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Thoughts for my little girl :)

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,731
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:24 AM in Matters of the Heart
Can I have some good thoughts for my 12 yr old O:)
She went to the drs tonight and has bells palsy :''( I never thought it could happen to little kids but I guess it does more then we think.
They tried testing her for lymes incase that was doing it, but could not get a vein. So they want her to drink alot tomorrow and come back to get it done.
One thing after another. I guess whoever is upstairs dishes it out to people that can handle it!!

Poor little thing missed school today because of course her smile is way off, she talks strange, and her eye is so dry it itches so bad, now its starting to water a bit.
We have her on benedryl for now to see if that will help the itchys.
Lets just hope it does not get worse. O:) O:)

Thank you to all that responded to my other post when she had the flu and I was so sore I was unable to take care of her. I appreciate it so much >:D< :* >:D< :* >:D< :*


  • Hi Paul,
    No its not contageous thank goodness.
    Its possible she got it from stress from my surgery and alot of yelling lately going on.
    Also you can get it if your carrying a illness as in herpes or chicken pox.
    Now she already had the chicken pox. BUT my sis in law was here before my surgery and she just had the ADULT type last week.
    Plus my father in law had pheumonia. So its very possible she picked up something (carrier wise) and got it that way.
    But since we live in the woods and have animals they wanted to check for the lymes even though she does not have any bites.

    I read on a childs website when I type it in google. It can last 1-3 months or longer then that. Worse case it could stay permenant. PRAYING for the best on that one.
    She needs lots of sleep and healthy diet. That I guess usually helps.

    I will keep updated. We thought it was her molars coming in. Because of course her normal side looked swollen. But it was because the other side was affected by it.
    So food for thought for parents.

    Thanks again its appreciated. She is not taking it to well, hopefully the kids at school will understand. If they don't mabye I can have the nurse talk to a few of her classes to educate them on it. I certainly do not want her teased.

    Terri O:) O:) O:)
  • I hope your daughter feels better soon..take care.
  • Terri, I am praying for your little one. That is a hard age to have something like that happen. You can get artificial tears for her eye. It comes in drops and a gel that is good for nighttime. When our postpartum moms at work get Bell's Palsy they treat it with steroids. It can definitely be brought on by a virus that she may have had recently. Take care, >:D< >:D< :* :* , Cali-Sue
  • Hope your little one gets better soon. I pray things turn out well. Wishing you healing thoughts. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • i have just read a bit about bells palsy and i hope you little girl get better soon
  • I too did some reading and was amazed at how many more people than we realize are afflicted. The cool part is that I read that many get better without any specific treatment at all. I pray your daughter heals quickly!

    The thing that worries me, is you possibly blaming yourself. Please don't do that. As you listed, there are so many things that could have caused this and there's no way to really ever know.

    You are both in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Hiya Terri, >:D<
    Sorry to hear about your little one :( , hope she gets well real soon :? , will wish her better O:) . Terri you have been through so much, but like you say he upstairs dishes it out to those who can handle it :) . How are you feeling now?? :? these are for the little one >:D< >:D< >:D< >:D< >:D< wish you well soon. >:D<

    Angie x :H
  • You guys are the bomb of all bombs >:D< >:D<
    I usually do not get on here much. But certainly am going to try more often as this thread for discussing things that go on at home, work, family etc is so very important.

    C It is hard not to put a little bit of blame on yourself.
    I try very hard not to believe me. The other 2 kids had a mom that was full of life and could run down the road.
    Little Allie not so much. Im usually sleeping etc. She basically raises herself. Well ok of course im here its not like she is alone. Mentally yes.
    But we will work on that more. She tries sitting on my bed with the computer etc, BUT ends up in a arguement because she wants this or that. And just does not understand the economic stuff going on. Which of course what kid would. They think the bank is majic or your debit card is like a credit card. So hard for them to grasp ahold of. And personally I do not expect them to. Ok enough of that.

