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nerve damage and foot drop

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,731
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:24 AM in Chronic Pain
I was in a car wreack 5 months ago, i had major face reconstruction, 12 pins and 2 plates put in my hip and a shattered arm. now i have a pinched siatic and peroneal nerve my left leg from knee down is numb and i have foot drop. i wanted to ask how to appoarch my doc for a higher dose of my fent patch i'm on the 25mcg one now but i'm back in pain in 2 days. i'm only 24 so whenever i ask him for anything he gives me a look like i'm a drug addtic. :S


  • Have you asked your doctor for a nerve pain medicine,like neurotin or lyrica?
  • Have you a pain Doctor? I would tell your Dr. that you're not getting any relief with that patch. Take care Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • i'm on neurotin 600mg tabs 3 times a day i really don't like what i read about side effects. and no i've just been seeing my fam doc since the crash and my truama and orto and all the others. my neuroligist gave me lidoderm patches but i don't see the point at all. i aslo get viks the 750 es ones but there not all that helpfull. this sucks tho i can't work yet (ironically made the wheelchair i had at the hospital) well some of the parts. just really sucks like i said i'm only 24 the way i'm looking at it now is this Fu*** up the rest of my life. i'm a baby when it comes to pain too
  • Describe your pain in detail to your doc. Tell him where it hurts, what makes it worse/better etc. Also, tell him all the things you can't do, especially the smaller everyday things. Tell him the smaller goals you have like going to work for a whole day. It sounds like it might be time for a pain management specialist, your injuries definitely warrant it. Oftentimes, general practice docs are reluctant to give stronger meds, but pain management docs are trained to specifically treat pain. I'm 21 and have had back problems for 6 years, the past 2 being severe. I know what it's like to have a doc give you 'the look'. Finally after 6 months of being with my doc he decided to try to manage my pain with the same patch you have once me made sure that I'm not crazy or faking. I say you can't fake an MRI!!! In my very, VERY humble opinion, I know people of all ages have problems with docs/adequate meds, I feel that younger people have a huge problem because the War on Drugs targets teens/young adults. My doc even told me that if I was older and had 'lived my life' he would treat my pain better!!! Not in those exact words but ~X( !!! I told him that I'd never make it to the point where I had 'lived my life' because I was barely able to get out of bed and shower even with the max dose of Norco I could take. I completely understand the doc frustration although I could never imagine getting so little help with the injuries you sustained. I feel for you! I'd like to help you however I can, just send me a private message...

    Much love and understanding,
  • thanks lisa i will start being more directive in where and why i have pain. work sucks tho i'm a machinist so i stand in front of a machine all day, and my leg starts killing me now when i walk or stand in one spot to long feels like all the blood is rushing in my leg. i think i'll ask him to reccomend me to a painmanagment doc, there is one right up the road from where i live. My friend is going to him and says he's alright. i personnaly would like to stay on the patch tho just a higher dose and mabye some meds that will help me with just genral pain too. But i do not want shots. i have another friend ( well a friends little brother) that gets severe headaches everyday they had him on alot of hardcore drugs for only being 13 now there doing nerve blocks and giving him needles of i don't know but whenever i see him he just sitting on the couch nodding off and i don't want to be like that.
  • If the only side effects that you are worried about are the ones you read about as opposed to the ones YOU are experiencing, don't worry. The main concern is DOES IT WORK FOR YOU. If not, you need to see a pain specialist, preferably not one that only throws more drugs at you. I mean an interventionist. One who uses procedures to kill, or at least mame the nerves that are causing the problem.

    Good luck. I hope you find one as good as the one I have.
  • well medic the neurotin i really don't notice anything if i miss a dose or two but i keep taking it because my doctor said that you have to be weened off it or you can get seizsures and stuff. neurotin is really the only med that bothers me even tho i don't get side effects and i'm waiting 3 month's now to go back to my nueroligist, and if he doesn't have an answer for me by now i'm gonna flip 3 months for an appointment is ridiculous. and right after i see my fam doc and on the 4th i see my ortopedic and he might release me i think he's only for my hip and arm and both are better, just the nerve damage and foot drop and the constant pain. it'll be wierd going to work again but whatever.
  • hi there

    im so sorry for what you've been through , and for what you will go through !

    you need to go back to your doctor and tell them the pain is 'unchanged' or maybe it 'helped a bit' - or - it has had 'no effect at all'

    which ever it is - let him know - you dont need to 'ask' for these meds - you just need to keep UPDATING the docs as to how your pain is AND if your in control if it, or not.

    Start keeping a Pain Diary and take it EVERY time you see a doc.

