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Chest Pain

traterttrater Posts: 288
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:24 AM in Fibromyalgia
When I first started having noticeable symptoms of fibro, it was chest pain that was also in to my arm pit area. The arm pit pain stopped, but the chest pain continues to rage on. It feels like I have been punched in the chest and caused the muscle to bruise.I wonder if the upper back pain that I have been experiencing is a pain that is radiating from the chest pain or if it is in my ribs... if all of it is rib pain. I have to get up at least two or three times during the night to use the bathroom and my stomach bloats ten minutes after I eat something, making me feel like I way over ate. The TMJ is a million times worse now and I have noticed that I grit my teeth all the time. Of course this means that I almost always have a headache. The fatigue is overwhelming and the insomnia is worse than it ever was. I just hang in there and try to take it one day at a time.


  • I hope your chest pain gets better...you take care
  • You can get mouthguard from the pharmacy to stop the grinding if it's too expensive with the dentist. Also have you got your chest pain checked out at the ER with EKG and bw. Are you on any pain meds or sleeping pills? I think this should all be reviewed with your Doctor. Just thinking of you. Take care. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • What's going on? You're not supposed to be feeling so miserable! Have you seen the doc lately?

  • Thank you for your suggestions and concerns. It really means the world to me. This stuff going on with me is driving me insane. I feel like my life just keeps slipping away from me. Going through ten plus years of back pain has been tough, but this other stuff is even worse. After getting my SCS I really thought my life was going to change and I would be able to do many things that I thought I would never be able to do again. I wasn't REAL active before, but I could just SEE myself doing more things. I have been able to do more things this year than last, but since I started having the fibro symptoms, my activities have been a bit diminished. I save up all my energy to be able to attend my daughter's sport events. This is her senior year and I don't want to miss a thing. I know that my family is just as sad about all the new stuff as I am. We are mourning the loss of my health. I think they are taking on the "pretend it isn't happening and it isn't" attitude. I would too if it wasn't slamming me in the face.
    I haven't been to a dentist to check on the bite guard thing. I tried one from the store one time, but it made me gag! I couldn't use it. I'm sure I should go to the dentist and see if they can do something for me. Maybe soon.

    I went to the doctor with the chest pain, but he didn't think it was heart related. When it first started it felt like my breasts were engorged, you know, like when you have a baby and the milk comes in! Then it settled in to the muscles and, what feels like the bones in my chest, especially my sternum. The thoracic region in my back has also been giving me an extra amount of pain. I get a feeling like I have a knot on my shoulder blade. I try stretching and rubbing it to try to ease the pain, but it just doesn't go away. I have noticed that I am pulling my shoulders down and in ( the front) in order to ease the pain in my chest. I haven't had a cardiac work-up but I have had a boat load of labs done.

    I would appreciate hearing what some of you guys symptoms are too. I have seen the lists of potential symptoms, but I would like to hear the real deal from some of yall. Thanks!
  • The chest pain WAS one of the first things that tipped me off with fibro. I was scared too, but it sounds like you might have costochondritis. The exact area you are describing is where it was sore for me too, and it continues to be a problem for me for a while now.

    My ribs hurt too, and also right under my underarms. I was told by my PT to use a tennis ball or rolling pin to roll over those areas. I get knots there a lot on on the top of my shoulder. It does hurt to roll over them, but it's like the action of the tennis ball "flattens" those knots out and it feels much better!
  • Just saw this *rolls eyes*

    I have that feeling too in my chest area,but you described it way better than I would have.When I read it I thought "dang that's exactly how my chest feels"...but mine is a little higher up(like where my boobs would be if they didn't sag-lol).I feel it in my back area too and I was beginning to wonder if I was getting problems in the T area,as I only have the cervicle ddd.

    My BF has the TMJ problems and paid 500. for his mouthgaurd which he proceeded to grind through.His dentist said it was impossible to bite through the thing,but believe me,he did.

