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Get a Cane!

charryccharry Posts: 5,753
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:24 AM in Lower Back Pain
Hi Everyone, I found it easier to walk so I bought a cane. It takes alot of pressure off my leg. I was using a lumber belt but I'm trying to hold in my tummy to build up my core muscles. I was told not to use a belt by Physio. The cane is great and never have to worry about losing your balnce. Take care. Charry
DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN


  • It's always good(to me)when I hear about the things that help,or actually work for us as opposed to the many negative things that we face every day.

    Every single thing that helps (if it's posted) could make the difference for another person/persons if they are maybe leaning that way,but maybe not sure about ...say the cane for instance,and then they read a positive post.You never know it could help a person come to a decision.

    Good for you!
  • :) hi! i recently started using a cane occasionally. i put it off as much as i can but i am afraid my left leg will fall out from under me without it sometime. i have only found people to be even more helpful to me. i am glad you have found your cane to be so helpful and an advantage in helping you walk. anything that helps is so good to hear about as Robin says. thank you for sharing! Jenny :)

  • Ironically, I am buying one next week.I need it too!!!
  • If only I would follow it myself, lol. I have had a cane for over a year now but I find that most of the time I feel "too embarrassed" to use it! I think because I'm only 34, but like Jenny said, my leg too just goes out on me w/o warning and the cane would help me in that situation. I did use it more last winter tho because of the fear of falling on the snow or ice, so I am going to try to make myself start using it more now that we've had our first official snow of the season! I don't walk far, just from my door to the car, or from the car into whatever place I go which isn't very often, or sometimes when the weather is nice I attempt to go for walks even tho I don't go very far beyond my own parking lot at my apartment. I guess that limited amount of walking has been my "excuse" for not using it, even tho I know inside that the truth is because I'm embarrassed and worry what other people will think of me. Especially guys...I don't wanna be alone forever and I worry that no guy will want me if he sees me with a cane or knows about my back/leg problems. Stupid I know...that's my point here is that I know I do need to take your advice and use the darn thing and I guess I just needed to admit it or something, lol.

    Thank you for putting this here...I bet more than just me will take your message to heart!

    Take care of you...
  • we were ending our vacation at the meteor crater near Flagstaff Az. last month. We had to go up a few steps made of stone and on the way down my left leg/ankle went out and sprained my ankle. I used a cane a couple days afterward which helped alot. I have one my mother left and I use it to help keep me balanced when taking walks and I feel a little unsteady.

  • I got a cane(my friends) and wow it has helped big time.

    I am getting a custom one hopefully for x-mas.I made the mistake of over doing it yesterday and without it, the bed would be my only choice.
  • good for u charry and thanks for sharing.

    i know its a big step to get and use a cane. i was standing in line at the pharmacy last month and while i was wobbling and waiting i started to look at the canes hanging up in front of me. yes i started to use the one i bought =D> . it was a good 20 $ investment for me. for me its a balance issue.

    here are a few things that also help me:

    i bought a good pair of rag wool gloves for my coldness in my hands and fingers. they were 13 $. they have 1000 grams of thinsulate and are fingerlesswith a flap for the 4 fingers and another flap for the thumb.

    i bought a fleese neck warmer that velcrows in the back so u dont have to put the thing on over your head.

    i bought a pair of fleece lined slippers that i can slip on and wear outside in the snow on very cold days for about 40 $.

    i also bought 2 soft neck collars about 11 $ ea. i keep one in our truck and the other in the house.

    it seems these little things really help me throughout the day and i look at them all like good new tools.

    sorry charry for the long post andagain thanks for this posting this thread. wish u good health and i will say a prayer for u.
  • charry- I too have to use a cane to get out in public. My left leg can buckle and now my right leg seems to be having sympathy pains.