    She is doing fairly ok right now. She will go to horse lessons today. And we have to come up with a costume for her and the horse by next Saturday talk about STRESS X(
    I think the horse will be a angel, elephant or xmas tree trying to still figure it out.
    Anyone out there that has done a horse show like this which there are some around this board hahahahah give me some ideas on a VERY tight budget.

    Ok I have taken up a page again LOL I should just start writing books, of course with a proof reader though :D

    Thanks for all your concerns. It means the world. Lets all hope it goes away in its time frame and does not stay. ;) ;)

    Ya all have a awesome Fall weekend its like in the 30's here UGGHHHH not good for fusion/hardware/arthritis people @) I) #:S [(

    P.S. Paul oh something will come up believe me. I never can go 6 months without something or another going on in the body whewwwwww man
  • Hey Terri,
    My daughter also ended up having bells palsy due to having lyme disease. We were living in Westchester N.Y. at the time so deer and ticks were a major part of our everyday life.
    I was always grateful to the bells palsy because it finaly gave us the dx of the lymes. She went on to get lymes again, poor kid.

    Keep your head up. there was no treatment for the bells, and she is fine today. I think it is always worse on the parents then the kids.

    I hope you can get some fluids into her so she can get blood test. She needs that test. good luck.
  • When I was 27 or 28 I had Bells Palsy.
    It kind of paralyzed half my face, My eye went very blurry and the side of my mouth went down and I could not make a smile.
    It lasted for what I remember 2 weeks.
    I also remember some kind of cortisone shot being given to me and sum kind of pills that I took.
    I remember them saying it may have been due to something in the 7th nerve I think in my ear and they thought it might have happened because of wind blowing on that side of my face after long trip we had taken.(sounds strange but this is what they said)
    This is all a vague memory to me so I'm just telling you this from my memory and my heart.
    I did fully recover and I do remember them saying that it probably did get better because I was young.
    I most always mention this to the many doctors I do see for some reason... why I'm not sure of but they do need to know. and it is always charted in my files.
    My blessing and prayers are with You and your little Girl. Patsy
  • I will keep you both in prayer. One of our church family had bell's and they related it to her heavy cycles/female hormones. She got better within a month.

    Tell little miss a WHOLE bunch of people are thinking of her, :* and she's gonna feel better soon!
  • Terri, my heart goes out to your daughter. 12 is a rough age, without having something like this happen. I hope she gets better soon.
  • Thanks again I appreciate it.
    We are bringing her to the peds office Mon for the blood work. Hey its very possible we live in the woods to.

    She is on eye drops and prednisone 3 pills 3xs a day then in a few days down to 2 pills 2x's a day and so forth.
    So hopefully that helps!!!

    I pray its not lymes. I seen our cousins son suffer with it.
    Its not like his though so I should not have to worry.
    Poor kid was in so much pain he had the fibro symptoms etc full body pain he could not even get up to walk.
    Lymes is something not to take lightly. That is why drs now test for it, when someone goes in with full body pain.

    Thanks again for the prayers and thoughts they mean alot to my family and me O:) O:) O:) O:)
  • I know how tough it can be, the growing up. I know that she has a wonderful mom and I am sure that she knows it too. Being there is more than enough. YOu don't have to be conventional to be great!!!! :) I can see the love that you have for your family streaming out of you like light. I know that she will be just fine.