    Use a PAIN SCORE (0-10) 0 is not pain 10 is worst pain ever

    for me i started on 25mgs.hr, it went up to 100mgs/hr but that was too much for me and all i did was sleep (not much of a life, even though it WAS pain free almost!)
    so now im on 75mgs/hr and top up with Oramoph which is GREAT for 'break through' pain

    perhaps you can mention , that you've ''heard'' that Oramorph is good too !!

    good luck , love mel xx
  • well guys this sucks my nuroligist told me today that my foot drop is pretty much perment and so is the pain. he wants my to try lyrica 50mg i never had it before but he's weening me off my nueroton and adding in the lyrica. i goto my MD tommorrow he's been in charge of my meds so far i'm gonna see about getting my patch upped a dose or to change it every2 days because it does start wearing off after the second day and the third i'm in pain but i can tell it's not as much as it could be. after i left his office i pretty much sat in the car and cried after hearing the news with my footdrop/pain i have a long life to live with this now. i'm also gonna try and see if my MD thinks i should start going thourgh pain managment. Damn horriable day i'm gonna go smoke a j.
  • weee the doc gave me 50mgc/h patches today and i put one on earlier hopfully it helps better, but he still gave me the vic's again but i told him i probly won't take any of them he said just use them if you need to.
  • well im 21 and i was hit in iraq with a ied and blew out the back of my leg and now i have nerve damage bc of that i cant feel the bottem of my feet or my big toe but the only thing i feel is pins and needles where i have no feeling. im wearing a medical boot to prevent foot drop and also i was maxed out on neurotin and it wasnt doin anything for me but now they are weening me of of it and on to lyrica. so we will see how that does for me. i hope it works for the both of us
  • you see a Pain Specialist.

    There is a wealth of meds out there and they need to find the correct combination to suit you. And in time that combination may need to change.
    Some family doctors are nice but just not clued up enough on safe combinations of these meds, espcially when you aare taking opiates.
    I hope you find some relief soon.
  • Hi, I suffer from foot drop I am 56 I was born with
    a nerve problem they did not delovpe right so there
    I don't singals to pick up my feet I have afo's
    but right now they are looking in to something
    else I do a lot of falling for now reason just be
    walking along and down I fall. as I get older it
    is getting worse. Maybe some day they will find
    something to help all of us with this problem
    My grandchildern 10,7,&5 says Nanny this is the
    way you walk, then they fall it is plum funny
    childern are something else.
    take care and try not to
  • I take Lyrica for nerve pain and i find it a wonder drug! Whatever you do, do not let your doctor stop your pain meds! Best of luck
  • Hi my name is Linda Ann I get my leg braces through
    hanger prostices The first ones I had was just one
    peice. the second ones was hinged so I could move my
    foot. a little so I would'nt be so stiff legged. the
    hanger prostices in Cape Girardeua,mo is awsome they
    will fix and adjust them till they fit good. Yes I do
    have some pain, the legs feel heavy the feet spams if
    I strech or get in a vehile that is to tall I was on
    bacolfen, but I have what they call burning mouth syndrome it feel like some one has poured scolding hot water or something in my mouth if you want to look the up go to www.burning mouth syndrom.com
    I have had neck sugrey and spinal fusion in the lower
    back wich i spent 17days in the hospital. But the foot drop I've had since birth. and in 53 they did'nt
    know about that stuff. I'am the only person I know that flunked PE. can you belive that? Right now they
    have me on diazapam for the thightness in my legs
    wich I can't tell it helps any at all It use to bother me cause people would stare. but if i go shopping and have a cart to push then I'am fine but if I have no cart then i can't walk without fallling
    one tip: hard wood and tile floors and I are not freinds at all. YOU ALL TAKE CARE, AND HAVE THE BEST
  • :))(

    Hi, it is funny! Cause if you seen me you would think that I had been drinking. I sway from side to side and stlbbing over things also. you know I worked
    at a bar-restruant for 3yrs. and I ask my boss what
    if I ever get pulled over I cant walk a streight line
    and she said Honey,just call me the little town the cops had nothing to do but wait till someone pulled out. I worked from 4pm till 1am. and as you say i was
    in wal-mart one evening and I left my cart wich i had
    thing in and some one took it, I was upset well I seen one on the guy that worked there and told them
    someone had taken my cart.it was'nt just my cart it was my waker also. you don't know what is like until
    you've been there. you Take care when your in Wal-mart. may you have nice day
    and ask God to give you
    the strengh to walk without
    FEET :))(
  • :) Hi,Zimmy It is the pitts having trouble walking people just don't understand in our newpaper
    we have a colum called speak out and I wrote on the cross walks. My husband was in the military and we spent 3-4 yrs. in Berlin Germany and there if you did
    not obey the traffic signs then you could be in trouble and on of them was cross walks. well I put that in speak out and I got some really NICE repleys
    they told me that pedistrians did not have the right
    away in the cross walks so I wrote back and told them
    they needed to go over to Germany. They would figure it out real fast. The point is if you see some one with a problem give them a chance and if you are walking in a cross walk, Don't try to run them over
    as so many do. I hope you are feeling better and rember That JESUS love you. :)
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