    I lose my balance too and find I can lean on the cane for support. I get weird looks sometimes and kids really love to look at me and my cane. I've had a couple kids try to wrestle it away from me. They were too innocent to know it was not a toy to play with. <:P

    I have a few canes but use the one that I can fold up. Once I had a cane that a stewardess grabbed away from me to store in the overhead bin way in front of me. And then she left and told me to buzz for it if I need it. I was humiliated as she was loud and rude for no reason. L) I was not going to use it as a weapon but maybe I should have tripped her later..oops..sorry miss.. :B jade
  • --so what if you are young and need to use a cane? what other people think of you is not nearly as important as your safety, and ease of mobility.
    i too use a cane when walking in an open area (anything outside my apt ;) ) but also need to use one of those motoized cart in any store that will take me more than 15 min. to be there. i am 38 and "morbidly obese" with alot of pain, numbness, weakness, ect. and yes people look at me different, and yes i feel wronged for needing one while there is a 70+ person walking just fine in front of me. but without it i could fall, embarass myself further, and send me back to the hospital with no one to care for my kids. so i'm careful and take the safe road as all of you should.--why risk making things worse just because we are worried about what others think?
    ---why worry about what others think, when there are so many other challanges for us to focus on?

    ---and my greatest help ever through out this ordeal is the serenty prayer--- O:) O:) :-C :-C O:) :? :) :) >:D< #:S
  • I wish I had read this post a week ago. I fell down my steps last week because my ankle gave out and my legs are weak while I was walking down and I hurt my knee, ankle and added more pain to my back. I too am young (30) and feel embarrassed to you use one even though I know I should and know it would be helpful. I lose my balance very easily when I walk because my legs are so weak. I feel like my body is going down the tubes since I turned 30.

    I sympathize with your fear of not being able to find someone. I can imagine this would be a hard thing to deal with being single as us women tend to over analyze things and think the worst about ourselves :S , however, if a man won't date you because you have a cane, he isn't worth dating anyway because it means he won't be there for you in your time of need. Hang in there and keep your head held high.
  • I got a temp handicap parking permit and I feel like people are always looking and talking about me when I get out of my car and they see a young woman stealing a handicap spot. People don't seem to be as sympathetic to younger people with back problems. I have to ask for help out with groceries and the cashiers and baggers give me dirty looks so I feel I have to explain...it's not that I'm lazy, I just had back surgery. I try not to park in handicap spots and only do on occasions where I am in extreme pain and there are no other spots closer. If there is a non-handicap spot near a handicap spot I generally pick the non-handicap spot.
  • I have one too- I'm 33 and I don't use it either. It helps take the pressure off and it helps me walk but it is embarrassing and I don't like to use it. My daughter calls it my "walk stick." She loves for me to use it. She tries to get me to use it everyday. I don't use it for work b/c I don't want anyone to know how much pain I am in. I understand what you are saying exactly. I use it around the house to help me get up from a seated position or out of bed. I use it on steps- but only if absolutely necessary. Kind of silly, huh :??
  • I too have handicap parking- I have since 2001- I had a cop come up and make me show him my ID and verified the plates were mine. I actually have the handicap plates and all. Yes, I am young but they are mine. I was so mad...my husband was with me...he told me to calm down. It is not right. I may look great on the outside but I hurt on the inside and I can barely walk most days. :<
  • I bought one a couple months ago. I was reluctant to get one but thought it would help. BEST 20 BUCKS I HAVE EVER SPENT!!! I do not need it all the time. If i drive to Reno for my apts (which is about 1hr and 15 min drive from here) I have to bring it with me. I can hardly stand straight or even walk just driving to the doc let alone the drive home. It doesn't matter if I drive or the passenger, I still have the pain. If I go shopping, my cane goes with, if I take walks with the kids, my cane goes with, other than that I dont need it all that often unless I will be on my feet alot.
    The other benefit from a cane is that it seems people are more willing ot help you out. When I was pregnant with back and leg pain it was almost impossible to get help in a store. Like I went to a warehouse store and was trying to get a box of 42 bottles of water on the bottom of my cart. When I asked a couple of guys to help they ignored me. BUT NOW with the cane, they darn near plow people over to help. LOL
    I am only 32 and I dont care if people look at me oddly for having the cane. They dont know my issues and would hate to walk a day in my shoes. Although I dont like the "sympathy" looks, I do like the fact that people are willing to help you if you need it.
  • I'm 21 and have a permanent handicapped parking pass. I get odd looks at school and everywhere else I go!!! It used to bother me a lot but now I laugh at people or call them out for staring. I worried a lot about finding a boyfriend but a wise man living in pain told me that if they didn't want me because of my back problem, they weren't good enough anyways. I was worried because I can't go out like I used to so my chances of meeting a good man decreased drastically. I did end up finding a caring boyfriend :X at the most random time so LADIES- HOPE IS OUT THERE!!! I felt horrible for a long time and tried to hide my issues. Now, I feel silly for worrying so much because I realize that my pain/back problems are a great way of weeding out the losers/ insincere men!!! :D At first, he was unsure if I was telling the truth about my condition but one day he Googled the words on my MRI and ended up reading for 7 hours. He read other people's stories as well as articles from medical professionals. Now, he asks things like, "Can I do anything for you?" He can somehow tell from my face that I am in pain. He was emberassed that I have to use a handicapped parking pass sometimes (although he never said it) and I actually tried not to use it when I needed it and was with him. Now, when I need it, he is the one reminding me that I need to put it up!!! :))( So again, HOPE IS OUT THERE!!! It's kind of weird but I'm glad I have these problems now and not years down the line after being married because it ensures that my man will be able to handle it.

