me want to say "Well, hell yeah!"

    Very nicely put. I agree with all of it!

  • I found SH when looking for drug information. What I found was much appreciated information, support from others who were having pain just like me, and advice and understanding.

    It made me feel better to realize that I am not alone in my pain, that there are other people who understand what I am going through.

    I appreciate finding out about different possibilities (procedures, medications, exercises, etc.), things that have helped others and may help me. To be able to find out what to expect from procedures or medications, to hear what other's experiences have been. And I've learned that everyone is different, and it helps to hear a range of experiences.

    I joined when I read posts asking questions where I felt I could provide my experience as a source of information for others. And realized that there were questions I had that people here might be able to answer.

    SH is a great site, with a lot of wonderful people, willing to share of themselves, and offer understanding and support to other spineys needing help. I am grateful for the site, and happy to be able to contribute in my small way.
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