    I sure hope that you get everything checked out.To tell the truth,I sometimes just get sick and tired of going to the Dr and maybe don't take my health as seriously as I should...keep putting things off is what I mean.Other than my regular PCP & PM appts I sometimes feel as though I don't want to be bothered with any 'extra' stuff,but then there is is.I'm going to make the extra effort and get these extra things taken care of.My PCP appt is in Nov.,and I'm making a list(lol)

    I don't have fibro but the fatigue and the insomnia is enough to wear you down and that makes it harder to do the extra things..when you're just glad the day to day is taken care of.

  • Sounds like we're all from the same elite club! Yea for us, right? I think I read somewhere that a magnesium/malic acid combo is helpful for fibro. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm giving it some serious consideration. I already take a handful of medicine and the thought of adding more isn't a pleasant one, but if it helps... I guess on top of that all we can do is rest, rest, rest!
    You all get some rest. I hope you have a good weekend.
  • i read this earlier, but was like had to think back about it.

    well hellooooooooo im up soooooo tired. i just posted under back fourms for a good tiny whine.
    my neck, sholders, inbetween shoulder blades, and now sitting up, ribs & chest. like you did a heavy upper body workout. ugghh. im feeling the pain ur having right now i really am darn it all. fibro fibro go away come back another day or NOT AT ALL image:)" alt=">:)" height="20" /> image:)" alt=">:)" height="20" /> #o #o #o :''(

    did you ever get checked for IBS or do you already have it??
    that is associated with fibro to.
    you mentioned bloating after you eat. i blow up like a balloon no matter how small the meal, how healthy or un healthy it is. its so uncomfortable.
    something for food for thought on the bloating issue.

    lots of HEAT HEAT HEAT, muscle relaxers if you have them and i sometimes sleep with the heating blanket on low up against my chest with my body pillow pressed up against me, that also helps the chest and belly problem.

    once in a tiny while i will get the under the arm pain with it.

    but i havn't flared in so long.
    could be from the weather like usual or inactivity since im kinda under restriction to do nothing to make my heart beat go FAST. if not one thing its another. but hey the STRONG people like us make it through right?? YOU BET YA :D O:) >:D< >:D< B)
    hang in there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    lots of soft gentle hugs to you
    >:D< >:D< >:D< >:D< >:D< I) I) I) I) I)
  • I have constant rib pain, despite being "undiagnosed" with fibro. It is the tissue between each rib, and the more painful it gets, the more I tend to roll my shoulders forward, which shortens up all the muscles in the top part of your ribcage. One thing I learned through physio is to be very careful about my posture; remember to roll your shoulders back and down so your front muscles are expanded again.

    My underarm and rib pain was the most severe it's ever been about 10 days ago, and I was finally put on prednisone for the "allover inflammation". It was like a miracle, as the pain was reduced drastically and almost immediately, but obviously prednisone is not a "drug of choice" with all the ugly side effects! :''(

    As for TMJ issues, I have done physiotherapy and prolotherapy for it, and had four different mouth guards made that irritated it even more. The more stress in my life or the more my neck is bothered, the worse my TMJ is affected. I have seen a TMJ specialist, but when they start talking about surgery (I have a badly degenerated and dislocated disk on my right side), I run and hide.

    I was one of the people who suggested the magnesium and malic acid combo for muscle pain with fibro; it's a very inexpensive thing to try, but you do have to give it at least six weeks and take it regularly.

    Good luck!

  • I know these chest, abdominal and upper back symptoms are really hard to take and hard to get a handle on. Mine started after a car wreck and neck injury and the docs told me would go away after neck surgery but never did. first started in upper back. now have over the years spread to front of chest, ribs and now have IBS like symptoms, insomnia, TMJ and everything else ya'll described!! I have chronic pain from surgeries and injuries over the years and stress from all of it plays in too. :(

    this is definitely something we manage not 'cure' and is multifaceted, multisystemed.

    Ya I also relate to pulling my posture down with shoulders due to the pain/tightness. I use one of those braces to remind me to keep my my shoulders back and it helps for a time but it gets aggravating if i wear it too long too.