    Even though I have gotten over the handicapped parking emberassment, I still echo what many of you said about canes. I think about it a lot, as I believe it would help me to walk through a store or stand in a line. Still, I'm not ready to use one. I chalk it up to being 21 and still vain!!! =)) I've been having a bit of weakness in my left leg lately and plenty of nerve pain down both legs. I suppose if this new med stops working, I might opt for a cane but realistically, I'll put it off as long as I can. I don't care about what other people think so much as I care about what I think. It's weird because I see other people with canes and feel empathy as well as thinking they're smart for using one. But when it comes to myself, it's a different story!!! Weird, I know.

    I hope this message finds everyone having an easy day!!! This was very theraputic to write!!!

  • My son is 20 and disabled and will encounter all the things mentioned here, at a quick glance he looks Ok although he has two false legs, I would rather people look for his badge on the basis that they are doing so for the benefit of rightful users, as said people do no expect younger individuals to have dedicated disability.

    His left foot similar to the picture of my avatar snapped off this week and he fell and slid along the pavement and this must have been something of a shock for the person who came to his aid.

    In my heyday I used two canes and now none, as I cannot get the benefit of walking any distance from my failed fusion, some years ago I dropped the cane I had, an old lady about 98 bent down as gracefully as a swan picked it up and said here you are sonny, I nearly started to cry.

    Have fun and pacing is still the key.

  • That's really a heart-touching story. I dropped my cane and older people have picked it up too. I went on the bus for a short ride and an older woman gave me her seat. It's different when you've been so strong and independent to become dependent on a cane to help us for a short time. Always being challenged from birth shows me the strength of what others have to overcome. Thanks for answering everyone. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • I'm in my thirties too. I use my cane, I have my permanent handicap placard, and use the scooters in stores when necessary. Too much walking and standing magnifies my pain, so does sitting. I am in a pickle. I do whatever I need to help myself. Cushions are my best friends. And I don't care if people have a problem. I stare back and say something is it comes to that. I don't need to wear a sign explaining what is going on with me. We all just need to be treated with compassion and respect.
  • YES! Some are so rude. I use a cane, and many are respectful, but there are several who are not. In the back of your mind, you are thinking--it could be you--in a heartbeat or the blinking of an eye, it could be you struggling to take your next step.
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