    One Love,

  • terri,
    i hope your daughter gets better real soon! my oldest daughter is 17 and has lived her whole life with severe seizures and a birth defect called epidermal nevus syndrome. its cause a multitude of medical conditions with her including her seizures but thru it all she has always had a great attitude, she loves life, she has a great smile and an infectious laugh and she has a ton of friends that will pick her out of a whole gym of kids and parents even at a high school ball game and come and hug her and want her to sit with all of them! Its all in the attitude of the child and if she doesnt make a big deal out of her bell's palsy most of the time neither will the other kids. i'm not saying its all roses all of the time and there will always be someone out of the bunch that will be mean to her but there are also some really wonderful kids out there and those are the ones that will stand up for her and be her true friends. it wont be easy, not by a long shot, but true friends wont care about the outside, just what's in her heart. my daughters condition also left her with the whole left side of her face darker, larger and less than normal. she only has one eyebrow, both her lips on the left side have an appearance as though they have been blistered (that is constant and will never change) and for a teenager to have something like that on their face can be really hard, so i know what its like for your daughter. you will have to be strong for her as well and she may come home some days just crying her eyes out cause some jerk was cruel to her, but there will also be days that she will be full of laughter and when she has those days be there for her as well. just remind her that her true friends wont care about her outside appearance and if they wont stand beside her then they arent the true friends that she thought they were and they are the ones with the real problems not her. if you ever want to pm me, please feel free. i hope your daughter gets better real soon and i do hope its not lyme. i had an aunt that had bells palsy one time but she recovered from it really quickly so i am hoping that will happen for your little girl. take care and please, tell her that she is special no matter what.

    keeping you and your daughter in our thoughts and prayers,

  • My prayers last night included you and your family and a special little girl (your little girl)

    Its so hard for you, and easy for me to send my love.
    But you are living it, and that's the hardest part.
    For you have to be strong at a time when your body has its own pains, that alone is tough all by it self.
    But I believe in the power of prayer and I know you do too.

    With all your Family, Friends, S.H. Friends and Church's around the world Praying and Praising our Lord.
    I feel you are in the best hands possible.

    With my deepest Love from my Heart and Soul.
    Your Sine Health Friend, Patsy
  • karen, steph and patsy THANK YOU

    this is tuff we had to keep her home again.
    the pain is kicking in now. with bee sting feelings in her ear. the pain in the eye etc.
    of course nothing works.
    she is on day 3 of the prednisone. she has a 5 day supply.
    we do eyedrops every 2 hrs.
    moist heat as of today i read online on the affected side.
    she also has gel to put on her eye at night. she falls asleep with a towel agaist that side to keep her eye closed.
    calling the peds in a few to see what else i can for for her and see if they can do the blood work . my daughter said she would come get her and bring her down for me.

    karen so sorry to hear about your ordeal, my thoughts are with you everday O:) O:) O:)
  • Terri I hope your daughter gets well soon. It's always something, huh? Poor little thing.

  • you are so sweet! thank you so much! but my thoughts are with you as well. i sure hope that there is something that the dr's can give her for her pain at the very least. she shouldn't have to suffer, that is her right as a patient anyway. hang in there, all of you!! it will get better, it just has to. O:)

    all the best,
  • Is Allie feeling better this afternoon? I just read the post about her Bell's Palsey. My mother had this years ago (she was in her 60s) as did my best friend's sister (who was in her 20s). No age requirement; no rhyme or reason. They both just woke up with it one morning within about a week of each other.

    My Mom's doctor gave her this gadget much like a TENS unit. His thought was to stimulate that nerve. My friend's sister's doc just played the "wait and see" game.

    They both came out of it just as quickly. Well, it was about a month - 6 weeks I believe - but no ill-effects from it. Hopefully, Allie's recovery time will be just a swift without any lasting effects.

  • and hoping that she recovers quickly from this.

    The members here are so wonderful in our time of need, my son was hospitalized last year and everyone was so kind and supportive as I blogged from his hospital room and now my daughter is having back issues and is facing a pars repair or fusion in her future and again everyone here was so caring, I am glad to see all the support you are getting as you take care of your baby.

    As mom's we feel so helpless when our children are sick and we can't make them better, hang in there, be strong for her.....she will draw from your strength as she faces her peers at school. Middle school can be really hard, I hope she has some really good friends and hopfully this will pass soon.

    My other son has to start wearing glasses tomorrow at school after 2 eye surgeries, he is 11 and he is so worried about all the teasing he might face, all I can do is support him and be there for him.

    I hope the blood tests came out ok and there is some good news on the horizon, I will keep you and your daughter in my prayers, take care of yourself too.

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