    If anyone has had any luck with the magnesium/malic acid combo can you share the doses that helped you?

    It is such a huge drain on the patient and the family and is so hard to explain to everyone including those who don't understand (or those who don't wish to or don't try to)

    I have likely had it for years since my first injury but was just officially diagnosed last year by my neurologist after a syncopal episode (triggered by exhaustion no doubt she said, my lab work was so out of whack)

    You guys hang in there and we know we are not alone, right?

    Hugs to all here.
  • With the turn of the weather, it seems as though the symptoms of this dreaded disease are raging on in my body and growing steadily. It may be that I am just in the middle of a huge flare, but it has just been constant for weeks. Just dealing with the day to day struggles (normal day for some, not so normal for me any more) is so difficult. I try to keep my house clean and the laundry done and I'm even trying to cook more, I am even pushing myself to make it to all the ballgames for my daughter.
    Today, after running my tail off all week long, I finally collapsed (not literally, of course). I couldn't MAKE myself get out of bed. It hurts just to move! I am still having the chest pain every day to a point that it is causing me to have a hard time breathing, not a scary "hard time breathing", I just have to consciously take a deep breath. A few days I even noticed a "rubbing" feeling at the bottom of my left rib while breathing. Is this a normal thing with fibro, the rubbing?
    OK, I'm gonna go crash again. I feel so very tired- even though I've slept most of the day. I hope it won't ruin my sleep at bedtime!! Have a good week to all...

    BTW- Fuzzy, I remember reading that you are worried about your job... please check in to the Families With Disability Act. It might be helpful to you!
  • I am sorry to hear that you are still having chest pains. I had costochondritis just before I got diagnosed and even though I knew deep in my heart it wasn't cardiac related it still scared me. I hope you consider at least calling the doc to make sure you are okay! It felt that way to me too...kind of hard to take a deep breath. It actually stemmed from my asthma being out of control from being on a med I decided to try so I could reduce my crazy copays. WELL, that didn't work at all!

    But again, I urge you--it's probably just costochondritis, but get it checked out just in case!

    Do you mean the FAmily Medical Leave Act? If that's what you meant, I am on it retro to the date I called off. STinks I am not getting paid though!
  • I just wanted you to know Terrie,that I read your post...and I too,have to make a conscious effort at a deep breath...but it doesn't hurt,it's just that I don't seem to take very deep breaths.

    My Dr gave me a breath test 6 months ago-if one can be failed ...well I didn't do too well.It was age based and I was .....elderly :|
  • I had an appt with my PM doc this past week, on Wednesday. They took about 7 vials of blood for testing. They pretty much put me through the wringer while poking here and there to see where I hurt the most. Well, as much as I was getting poked on, I hurt all over! He did give me a steroid pack to take, which has helped some with the pain. The problem that has developed since then, is this overwhelming headache I have, which is bordering on a migraine. I cannot get rid of this headache! I have tried everything I could think of to take. It kinda feels like a spinal fluid leak headache almost. On top of this, my joints feel like they are swollen, like the flu. I even have had a low grade fever off and on for a few days. I'm trying to treat the symptoms, with no luck! I go back to see my doc on Tuesday to follow up with the blood work... I have to say, I'm quite afraid of things that MIGHT be found in that blood work~
  • I have the same type of chest pain and under arm pain you described in your first post. Mine actually started out as abdominal pain, then I couldnt eat anything without getting sick, then the chest pain started. My chest pain has now radiated to my back. I have good and bad days with pain in my body but now i have constant back and chest pain as well as many other signs of fibro such as IBS and extreme fatigue. I can not do any physical lifting or constant motion with my arms without getting back pain and stiffness.

    I went to the doctors for my first symptoms of chest and abdominal pain. They took blood test and found my sed rate was elevated each time as well as a postive ANA test of 1:160 speckled. The only auto-immune disease they tested for was lupus which was negative. I have not been to the doctors since even though the doctors advised me to see a rheumatologist. I am only 19 so part of the problem is I have to work with my parents to go see doctors. It sometimes feels like my Mom doesnt want to acknowledge something is wrong because it doesn't look like I am sick. Its very frustrating not having people believe or understand how I am feeling.
  • I went to the ER 8 years ago thinking I was having a heart attack or something. My chest hurt like I was being stomped on and breathing hurt. But yet (family has heart trouble) I was told if you push on it and it hurts-it is not your heart. SO I was constantly pushing on my chest muscles and sure enough they felt bruised. I finally went to the ER, got the full work up and was told Costochondritis and something else basically meant my muscles were pulled. They gave me muscle relaxers but then the pain went into my shoulder and the shoulder blade. I was in horrible pain all the time.
    I went through several x rays of my shoulder, MRI of my brain (there is one there is about all that told me) and trigger point injections. THAT HURT!! Then the neck muscles started and the headaches. SO they did an MRI of the neck. I have some Degenerative disc disease in there. Once they found that out..treatment for everything just sort of stopped. It was like they had some sort of an answer so they left it at that.
    I continued with pain and numbness and tingling down the arm and into the face and head. I basically learned myself what I could do and what I couldnt and what I needed to do when I was in pain. Finally becuase I have Raynuads Phenomenon -about 6 years later I get to go to a Rheumatologist who gave me a questionare. I was feeling particularly painful that day, so you know the "shade where it hurts" chart. yeah-he was completely covered. Then he did the trigger point test and I had all but 2. Boom-Fibromyalgia and sent out the door. No treatment.
    Now that it is becoming more well known my family doc wants to put me on Lyrica. Anyone tried that??

    Scatter brain and brain fog are a major draw back to the fibro and I totally forgot where I was going with this except you are not alone!
    There are good days and bad and I believe the cold weather makes you feel worse despite what anybody else says. I can go to water parks and play with my kids in the summer and in the winter I am a walking pain pill.
    Know your own body limits and when you are tired-rest. When you need to stop-stop. It took me 8 years to figure out what works and for the people in my life who just dont get it, sorry. They have to accept that I dont feel good some days and I will be there when I do.

    BTW-I am only 34! I have Fibromyalgia, DDD in neck, and lower back, osteoarthritis and now apparently a herniated disc. ALL GENETICS--thanks MOM 8>
  • I am sitting here, almost in tears from the pain. I haven't been diagnosed, but my aunt has fibro. I have the chest pain described in the first post, and have had it for 2 years. I have had my heart checked out and all was well. My upper back, neck and sides of my breast bone are really sore. Now my fingers are really sore and all my joints are popping. Is this normal? My hips are killing me and my lower back as well.The only exercise I can do is walk, so I try to do it daily. I don't sleep well at night, so I get tired during the day, but can't get comfortable when I try to sleep due to pain. Its really nice to just be able to talk about all this pain. Thanks Tammy
  • Sorry that you are having such a tough go of it right now. I wonder if all the flares going on may have something to do with the weather... MAYBE. I don't know if everything you are feeling is fibro related for sure or not, but it is the same things that I feel and from what I have read, many others too. I also have the pooping going on. I mostly notice it on my chest= sternum, as well as in my neck and upper back.
    Putting the heating pad on my chest and on my upper back seems to help a bit, not a lot, but a bit. A bit is better than none in my book though! Hope you find a little relief and maybe a doctor to see for your symptoms...
  • =)) POOPING Terrie.......and mostly on your chest... :))(

    I'm sorry..I'm not laughing at your pain OF COURSE! But c'mon,that was funny...I was just reading along and choked on a laugh...but I knew you meant popped... =))

    Typos always did crack me up-I don't know why?
  • Robin~
    I totally meant pooping on my chest! You should see the mess! OK... that just took it one step too far! I would have laughed myself to death had I seen that! For some reason the trusty ol' spellcheck didn't pick that up! I can't even blame this on fibro fog... just dumba$$-itis!
    You're a stinker Robin!
  • I finally decided to see my doctor. She is really nice, she said the symptoms sound like depression, because I just don't feel like doing anything but staying in bed. Of course like I said to her, with housework and a child, this is not possible, so i get up everyday and do whats required. She is doing all the blood tests now for arthritis, and liver and kidney, thyroid etc. I'll see what the results are next week.
  • I hope your chest pain gets better, I have the exact same thing right between my breasts, the stomach bloating is pretty bad. I have gotten that since high school and have tests for IBS, ulcers and everything in between. I try to eat foods that don't seem to upset my stomach which can be hard.
  • Hey-Do they test for IBS? I didn't know that! I know that I must have it...every single thing I eat and I'm a bloated mess,and it's painful-is that IBS-or does it sound like it could be-lol?

    Honestly-I feel like a hypochondriact,but I really do have ALL of these symptoms..it's just that I never tell my Dr because well,I feel like a hypocondriact... :))(
  • It's so important to tell your doctor about all of your symptoms so that he can properly diagnose and treat you. I recently lost a friend (she couldn't stand the constant pain) due to what I believe was a lack of proper treatment. If the pain was better controlled or maybe she was taking an anti-depressant... Sadly, the cost of our healthcare grows higher and higher which in turn may cause us to pick and choose what medications we are able to take or how often we may go to the doctor to be treated. I personally stopped taking three medications because the cost was too much for me. I just had decide to which meds I needed the MOST! It's probably better for my liver... that's what I tell myself anyway.

    As for the IBS, I also watch what I eat to try to avoid the stomach upset and bloating. I wonder if it (fibro) can also cause gallbladder problems? I seem to have some problems with inflammation in my gallbladder too. Not all the time, but it heats me every few months and then calms back down.

    The chest pain, for me, continues to just get worse as time goes by. I find myself stretching my shoulders back and up to try to alleviate the "discomfort" I have. Prednisone did help ease up the pain in my chest and upper back, but as soon as I finished the does pack, the pain returned.

    Thought I would check in with you guys since it has been awhile. I sure hope you guys are doing OK. Take care...
  • hello i am knew to this sight, but having been a fibro-victim for 9 years now in searching the web for Q/A's it brought me here to this chat room.
    So in saying nice to read, your troubles, pain and all that you ladies are going thru daily brought a smile to my face to be in the company of women that share some common trials everyday of our lives.
    In saying that I appreciate all the information that you have all shared over the months. I am just at a "bad" point right now. I have like you all have good days/weeks and baad ones. Right now If I could be without pain.....it would be sooooooooooo welcomed.
    Any way again I just wanted to say hello and that i hope each and every one of you has a little bit of joy today or tommorrow to over shadow the pain you feel today. :X :X
  • Hello there...WELCOME!

    Your post was so nice that I thought I'd pause and say hello :H

    There is a FIBRO forum here with a lot of info and reading..and plenty of opportunity to post too--the people are pretty supportive & friendly here and will understand your bad days,so much like theirs I'm sure.

    I'm sorry you are at a bad point/place right now with your pain,and hope that when you see this post that you are feeling better ;))
  • most of my pain is in my upper back and neck. the really awful pain is down my flanks. feels like someone sliced me with a butcher knife when it flares. -as well as dropped me off a building and busted my hips & spine, then beat me all over with fists. dragging my tail around trying to do the minimal stuff to keep a decent home...in this much pain...all foggy brained..sux. takes me hours to do a stinking bank statement and get it to balance - and there's not much money in there to have to balance.

    if i don't lie down when i'm at a certain level of *tired* then i'll flare up for days. i'm pigheaded though...and get so tired of being ruled by my body...so sometimes i push it - and pay for it later.

    then there's the "tired" that hits instantly like a bring wall...and i feel like i'm going to puke if i don't lie down NOW. when i get to my heated bed on those days...it hurts even more at first cuz it feels so good. lol. i feel like i can't move a muscle cuz i'm just so dead to the world.

    what a life. sigh.
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